How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire In 2023?| Free Fire Diamonds

How to get free diamonds in free Fire? If you have visited this article, then you must have played free fire game.

Well, today’s topic is “how to get the free unlimited diamond in free fire game.”

If you also want to know how to get diamonds in the Free Fire max game for free, then read this article completely.

After reading this article, you can very easily get diamonds in free Fire for free.

How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire In 2023?

How to get free diamonds in free Fire In 2022?| Free Fire Diamonds

At this time, the craze of Free Fire games is very high. By the way, you will have good knowledge about Free Fire game. Let me still tell you explain some information about Free Fire game.

Free Fire is an online video game, which we can play online with the help of our smartphone, laptop, pc.

Free fire game was developed by 111dots studio company. After some time, the free fire game was bought by the Garena company.

Earlier, people did not have much knowledge about Free Fire game. But gradually, the Free Fire game has become quite popular later on. Right now, Free Fire is a very popular online video game.

What Are Free Fire Diamonds?

Many people will have confused about free fire diamonds. Before understanding free fire diamonds, you have to understand some terms. Let us first take information about those terms.

As I mentioned above that free Fire is an online video game application. This is a mobile battleground game.

In this game, we get characters. We have to play the game with those characters. And by killing the enemy, the match has to be booyah.

In this game, we get the skin of character clothes, gun skin, vehicles skins, characters skins, bundles, etc. Get.

Garena gives us some of these bundles and skins for free. At the same time, before using some skins, we have to purchase them.

There is a shop in free Fire. From the same shop, we get all the premium skins, characters, etc. has to buy.

And to buy these things we need diamonds. Just as we have to pay some money to the shopkeeper to buy something from the shop in the market. Similarly, to buy something from the store in free Fire, we need diamonds.

Similarly, UC is required to purchase character skins, bundles, skins in the PUBG game.

Now you must have understood very well what is free fire diamonds? Now let’s know how to get free and unlimited free fire diamonds in 2022?

How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire?

To get diamonds in the Free Fire game, we have to top-up. You must have money for this.

In Free Fire you get 100 Diamonds for Rs.80.

But don’t take tension. In today’s article, we will learn about some such methods that how to get unlimited free diamonds on free fire max game?

1. Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire Through Redeem Codes

The developers of this game issue a code of 12 digits. Which we know by the name of redeem code.

With the help of Redeem code, you can get diamonds for free. You have to redeem the redeem code of 12 digits by visiting the Reward Redemption Site.

After this, the correct diamonds of that redeem code are transferred to your free fire id.

Now the question comes that where can I get Free Fire Redeem code? There are many websites on the internet that update the free Fire redeem codes daily.

You can take free Fire to redeem codes with the help of those websites. Either a lot of YouTubers give you redeem code in their videos for free. You can take the redeem code from there.

2. By joining the Partner Program

Free Fire (Garena) has a partner program. You can join that partner program.

There are many benefits of joining a free fire partner program. Like if you join Free Fire partner program, then you will get new bundles, emotes, free fire gun skins, free fire new characters, etc. See you for free.

And with this, you also get free fire diamonds for free. You keep getting free fire diamonds from time to time. With the help of which you can buy expensive bundles, skins very easily in free fire game.

Joining the free fire game partner program also offers a lot of rewards.

How to join free fire partner programs? Not everyone can join free fire partner programs. Before joining the free fire partner program, you have to follow some terms & conditions.

Only after that can you join the free fire partner program.

3. Get Free Fire Fire Diamonds On Booyah App

Booyah Garena is an official app of the company. There are daily tournaments and Free Fire live streams in this Booyah app.

You can win prizes by participating in the program running in the Booyah app. There are different prizes in each program.

All free Fire popular players will be found on the Booyah app.

You can download the Booyah app from the Google play store and App store very easily.

To get diamonds from the Booyah app, you have to link your free fire id with your booyah id.

4. Get Free Fire Diamonds From Winzo App

Winzo is an app where you can earn money by playing the game.

There are always free fire events going on on the Winzo app. You can win free fire diamonds by participating in those events. Nor can you easily transfer diamonds to your free fire account.

And always free custom is made on winzo app. You can play the game by joining those customs. In that custom, you get Rs.40 on one enemy kill.

If you do five kills in a custom game, then you win Rs.200 very easily. You can top-up that money.

And you can also earn by referring to the app on the winzo app.

5. Participate In Giveaways

On Youtube, big creators keep giving some of the other giveaways daily.

That YouTubers give people free diamonds, characters, free Fire new gun skin, free Fire new bundles, etc., in those giveaways.

By participating in those giveaways, you can get free diamonds, skins, etc. can win.

