How to check Vodafone number in 2023?

Often when we take a new SIM, we do not remember its number. If you have a SIM of vi (Vodafone-Idea) and you do not remember the number of that SIM, then read this article completely. Because in today’s article I will tell you how to check Vodafone Number in 2023?

Last year, Vodafone and Idea Telecom merged to become VI (Vodafone-Idea). After that, a lot of changes have been made in the USSD code of Vodafone and Idea.

In today’s article, I will give you information about the latest USSD code to check vi number.

How To Check Vodafone Number?

How to check Vodafone number?

How To Check Vodafone Number? – Method 1

This method is the easiest and simplest way to check Vi’s number. You will not need the internet to check the vi number with this method. And no external app will be needed.

To check Vi’s number, first of all, open the contact app on your mobile and open the dialer pad and select the sim by typing *199#.

After that wait for a few seconds. After this, your Vi number will start showing on your display first.

How To Check Vodafone Number? – Method 2

There is another method to check Vi’s number. To check Vi number, first of all, you open the setting app of your mobile.

After that click on the “sim card & mobile data” option. Now select the sim of your vi. After this, the vi number will start showing on your screen.

This was a very easy way by checking Vi number. With this method, one can easily check his vi number.

How To Check Vodafone Number? – Method 3

The third method to check Vi number is the easiest and best. To check the vi number with this method, there should be a balance in your vi number.

Call on any other mobile in your house from that mobile which you want to know the number of vi sim. Either you call on the mobile of any of your dost.

After this, the number of your sim will be shown on the mobile on which you made your call. You can know the number of your vi sim from there.


To check Vi number, dial this USSD *199# on your mobile. After this, your vi number will start showing.

I have told you three methods in this article. By the way, which did you find the easiest method? Will definitely tell us by commenting.

thank you for reading…

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