How To Download Jio Tv App In 2023 | Jio Tv Apk Download

What is Jio TV? How to download jio tv apk in smartphone? Jio tv apk for android tv. In today’s article, we are going to give complete information about jio tv.

If you like watching movies or you like watching live matches, then you can watch by using this app.

What is Jio TV apk?

Jio tv apk

Jio tv is an OTP platform. This is an Indian application developed by Reliance company. This app works like a TV. In this app you get to see more than 600+ live channels.

Jio tv apk

We can use this application in all devices mobile, tv, desktop. This is a free entertainment application. On which you can enjoy all types of TV channels. You can watch movies, shows, serials, comedy, live matches, etc. on jio tv apk can see.

With the help of jio tv apk, you can enjoy more than 600+ live tv channels anywhere and anytime. This is a free application. If you want to take its paid version also, then you can take it.

If we compare this jio tv apk with Xtreme tv, airtel tv, vodafone tv, then you get to see a lot of live tv channels in jio tv apk.

How to download jio tv apk?

Many people find it difficult to download jio tv apk. In some devices it is pre-installed but in some devices it has need to be install. If jio tv apk is not being downloaded in your devices too, then follow the steps given below carefully.

Jio Tv Apk For Smartphone

It is very easy to download jio tv app in any smartphone. in your android mobile or iOS devices. You can download with the help of google play store / app store.

Step 1. If you have android mobile then you open google play store. And open the app store in the coming mobile of iPhone users.

Step 2. After that tap once on the search bar and search by typing jio tv. After that you will start showing jio tv application on the first number itself.

Step 3. Click on Jio tv app, click on install option.

Step 4. After this jio tv apk will be downloaded in your device in few minutes.

Jio Tv Apk For Android Tv

It is a bit difficult to download jio tv apk in android tv as compared to smartphone. It is not that you cannot download jio tv apk in android tv.

You can download jio tv for android tv. You just have to follow a few more steps in this. Follow the steps given below carefully.

If you miss a single step, then jio tv app may not be able to download in your android tv. So carefully follow the given below steps.

Step 1. First of all you download jiotv apk file with the help of chrome in your tv.


You download the file of jiotv apk for android tv in your smartphone. After that transfer the file to your android tv with the help of data cable or pendrive.

Step 2. After this go to the setting of your android tv. And enable third party app installations option. After that enable “unknown resources” by going to the security option.

Step 3. After this open jiotv apk file in your android tv and install it by clicking on install button.

Now my jiotv app will be successfully installed in your android tv. Either you can also download jio tv app with the help of blue stack.

Features Of Jio Tv App

You can use jio tv in coming android phone, iphone, desktop, android tv. With the help of this you can enjoy live tv channel anytime and anywhere in your mobile. You just need to have a good internet speed with the smartphone.

  • More than 600+ live tv channels are available on Jiotv application. In which there are also some hd channels. And also you can watch live matches on jio tv app.
  • If you are not able to enjoy jio tv show in the small screen of your smartphone, then you can enjoy the big screen by connecting your smartphone to your android tv, laptop, pc.
  • You can watch live trending shows, movies, comedy in this app on your jiotv home screen.
  • You can record your favorite scene in this app. Which is a great feature.
  • A 30 second forward and backward button has been given in this app. In some apps, only 5 seconds or 10 seconds of forward and backward buttons are seen.
  • In this you also get to see 55-60 hd tv channels along with 530 tv channels.

How Many Categories Of Channels Are Seen On Jiotv?

Reliance company provides to watch channels related to more than 13 different categories on JioTv App. In which some of this category is included. such as

Shopping channel (1)
News channels (202)
Bussiness news channels (7)
Spirituality tv channels (66)
Sports channel (26)
Educational channels (50)
Entertainment (125)
Jio darshan(8)
Kids tv channels (32)
Lifestyle (17)
Movie channels (62)

Along with this, some music channels and some jio channels are available. Such as Bollywood premium HD channel, Jio cricket 1 HD , Jio cricket 4 HD, jio cricket 2 HD , Jio cricket 3 HD with jio cricket English HD , jio cinema , jio cinema action etc. Channels are seen.


You can also download jio tv on your android tv with the help of bluestack. For that you have to first download bluestack app on your android tv. With the help of the steps which I have told in this article, you can install jio tv in your android tv very easily.

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