How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money? – 2023

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How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money? In 2023

How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money

You are reading this article, it means that you already use Facebook and now you want to use Facebook in a more advanced way i.e. to create a Facebook page. Friends, in today’s article I will tell you How To Make Facebook Page? How Can You make money from Facebook? and How Can You Take A Celebrity-Like Feeling By Creating A Page On Facebook.

If you read this article till the end, then I assure you that after reading this article till the end, you will have a wonderful facebook page in which you will have thousands of followers. We are not saying as a joke. We are going to tell you such ways by which you can make a page on facebook as well as increase the list of your followers on your page.

(How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money?)

What Is Facebook?

Facebook! In today ‘s times there will hardly be any internet user who hasn’t heard about facebook. If you’re an effective way to make money from facebook, you’ll know something good about facebook, and daily use.

Friends actually facebook is a social networking website or app that allows you to talk online with friends, relationships, and people who do not know or know you. Or you can say in another way that facebook helps to make onli9ne friends or community.

Facebook is free, and you don’t have to pay anything to use it. But you can still make a lot of money with the help of facebook.

(How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money?)

What Is A Facebook Page?

Let us tell you that Facebook page is also like Facebook profile but (in appearance is of second design) facebook profile has a limit of many things whereas facebook page does not. The facebook page is launched only to remove the limit of the facebook profile. You will not be able to do many things on your facebook profile and you will do that thing on your facebook page. Facebook pages are also called fan pages. To create a Facebook page, you need to have a Facebook profile, otherwise you will not be able to create your facebook page.

(How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money?)

Benefits Of Creating A Facebook Page-

Friends, now we know what are the benefits you can get by creating a facebook page.

  • You can earn money from Facebook pages through many ways like Add Break, Instant Articles, sponsorship, referral, affiliate marketing, in future we will give you detailed information about them too.
  • The Facebook page comes at the top of the Google ranks. Which benefits in taking your business online to the people.
  • You can see countless people on a Facebook page, while only 5000 people can join you in the profile.
  • Creating a page is absolutely free, it means you can promote your business for free. On this you can grow your business as much as you want. If you want, you can also increase your business by spending some on Facebook.
  • If you are a YouTuber, Blogger, your product runs in the market, there is a company, or you do digital marketing, social media marketing for any company or you have to promote your shop, business, then you have a Facebook Account. There should also be a Facebook page as well.

(How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money?)

Method OF How To Make A Page On facebook?

So let us know in this post today about how to create a facebook page. From now on, read this post step by step carefully. In this post we will tell you about it with details on how to create a facebook page.

The first way we know to create facebook page is through the facebook application. In this first way, we create a page through the facebook app.

Step-1 Download the facebook app from google play store and after that first open the facebook application on your smartphone.

Step-2 After opening the Facebook application, a 3 line mark is visible in the top right side, click on 3 Dots. As soon as you click on the three-line mark, the page is scrolled and a new page comes into the settings.

Step-3 In this option, you have to click on the page, and as soon as you click on the page, it gets entered in a new page.

Step-4 Now in this option, you have the option of Create button in the top left side, click on it. On clicking the Create button, another new page will open.

Step-5 Now in this option, you have to click on the Get Start Get Start button. As you click on the Get Started button, then another page will open next.

Step-6 (What do you want to name this page) In this option, you have to write the name of the page. This will be the name of the Page you want to appear on the screen of your Facebook Page. In this option, write the related name of your business or website Blog or for which you are creating the page and do Next.

Step-7 (What Category) In this option, who is making the page related, to which category it is related, write the category so that people can easily find and understand your page by searching. When people do a search related to your business or page, then your page starts appearing there in the search bar, so add a category and do the next.

Step-8 (Do You Have Website) In this option, if you have a website, your business is a website or block related to it, then enter the URL link of the website in this option and click on the Next button.

Step-9 (Add Cover Photo And Profile Photo) Add the page’s profile picture to this option. And add a photo for background cover. Add profile picture and background picture and save. After previous action then you have to click on the Done button.

In this way your Facebook page has been created. Now your Facebook page is ready and you can use it.

(How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money??)

Tips To Increase Likes On A Facebook Page-

  • To increase your facebook page likes, you have to make your facebook profile cool and stylish. To make your Facebook profile stylish, you should keep your profile picture and cover photo according to your facebook page name. If the facebook page belongs to your company. You can put the company’s logo in the form of Profile Picture and Cover Photo so that your Facebook page looks very attractive.
  • To get more likes on your facebook page, it is not enough just to keep updating regular posts, for this you should also have good Facebook Post Ideas. We mean that when to put which post, which topic will be more popular, you should also have an idea about all this.
  • Update your posts on the facebook page with the image, because if the photos look good, then people understand from the photos what you want to say.
  • While updating any post on facebook page, we also have to take care of the time because many times we publish the post at that time when very few people are online, due to which very few people can see our post, hence the post. Publish when more people are active on facebook, morning and afternoon time is considered the right to publish a post.
  • Whenever you publish a new post, do not forget to tag your friends in that post, because by tagging your post reaches both your facebook friend’s Notification and Timeline.
  • Don’t forget to invite your friends on the facebook page, this is a very good and easy way. Friends, you can invite all your friends from your facebook page and you can also ask them to invite your friends.
  • To get more and more likes on your facebook page, you have to update the post day by day.

