How To Earn Money From Amazon In 2023?

You want to Earn Money From Amazon? In this article i have shared some types to earn money from amazon. All method are too popular.

You can earn money along with Shopping on Amazon. Today in this article I have told you 4 such ways with the help of which you can earn thousands of rupees a month from amazon.

Out of which Affiliate Marketing is a very popular way to earn money.

Most online shopping in India is done from the Amazon website. And at this time the craze of online shopping is increasing. People are very fond of shopping online.

There are many benefits of online shopping such as you get online products at a very cheap price as compared to offline, by shopping online, products are delivered to the house. Along with this, there are lot of advantages to online shopping.

If you also want to earn money from amazon then read this article “How to earn money from amazon” completely.

How To Earn Money From Amazon?

How to earn money from amazon In 2021?

Amazon is an online e-commerce website. This is a very popular online shopping website. With Amazon, you can not only do shopping, but you can earn a lot of money by joining the program opened by Amazon.

Today I am going to tell you some such methods. With the help of which you can easily earn thousands of rupees from amazon.

Let us know about all those methods one by one.

How To Earn Money From Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate is a very popular program. Under this program, you will get the products of Amazon website on your website, YouTube channels, social media, etc. Can promote.

How to earn money from Amazon Affiliate program?
Amazon Affiliate Program

Whenever you purchase any products from your affiliate link, you are given a commission of 5%-12% of the price of the product. As soon as you get Rs. 1000 is completed, you can transfer those rupees to your bank account.

You can join amazon affiliate program absolutely free. To join, you search on google by typing amazon associate program. And open the first result. And click on Join now free option.

After this, whatever details are asked, fill it correctly. After joining the affiliate program, you pick any products. And copy its affiliate link. And share it on your website, social media.

Now whenever a user will click on your link and go to the amazon website. And whoever buys the products, some commission will be given to you.

How To Earn Money From Amazon Seller?

Many people must be finding the amazon seller word new. Many people will doubt that what is amazon seller? How to earn money from amazon seller?

As I have told you above that amazon is an online shopping website. Those who are selling their products through amazon are called amazon sellers.

And you too can become an amazon seller. And you can earn as much money as you want by becoming an amazon seller. It depends on you. The more products you sell, the more money you can earn.

If you have any self-made products (such as furniture, electronics, kitchen material, foods, etc.) then list them on the amazon website. And promote that product to the logo.

With the help of Amazon seller, you can take your business online and you can earn money online. It is too easy to earn money from amazon comparison with offline store.

Open Products Delivery Transport

Right now the amazon company is taking its service to every city. Which makes it easier for people to shop online.

In such a situation, you can open your Amazon delivery transport in those areas where Amazon takes the help of other transport company to deliver its products.

You can open the transport system in the area where amazon delivery transport is not available.

If you can invest a little money, then you can open a delivery transport by becoming an amazon dealer.

If you do not have that much money to invest then you can earn money by becoming an amazon delivery boy.

Salary of a delivery boy is 12,000 to 18,000. You can also do delivery work as a part-time.

How To Earn Money From Amazon Influencer?

If you are an influencer then you can join this program and earn money from amazon. If your Instagram, you tube, Facebook page, Facebook group, telegram, etc. If you have great followers and audience on social media then you can join amazon influencer program.

In this program you have to create a store. You do not need to make any products separately. You can only list the products available on Amazon in your store.

After listing in Amazon store, you share information about those products on your social media. And also give the link of your store together.

After this, whenever a user visits your store through his link and buys any product, then you get some commission for it.

Amazon Influencer works in the same way as an amazon affiliate. The only difference is that you can create your own store on Amazon influence.

Some FAQs

How can I make money from Amazon at home?

There are many way to earn money from amazon. Some popular methods are given below.

– Join amazon affiliate program
– Open a delivery transport
– Become a amazon seller
– From amazon influencer

Can Amazon Make You Rich?

Yes, amazon can make you Rich, but you need to do hard work. Do not go with any types of shortcut. If you do hard work on amazon then definetly you can become a Rich with the help of Amazon.

Can anyone sell on Amazon?

Yes, anyone can sell products on amazon.

How much do Amazon affiliates make?

You can make $100 to $15,000 in a single month with the help of amazon affiliates program.

Can I start affiliate marketing for free?

Yes, you can start amazon affiliate marketing free of cost. You do not to pay any fees for affiliate marketing.


So guys in this article i gave you all information about how to earn money from amazon.

I hope do you like this article “earn money from amazon“. Amazon affiliate program is a to earn money from amazon website.

Thank you…

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