How To Get And Use YouTube Shorts Feature?

Google has been working on a feature like TikTok for a long time. After the ban of TikTok in India, Google has introduced the shorts feature on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts have been released for countries other than India. Now video creators can also create short videos using this feature.

How To Get And Use YouTube Shorts Feature

YouTube shorts feature in India is starting to be found gradually, if you have not received this feature yet, then you should update the YouTube app in the new beta version. click on this link join YouTube beta program.

And apart from this, you can login and check on YouTube with all the email IDs that your smartphone has. Because YouTube shorts feature is starting to get some people, if you use multiple email IDs, then you may have found the YouTube shorts feature in one of the email IDs.

What is YouTube Shorts?

Talking of shorts features from YouTube, it is similar to the TikTok and recently released Instagram Reels feature. Here you can make a short video and share it with your audience.

YouTube shorts also have a lot of features like TikTok, such as time limit, speed and you can add music to the background like TikTok.

Although this feature has not yet been released for all users, currently this feature is available in the beta version. but soon all will also get this feature on your YouTube app.

If this feature is present on your phone, then let us know how you can make and share videos using YouTube Shorts app on your phone.

How To Get YouTube Shorts Feature?

“To access and utilize the YouTube Shorts feature, follow these steps. First, make sure you have the latest version of the YouTube app installed on your mobile device. Once updated, open the app, and on the bottom menu, look for the ‘Shorts’ icon, which resembles a video camera within a circle.

Tap on it to enter the Shorts creation mode. You can record short videos by holding the record button, add music, and apply various creative effects. To discover Shorts, simply scroll through the ‘Shorts’ section of the YouTube app, where you’ll find a feed of short, engaging videos created by others. Enjoy exploring this exciting format!”

How to use YouTube Shorts Video?

Steps to make shorts on YouTube app
  1. For this, first open the YouTube app on your phone. Also see that the latest version of this app is present in your phone. If you want, you can also update it by visiting Google Play Store.
  2. After this tap on the plus button, which you will find in the center in the bottom of the app. With its help, you can create a short video.
  3. Now here you can start shooting your video. When the click is recorded, you can change its speed, add music with it and also trim the video clip according to your convenience.
  4. When you feel that the recording of the video clip has been done correctly, you can upload it on your channel.

Who will get YouTube shorts?

Actually, YouTube Shorts feature will be available to all people, people who are YouTube craters and those who are non-creators of YouTube users will also get this feature.

Will YouTube shorts feature be monetized?

No YouTube shot video will not be monetized, I think because it is the same app as Instagram reels and Tiktok, it does not seem that YouTube will monetize this feature.

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