(How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money?)

Few Ways To Earn Or Make Money Using Facebook-

#1- Earn Money By Doing Affiliate Marketing On Facebook-

If you have affiliate marketing on Facebook page, then you can earn even better money than this. Or if you create a facebook group and add more than 1k members to it and start affiliate marketing there, then you can earn above Rs 30,000 a month or even more. It is all depends on you that how much time you are spending for this.

#2- Earn Money By Reselling Products On Facebook-

You can earn proper money from this way you just do reselling your own products or other products on facebook. That’s why you have to put photos and details of the product which you want to sell on facebook marketplace. If any person likes and wants to purchase your items, then they will call you directly. If that product’s stock is available near you, then you can earn or make you profit by selling that item.

#3- Earn Money By Becoming A Facebook Ad manager-

If you know how to run Facebook Ads, So you can earn good money by working as an ad manager for many companies. If you can give more profit to the company by running ads on Facebook, then this is a great career option for you.

Since many companies like to run advertisements for the advancement of their item. In the event that you pick this choice, you can easily earn up to Rs 50,000 per month.

#4- Earn Money From Facebook By Sponsorship Idea-

On the off chance that you have a facebook page or you have more facebook supporters, you can bring in money from sponsorship. Sponsorship sometimes comes on its own or when we have to find it. If you have followers then there is no need to find sponsors.You can get Rs. 20,000 to Rs.1 lakh for posting a sponsor.

Everything relies on the number of followers you that have and how much your crowd upholds you. You can utilise Google to track down supported posts for yourself.

#5- Earn Money By Uploading Videos On Facebook-

Friends, do you know that, like YouTube, you can also earn money by uploading videos on facebook like youtube, Facebook gives you 75% Commision and keeps 25% Commision to itself.

The main distinction between these two is that YouTube pays you as indicated by per views and facebook gives you money as per likes. As per the quantity of preferences on your video, you will be given money.

There are a lot of people who are earning millions of rupees in a month by uploading videos on facebook. To earn money by uploading videos on Facebook, you have to create a Facebook page and after that choose a good niche and upload videos to the facebook page.

When 10K Followers and 4,000 Hours of watch time will be completed on your page, then you can start earning money by monetizing your facebook page.

#6- Earn Money By Selling Old Facebook Accounts-

Nowadays many people have more than one facebook accounts. If you have an old facebook account, then you can sell it to people for a good amount of money.

The demand for old facebook accounts is highest in the market because everyone is slowly adopting digital marketing and online audiences are most needed in digital marketing. If you have an old facebook account then you can sell it.

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(How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money?)

Frequently Asked Questions- (FAQs)

How To Earn Lakhs Of Rupees From Facebook?

Yes, today many people are earning lakhs of rupees with the help of facebook. But for this you should have to learn its all right or proper procedures to earn money using the facebook.

Is It Easy To Earn Money From Facebook?

No, it is not easy to earn money from facebook, but we tell you that it is not so difficult that you cannot earn money from facebook.

How To Earn 500 Rupees Every Day On Facebook?

If you want to earn 500 per day from Facebook, then first of all you create a facebook page or group, increase good followers and promote your business. You can earn more than 500 rupees in a single day.

Who Is The Owner Of Facebook And How Much Does Facebook Earn in a Single Day?

Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of facebook and you will be shocked to know this. Let me tell you that facebook’s earnings per day is about $ 3,50,000.

How Much Does Facebook Pay For Every 1000 Views?

How much Facebook can earn for every 1000 views depends on where the views are coming from. Some people make $5-7 or more per 1000 ad impressions and others make $1-3 or less because it depends on the country where your videos are viewed. Facebook pays some countries like $1 or less to Asian countries and $3-$5 per 1000 views to European countries. It is also known as (CPM).

(How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money?)


So, friends, you have got a good information about how to create a page on facebook and earn money. In this article we have given you good information about How To Create Page On Facebook And Earn Money.

Friends, you can earn thousands of rupees sitting at home from facebook social media platform by using all these methods, in the beginning you will definitely have to struggle, if you work hard on facebook, then you can also earn lakhs of rupees a month.

I hope you must have known the information well about how to create a page on facebook and earn money. If you want similar information then keep visiting website.

Thank You.

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