How Do I Join A Multi-device Beta Features?

Do you know, what is multi-device beta? WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called multi-device beta. This feature was rolled out for beta users only in July 2021. And these features are going to be officially launched soon.

So let’s know that whatsapp is multi-device beta, what is the features of multi-device beta, etc.

How Do I Join Or Leave A Multi-device Beta Features?

How do i join a multi-device beta features?

Do you want to know how multi-device beta works, multi-device beta whatsapp features then read this article completely. Because in today’s article we are going to talk about multi-device beta whatsapp.

With the help of multi-device beta whatsapp features, you can connect upto 5 devices at the same time. And to use whatsapp in all devices, you do not need to keep your phone online.

These features will be very beneficial especially for those people, then most of them use whatsapp web. Even after using these features, we get the support of end-to-end encryption. Due to which our data will be absolutely secure.

What is multi-device beta feature?

Whatsapp multi-device beta feature is going to be a great feature for the user. This is a big change from Whatsapp side. This feature was running for the last several months for testing but it is going to be officially rolled out soon.

Earlier, WhatsApp users were facing a lot of issues in long-standing, such as less we used to use WhatsApp web in our laptop or computer, then while using WhatsApp web, the internet connection in our mobile had to be kept on.

But now after the arrival of WhatsApp multi-device beta feature, there will be no need for it. Now you will not need to always keep internet connection on your mobile to use WhatsApp web in your laptop/computer.

Just once you login to WhatsApp web, after that you will not need to turn on internet connection in phone.

This new multi-device beta features of WhatsApp is going to be great for web, desktop and portal.

How do i join a multi-device beta features?

Before using this feature, you have to update your WhatsApp app. If this feature is not visible in your WhatsApp even after updating, then wait a bit. Soon the feature will come in your mobile.

Step 1. First of all open WhatsApp on mobile.

Step 2. After that click on the 3-dot given on the right side.

Step 3. After this click on the option of linked device.

How do i join a multi-device beta features?

Step 4. Now you will get the option of multi-device beta. Click on that option.

How do i join a multi-device beta features? 3

Step 5. Now click on the join beta option below. After this you scan the QR code in WhatsApp web by clicking on the back size link a device option.

If you want to leave the multi-device beta program, then follow the above 4 steps and after that you will see a “leave beta” option. Click on that option.

How do I turn off WhatsApp beta?

1. Firstly open your whatsapp app.

2. Click on three dot on the right side.

3. Click on linked devices option.

4. Now tap on multi-device beta.

5. After that click on leave beta program option.


So guy’s in this article i have share information about WhatsApp’s new features name as multi-device beta features. Whatsapp has been introduces newly this features.

This feature is going to be good for who have facing issue during use whatsapp web.

Earlier, if we used to use whatsapp web in our laptop/computer, then after login we had to keep internet connection on our phone. If you turn off the internet in your mobile then you cannot even use whatsapp web. But now he will not be needed. You can use multi-device beta feature.

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