How To Change UPI Pin In Google Pay?

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How To Change UPI Pin In Google Pay?

How To Change UPI Pin In Google Pay

India is moving towards a digital world. Most people now prefer to use an online wallet or digital wallet for transactions, whether it’s Google Pay, Phone Pay or Paytm.

Transactions are made easy with these payment methods. This payment method is great for people who don’t like to carry cash around with them.

However, in order to keep your online transaction safe, it is very important to protect it with a password or UPI PIN. Every app (including Google Pay) allows you to set your UPI pin, and it’s important to remember this PIN.

If you have forgotten your PIN or want to change your UPI pin then this is the best place where you have visited. If you want to change or reset your UPI pin then follow these steps to reset or update your UPI pin.

Please note- According to Google pay, if users enter the wrong UPI PIN more than 3 times, they must reset their PIN and wait 24 hours for the transaction to complete. Please note that you cannot send or receive money within these 24 hours.

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How To Change UPI Pin In Google Pay?

Users of Google Pay or GPay allow users to quickly transfer a transaction to another person (called aslo peer-to-peer or P2P transactions) in an online website or offline restore (called also peer-to-merchant or P2M transactions).

Google Pay PIN code is the access key that allows the user to confirm the transaction. This can be a six-digit password consisting of 0 to 9 digits.

For your information- For security reasons, it is advised to you that please never do not use passwords that are related to your date of birth, phone number, aadhaar number or any singular number (example, 111111).

What Is The Work Of Google Pay ?

Google Pay is a UPI based digital payment app using which you can transact money online, make bill payments or recharge your phone, DTH etc. This app was launched in India on 18 September 2018 with the name Tez. Later the google has changed its name from Tez to Google Pay. To use it, you have to link your bank account with Google Pay. The services of Google Pay are absolutely free, for this no service charge of any kind has to be paid. This app is available in six other Indian languages ​​including English and Hindi.

What Is Mean Of The UPI Pin And What Does It Work For?

UPI PIN or UPI Code is a code or PIN made up of some numbers, which is normally used to successfully complete all the transactions done through the UPI Applications. Usually UPI PIN is a PIN made up of 4 or 6 digits of numbers.

When users add their bank account for the first time in any UPI app like Phonepe, Google Pay, Paytm, ( especially Google Pay ) they are also required to set UPI PIN in this process. UPI PIN is like a personal password, which is not shared with anyone.

What Is Mean Of The UPI System And What Does It Work For?

UPI (UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE) is a system by which you can transfer payment from one bank account to another without an account number. You just need only VPA (VIRTUAL PAYMENT ADDRESS) to transfer payment through the UPI system.

For example, if you want to send me payment, then my UPI address will be sonu@bankname. Similarly, you can also create your own UPI address so that you can send and receive payments through UPI.

Advantages Of The UPI.

  • Safe and fast.
  • Money transfer.
  • Easy to use.
  • Instant balance check.
  • Transfer to any bank account.

Disadvantages Of The UPI.

  • Payment was stuck due to a server issue.
  • Victims of fraud due to lack of information.
  • Excessive spending on the lure of cashback.
  • Payment going to another’s account by mistake.
  • Limit up to 1 lakh.

(How to change UPI pin in Google pay?)

What Is UPI ID?

UPI ID is a virtual address. Which is the identity or address of you and your bank. Payment is made by this. That’s why it is called Virtual Payment Address (VPA). It looks like an email ID. Usually the format of UPI is like example@bankname.

In this, instead of an example, a unique name has to be written according to itself. In which you can put your name, mobile number or anything else. Whereas in place of Bank Name, the name of your bank is there. Like if you will create a UPI of your SBI Bank. Then it will look like UniqueID@sbi.

Procedure Of Change Or Reset The UPI Pin In Google Pay-

Google Pay is an online payments app which is created by the Google for making UPI payments, it is used by the millions of people inside India. In this app, if you really want to change your UPI PIN using the google pay app, then it is very easy, we understand you very clearly it step by step,so please keep careful on it

Step-1 First of all, it is necessary to have Google Pay installed inside your mobile. If you have Google Pay on your mobile then you have to open Google Pay.

Step-2 After opening Google Pay, you have to click on your profile which you will see in the top right side of this app. If you have put your photo in your profile then you will see your photo here, you can click on it.

Step-3 After clicking on this profile, a new space will open in front of you in which you will see your bank account linked to Googly Pay under Bank Account & Cards. You have to open it by clicking on this bank account.

Step-4 After opening, you will see a list of all your bank accounts that you have linked to Google Pay. You have to open that primary bank account by clicking on the primary bank account which you have linked in it.

Step-5 Now you will see all the details of your primary bank account here. In this, you will see 3 dots on the right side in the white bar at the top, then you have to click on these 3 dots for further procedures.

