How To Make Money From Knackit App – Knackit App Best Earning App

Friends, today we are going to talk, How To Make Money From Knackit App? knackit earning app and knackit app download, how to get knackit referral code.

This is a completely new app and in 2023 with this app you can also make a part time career.

How To Make Money From Knackit App

How To Make Money From Knackit App

There are not one but three best ways to earn money in Knackit App, by which you can earn money sitting at home very easily.

Another good thing of Knackit App is that it is a completely Indian app.

What is Knackit App

Knackit App is a short video making app, but not at all like other short video making apps. The purpose of this app is that people come to this platform to show their talent and teach people a lot and earn money through it.

There are many people in this app who show their talent such as yoga, fitness, cooking, dancing, singing, sports, whatever the talent is, you can also show it by making a short video here. And its interface is like a short video making app like Tiktok, and I think there will be a better experience here.

Knackit App Features

  1. Earn By Refer,
  2. Earn By Making Short Videos,
  3. Earn By Creating Live Event,
  4. Easy To Withdraw by UPI,
  5. Creating All Types videos,
  6. Link Social Media Accounts,
  7. Chating,

Knackit Referral Code

Get 10 Coins using this referral code [5b1cd8]

First you install the Knackit App from the play store, then create an account in the app with your number or email account, or you can login with Google account or Facebook account.

After logging in you will see the “profile icon” at the bottom, click on that icon, then click Claim “Coins”, and check the “Have a Referral Code box”, and enter this referral code there. [5b1cd8] Copy This Code And paste To Claim Reward After that you will get a bonus of Rs.5 to you Rs.50.

Download Knackit App

How To Use Knackit App?

See the home page you will get to see short videos like TikTok here. Below you will see that you will see the icon of + plus here, by clicking on it you can record your own video, after the video is recorded, enter the “Title” of the video, and select the “Category” for which you created the video Is, and then publish.

How To Create A Live Event On Knackit App

Knackit App has another good thing, here you also get the facility to create a Live Event. Through a live event, you can go live in this app and talk to your fans and teach a lot. And for this you can charge entry fee from them.

Below you will see an event icon next to the home button, if you click on it, you will see a lot of people who have created their events, and have to buy a ticket to enter their event and that ticket The price is 10 coins, 20 coins, 50 coins.

In the same way you can also create an event and according to you people can charge the entry ticket fee for that event.

At the top of the event section you will see an option to “Add New” one in the corner, click on it, then click on the “Titel” of the event to create the title, then write about the event in the event “description”, then add a photo to the “Event Banner”, After that you set the date and time, and for the Entry Fee, you can keep to yourself how much you have to charge people, then click on Create an Event.

How To Earn Coins In Knackit App

How To Make Money From Knackit App

Knackit App Refer And Earn

Ok now let’s talk about how to make money from Knackit App and how many ways to earn money by Knackit App?

So the first way is that you can earn coins by giving referrals to your friends.

When you share a Knackit App to your friends, and your friend claims coins using your referral code, you will get the same coins as your friend, and you can get 5 to 50 coins on a referrer, There is no fix. Minimum 5 coins, Maximium 50 coins will be received on a referral.

If you have a lot of public on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or anywhere, you can make a lot of money by referring.

Knackit App Earn by Making Short Videos

Another way is to make money by making short videos. Whenever you entertain people by making short videos or teach people something or show your talent in any way by making short videos, and people like to watch you, the audience will give you coins as a gift.

The more you make a short video and the more your followers grow, the more people will give you coins as a gift, which will earn you a lot of income.

Knackit App Earn by Live Event

The third way is a live event to earn money from Knackit App. You can earn a lot of money in a professional way by creating a live event.

As I have just told you that whenever you create a live event, you can keep the entry fee, whenever your audience will enter your live event, then they have to buy the entry ticket and the price of that entry ticket is you Can be placed accordingly.

In this way, very large professionals are making money through live events, so you can also.

How To Make Money From Knackit App

How To Make Money From Knackit App

What Is The Coins In Knackit App?

Let me tell you that the entire game is of coins in Knackit App, here you get money in the form of coins, 1 coin is worth 1 rupee, which you can easily transfer to your bank or wallet through UPI.

How to transfer coins to your bank or wallet through UPI by converting them into money.

How To Withdraw In Knackit App?

For this, you open the app, and click on the profile icon, after that you click on the coins, now here you will see the total coins how many coins you have so far. Now click on withdrawal here, enter as many coins as you want to transfer, after that enter your UPI ID and then click on withdraw.

For example, if you have withdrawn 500 coins, then within 24 hours, Rs 500 will be deposited in your account at no fee charge.

Knackit App Is Real or Fake?

knack app is real and genuine app and also this app is an indian app.

Is Knackit App Safe?

Yes knack app is completely safe and reliable.

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