How To Make Money From Android App? In 2023

Hey what’s up EFA family today i am going to tell you how to make android app? And how to make money from android app?

Friends, in today’s digital world, there is no dearth of methods to earn money online. You can earn money from Instagram, earn money from affiliate marketing, earn money from YouTube, there are many ways to earn online.

You must be using applications like daily Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, daily hunt, Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart.

But do you know that revenue can also be generated by making an android app. To earn money from android app, you have to have complete knowledge about android app development.

How To Make Money From Android App?

So friends, in today’s article I will tell you how to make android app? And how to make money from android app? I will give more information related to this.

After reading this article, you will get a lot of information about android app development.

So let’s start today’s article “how to make money from android app“.

Let’s Start…

How To Make Android App?

Before earning money from android app, it is very important for us to know that android app is made for it? If you have done any course in your web development, then you can easily create the app.

Either if you know coding very well, then you can make android app very easily.

Either if you have a good budget then you can hire an app developer. You will get app developer minimum Rs. Milan will start from 1500.

However, the charge of the app developer depends on the customization of his android application. You will get to customize your app as best as you can. You will have to pay that much charge to the app developer.

Even if you have not done any web development course, nor do you have knowledge of coding and do not have the budget to charge the app developer, then you can still make an android app.

How To Make Free Android App Without Coding?

There are many such websites and software available on the Internet, with the help of which you can create your own android app without coding.

Some website is paid. And you can use some websites absolutely free. With the help of free website or software, you can customize your android app limited.

Whereas in paid website or software you get more customization option.

Best Free Android making platform in 2021?

If you do not have a good budget to invest in starting, then with the help of the website given below, you can make android app absolutely free.


Where To Publish Android App?

After creating the Android app, now the number comes on which platform we should publish our android app.

So google play store is one of the best platform to publish android app. You can publish your android app on google play store.

But to publish the app on google play store you have to pay $ 25. It is a one time only process. Meaning you have to pay only once while creating an account on google play store.

After that you can publish your application on google play store as much as you want.

How Many Way To Earn Money From Android App?

Till now we have known that how to make android app? Where to publish your Android app? Now the question comes that how to make money from android app?

In this article, I have told about some popular way by using which you can earn money from your android app.


The primary and most popular way to earn money from the Internet is through advertising. 60% – 70% of earning on the Internet is through advertisement only. You can earn money through ads in your mobile app.

You can monetize the Android app from any third party ads service. I have given a list niche of some third party ads network. Where you will get instant approval on your app.

And you can generate revenue by using ads code in your android app. The more impressions and clicks you get on your android app, the more revenue you can generate.

– Appnext
– Facebook Audience Network
– Applovin
– Vungle

These are some popular third party ads network where you get instant approval. You can use these ads network.

Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing. Basicaly we have to sell Affiliate Marketing product. For that first we have to join the affiliate program of the company.

Then you choose the product and copy its affiliate link. And add that affiliate link to your android app.

Whenever a user purchases any product from your affiliate link, you get some commission.

And this commission depends on how much money the company will give you per sell, and how much was the price of the product sold.

If the price of the product will be expensive then you will get more commission. You can join the affiliate program of shopping websites like amazon affiliate, flipkart, ebay.

Sell ​​Android App

If you are a good app developer then you can develop app for other company and people. And can charge a good amount from them.

Either you can offer your android app to the company and sell your app to them. And you can charge the amount of your app from the client.


So friends, in this article I have told you how to Earn Money from Android App? And how to make android app without coding.

And with this I have shared a list of some free websites, with the help of which you can make an app absolutely free.

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