Step-6 After clicking here, you will see 3 options in which the first option will be Change UPI Pin. You have to click on the first option and process this Change UPI Pin.

Step-7 On clicking here, you will see a section to change your Google Pay UPI PIN. In this section, you will be asked for your few details then you have to enter the 6 digit of your debit card with the also its expiry date. Below this, in the Set UPI Pin, put the new UPI PIN which you like to set and click on the tick mark in the keyword below.

(How to change UPI pin in Google pay?)

Where Is UPI Pin Is Generally Used For?

  • UPI pin is generally used for money transfer (Send Money) from any UPI app or to make online payment from a UPI address. For example, suppose you have to make online payment from UPI in a shop, then you have to scan the code in the UPI App and enter the same UPI Pin to complete the transaction.
  • To check your bank balance from the UPI app, UPI Pin is also to be entered in the Check Balance option, after that the balance of your bank account can be checked.
  • Apart from this, UPI PIN is also required to pay for more things like Mobile Recharge, Entertainments, Utility Bill Payments, Bus and Train Tickets or Flight Ticket Booking, from any UPI App.

How To Set Or Create A Fresh UPI Pin?

Before creating UPI Pin, keep in mind that to successfully add your bank account in any UPI app and to set UPI Pin it is necessary to have these things.

  • Bank account.
  • Mobile number linked to your bank account.
  • Debit Card / ATM Card.

If you have all this, then now you can create a UPI PIN through any UPI app. Once you set the UPI PIN of your bank account, the same PIN can be used in other UPI apps as well.

Step-1 First of all you have to install any UPI app from Play Store inside your phone. Any app can be installed like Bhim UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm or your bank’s UPI app.

Step-2 After installing the UPI App, open it, allow the phone’s permission in the app.

Step-3 After this you have to enter general information like your mobile number and Email ID. Here you may be asked to keep a password to login to the UPI App. It is not a UPI Pin.

Step-4 Now you have to add a Bank Account in the UPI App. You see a list of all the banks, from which you have to select your bank name among the banks.

Step-5 After this, a message will be sent from your phone for confirmation of the bank account linked to your mobile number. If your phone has dual sim, then the option to select sim may come.

Step-6 Now your bank account information will be visible, next you have to confirm the bank account by clicking on Proceed or Continue.

Step-7 After this, click on the Set UPI pin. Now you have to enter the information of your debit card, in which the last 6 digits of the numbers given above the card and the expiry date given on the card have to be entered.

Step-8 After this an OTP code message will come on the mobile number linked to your bank account. Along with entering this OTP in the UPI app, you will have to enter the 6 digit app UPI PIN at the bottom, whichever you want to keep.

After this, after clicking on Continue, you will get that your UPI PIN will be set successfully.

How To Change Or Create A UPI Pin Without Any Debit Cards?

Many people want to use UPI, but they do not have a Debit Card or ATM Card to set PIN in the UPI App. Such people often have only one question: how to make a UPI PIN without a debit card.

So the correct answer is that you cannot set a UPI Pin without entering Debit Card information in any UPI Apps. If you want to create a UPI PIN in any UPI App like Phonepe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm etc. then you also need a Debit Card.

In the process of setting UPI PIN, information about the last 6 digits of Debit Card and Expiry Date has to be entered, only after that UPI Pin is generated.

What Is UPI Autopay?

UPI autopay is a type of facility that allows one to make payments for mobile bills, electricity bills, EMI payments, entertainment/OTT subscriptions, insurance, mutual funds, etc.

without missing the date. For example, if your electricity bill payment date is 10th, then this automatic payment will be done with your permission. With this facility, you can automate everything from your loan EMI to policy premium.

Frequently Asked Questions-

What Is UPI Autopay?Can I use Google pay without an ATM card?What Is UPI Autopay?

In view of this, today I would like to tell you that without an ATM card, you cannot create a google pay account and it will never happen, you will get 100% real information. That’s why I told you earlier that without an ATM you can not use the Google Pay properly.

Is The UPI Transaction Secure?

Absolutely yes, you just have to take care that you do not tell your UPI PIN to anyone and keep changing it from time to time.

When Is UPI Push Technology Used?

The process of sending money through UPI is called ‘Push’.) To send money, first the user has to log-in to the application. After this he has to select the option of ‘Send Money / Payment’.

How To Generate A UPI PIN?

To run Paytm without an ATM card, you have to first download Paytm app and install Paytm application in your mobile to run Paytm without ATM card, now open Paytm application and enter your mobile number in which mobile number you have Paytm application on. Want to login.

When Was Push Technology Used In The UPI Unified Payment Interface?

It is controlled by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the central bank of India. It works with a mobile platform to transfer money between two bank accounts. The pilot system was launched in India on 11 April 2016. Banks across the country started uploading their interface in August 2016.


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