FAUG Game Vs PUBG Mobile Game Full Comparison

oday we are going to talk about FAUG Game vs PUBG Mobile Game and know what is the difference between these two games, after which you will know what your experience is going to be in both the games during gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Game Return In India

PUBG Mobile Game will comeback in India on 13 November.

PUBG Mobile Game has partnered with Microsoft and now publisher of PUBG Mobile Game in India will be Microsoft Azure Cloud only service.

And this is a good chance PUBG Mobile Game return to India because it is a festival of Diwali.

FAUG Game Launch In November

The FAUG Game will also be launched in this month November, as of now the date is not confirmed, it 333is expected that the FAU-G Game can also be launched on Diwali.

Now the question is which of the FAU-G Game and PUBG Mobile Game will perform better. As you all know PUBG Mobile Game has a lot of craze in India, and PUBG Mobile Game is the biggest market in India all over the world.

FAUG Game Vs PUBG Mobile Game Full Comparison

A few days ago, when some Chinese apps were banned in India, PUBG Mobile Game was also banned, the next day Akshay Kumar announced via Twitter that the launch of Made in India FAU-G Game. Will be launch.

After that Indian gamers have been very excited since then for the FAUG Game. But now there is a situation that both FAUG games and PUBG mobile game can be launched siomultaneously.

FAUG Game Vs PUBG Mobile Game Full Comparison

FAUG Game Download APK Beta Version

The best thing of FAUG game is that it is a made in India game, due to which people will like it.

The PUBG mobile game here is a comeback in India. Those people who cannot live without PUBG mobile game, they will definitely play PUBG mobile game.

  • Battlegrounds may not be seen in the FAUG Game, which can be a bad thing.
  • The biggest reason for the craze of PUBG mobile game people is that the battleground is found in PUBG mobile game.

FAUG Game Vs PUBG Mobile Game Full Comparison

FAUG Game Vs PUBG Mobile Game Full Comparison

Graphics Comparison:

Looking at the trailer of FAUG Game, it seems that the graphics of FAUG Game are much weaker than PUBG Mobile Game.

If you talk about graphics in PUBG mobile games, then there are very good and very heavy graphics.

Map Comparison: FAUG Vs PUBG

FAUG Game Vs PUBG Mobile Game Full Comparison

In the FAUG Game you will get to see a map of India, in which the location of Galwanl Ghati, Ladakh is given.

It is expected that the way PUBG Mobile Game has its favorite Pochinki in the map, in the same way everyone’s favorite in FAU-G Game is going to be Galwanl Ghati.

Enemies Comparison: FAUG Vs PUBG

The enemies you will face in FAUG Game will be Chinese, their face is also designed like Chinese.

In PUBG Mobile Game, you get the enemies in front of you just like you, as you will be, there will be enemies in front of you.

Skins Comparison: FAUG Vs PUBG

Everyday thousands of new skins are seen in PUBG Mobile Game which increases entertainment in PUBG Mobile Game even more.

In the FAUG Game it doesn’t look like you will get so many skins in the FAUG Game like PUBG.

FAUG Game Vs PUBG Mobile Game Full Comparison

One problem that people playing PUBG Mobile Game always have to do is to become ping high.

The FAUG game will not have a ping problem.

High Ping Problem: FAUG Vs PUBG

But now even in PUBG Mobile Game, you will not get to see Ping problem, because this time the server of PUBG Mobile Game will be made in India for the specific Indian user.

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