How to get many diamonds or costumes without buying in the free fire?

If you want to free diamonds and costumes in the Free Fire game, I have told you some ways below. With the help of these methods, you can get Free Fire diamonds and costumes absolutely free.

GetPaidTo (GPT) Website

This is an online survey-filling website. You can earn points by filling survey on this GPT website. Then by converting those points into cash, you can get the money withdrawn from your bank account.

On this website, you can fill the survey in many ways. As if

  • You can earn points by answering some asked questions.
  • After this, the game comes on the second number. If you choose this option, then you will have to play the game for at least 30 seconds. After that, the answer and feedback have to be given to the question related to it.
  • You get some small tests daily. On completing those tasks, you get points. You get this task daily.

On making 5000 points on this GetPaidTo website, you get 1 dollar. You can buy diamonds in the Free Fire game with the help of that earned money.


I have given a piece of detailed information about Booyah above, created by Booyah Garena only. And it is owned by Garena.

There are some of the other rewards, free diamonds, free Free Fire costumes, every day on this platform. You can make diamonds by participating in them.

Google Opinion Reward

Google itself developed this app. This is an online survey filling app.

By filling surveys in this app, you keep getting daily rewards. You can also earn by filling the survey.

How can I get free gems in free fire, and how do I win a giveaway?

Many logs participate in the giveaway. The probability of winning the giveaway is very less. Still, you always keep participating in the giveaway.

When someone does a giveaway, he tells some rules or steps. To participate in that giveaway, you have to follow those steps correctly.

You participate in the giveaway by following all the steps. This gives more chances to win the giveaway.

This is one of the easiest ways to get a free diamond for a Free Fire account. You should try these methods.

How to get to heroic in 1 week?

Heroic is a big rank in the Free Fire game. And there is a bigger Master than heroic and a bigger GrandMaster rank than this.

Suppose you want to go to heroic rank from any of your current ranks. You have to play the rank Bermuda game in the free fire. And you have to come in the list of top 10 in every match. Only then can you come on heroic rank in the Free Fire game within one week.

How do you get free fire diamonds without a bank account?

This is a popular way to get free diamonds in Free Fire without a top-up or bank account.

  1. Online Surveys
  2. Use rewards apps
  3. Participate in-game events
  4. Use free credits in Google Play
  5. Participate in Giveaways
  6. Join Winzo App
  7. Join Booyah App


How to check how many diamonds I have spent on free fire?

There is no such option or feature in the Free Fire game. With the help of which, you can find out how many diamonds have been spent in your Free Fire account so far.

How to get Garena free fire mod unlimited diamonds APK?

You will find many websites on the internet, from where you can download the Garena Free Fire mod apk. But you should never use the mod apk file because such a file is not safe. They also contain viruses. So it can damage your device. So always download Garena Free Fire from the google play store.

How to get free diamonds in the free fire 2021 new update?

There are many methods to get diamonds for free in Free Fire. As if

1. Participate in Giveaway
2. Booyah App
3. Google Opinion Rewards
4. Winzo App
5. GetPaidTo website

etc. methods. In this article, I have told about these methods in full detail. By following this method, you can get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire Max.

How many stones can I get a spin of 90 diamonds in the free fire?

It depends on your luck. You can get a maximum of one stone in one spin. On the other hand, if your luck is not good, then you will not get a single stone on the spin of 90 diamonds.

Is there a way to get unlimited diamonds in a free fire without hacking?

Yes, Fire Fire organizes many events at every festival. To participate in that event, you can get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire/ Free Fire max.

How many diamonds do we get for 160 Rs redeem code in a free fire?

On redeem code of Rs. 160, we get a total of 200 diamonds.

How to get free fire diamonds using termux?

Termux is an Android Terminal Emulator app. The Termux app is often used to learn to hack. With this, people carry out cases like hacking with the help of their smartphones. This app is not safe at all.

How can we get free diamonds in the free fire without any apps?

You can get diamonds for free in the Free Fire game without installing any app by participating in the giveaway.

How to get all Evo skins in free fire using diamonds?

In the Indian server, Evo skins come only in events. If you want to buy Evo skin in Free Fire, check all the events. Whoever comes to the Evo skins event, then you can buy that Evo skin from there.

How to get free diamonds for free fire without top-up?

If you want to get free diamonds for free in Free Fire without top-up, you need to participate in giveaways and play games on Winzo and Booyah app.


There are many other methods with the help of which you can get free Fire unlimited diamonds. In today’s article, I have told you about the top 5 best ways to get free fire diamonds.

I hope you have liked this article free fire diamonds.

If you play Free Fire, then definitely tell your free fire UID in the below comment box.

Thank you…

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