How To Remove Headphone Symbol In Redmi In 2023? [ Easy and simple]

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Because in this article we are going to tell you the simple and easiest ways to remove the headphone symbol in redmi.

If you are a one of the redmi smartphone users and you want to know any method that can remove the headphone symbol of your redmi smartphone, then here we have found a good and functional method which will definitely help you to removing the headphone symbol of your redmi smartphone with simple and easily.

So now let me tell you about all these procedures without wasting any more time.

How to remove headphone symbol in redmi?

How to remove headphone symbol in redmi?

The problem of seeing headphones symbol in the phones can happen in the phone of any company ( Specially Redmi ) and there may be some different reasons for this, about which we will tell you today and what is the reason for this problem and if you are facing this kind of problem then In this article, we are going to tell the information related to how you can fix it.

A few Xiaomi clients have been whining about their smartphones stalling out in headphone mode, implying that an headphone image or symbol is continually shows up on the notice bar of the gadget screen. This can be baffling as it wouldn’t permit clients to chat with someone else on a call without empowering the smartphone ‘s amplifier.

The issue with Xiaomi phones stalling out in an earphone mode isn’t limited to a specific series or model of Xiaomi telephone yet happens across both series from the organization, including Redmi and Mi smartphone. Nonetheless, it’s anything but a significant issue and few out of every odd Xiaomi client will deal with this issue on their gadgets. Thus, let us look at a couple of straightforward deceives you can attempt at home to fix the headphone issue on your Xiaomi smartphones .

What is reason of appearing the headphone symbol without inserted any headphone’s plugs?

Before talking about how to remove the headphones in redmi phone, let us know about why this problem occurs so that you will know when and why this kind of problem occurs.

Like, whenever you put headphones or earphones in your phone, many times the carbon or garbage present in the environment around us goes into the earphone jack and because of this sometimes the phone system thinks that the earphone is attached to the phone and Because of this, the headphone symbol appears in your phone, apart from this, sometimes due to a defect in the headphone jack, you can also.

Method to Remove Headphone Symbol In Redmi Phone

There can be many different methods to remove the headphone symbol in Redmi phones, you can easily remove the headphone symbol of your Redmi smartphone by using them. You can easily fix the headphone symbol appearing problem by following these activity procedures.

Clean the headphone jack of you redmi phone

If the headphone jack is showing in your phone due to the fault of the headphone jack, then you can adopt this method, in which you have to take 1 earbud or earphone etc,  which you can easily put in the headphone jack and after that you have to do it with your help.

You have to clean your redmi headphone jack carefully, you have to remove the carbon of the headphone jack and take care not to apply too much force, otherwise the jack may also get damaged.

If you clean your headphone jack, then this type of problem can gets fixed and if it does not work then you can adopt the other mentioned methods.

Reset the redmi phone

In many people’s phones, this problem is not fixed even after adopting all the methods, then there is an option to reset the your redmi phone, for this you have to go to the settings, after that you have to go to the additional settings, after that you have to reset the factory data.

After that you have to reset your redmi smartphone.

Before resetting the phone, you have to back up the necessary files from your phone because resetting will delete the data of your phone, so before reset, you should back up your phone and when you reset.

Update your redmi phone

Many times people do not update their primary redmi phones, due to this, there is a bug in their redmi phones and you can see the symbol of the headphone , so you have to go to the phone settings and see the update and if there is any update then you can update your phone.

Take this your problem will be fixed.

Settings up your redmi phone for fix the headphone symbol appearing

Many times you may have to face this kind of problem due to some mistake in the phone setting and if this problem is happening by mistake in your phone setting, then you have to adopt this method.

  • First of all, you have to go to the settings of your redmi smartphone.
  • Now you will see the option of search in the setting, in that you have to search by typing Headphone, now you will get the option related to Headphone, click on it and if you want, you can also search it manually.
  • Now after clicking on the Headphone option, you will get many options, in which you will see the option of Sound Enhancer, you can turn it on.

Now you will see many icons of headphones, you go on selecting them one by one and see on the symbol of the headphone whether it is removed or not and by clicking on the headphone icon, you select it and keep it.

This type of problem will be fixed on the redmi phone.

Flash the system of your redmi phone

If this problem is not fixed in your phone by the above mentioned methods, then after that you have the option to flash the system of your redmi smartphone.

In this you have to reinstall the operating system in your phone and you can do this from the mobile repairing shop.

After that this problem will definitely be fixed with your redmi phone.

How to remove headphone symbol in redmi FAQs

Why is my phone appearing in the headphone mode?

You just need to clean the headphone jack and the problem will take care of itself. How to remove the headphone icon in Infinix and other Android devices by cleaning the jack connector. First, grab a flashlight and examine the inside of the headphone jack. If it contains some foreign objects, be prepared to clean it.

What is the redmi headphone icon for?

Headphones and Audio EffectsPlug in the headphone and enable the sound/audio enhancer (you will see different types of earphones like Mi Piston, Mi In-Ear, Basic Edition, Mi Earbuds, Standard Edition, General In-Ear and many more.

Why does my Redmi volumes are automatically decrease?

There are several reasons why the volume on an Android device will decrease on its own. In most cases, this is due to the volume buttons being stuck or not working. Sometimes this can be due to software bugs, problematic apps, or custom settings.

How to disable the headphone button on an iPhone?

Absolutely no, there is no any way to turn off those buttons. But in case of ifthey don’t work, the switch is in line with the wires and there will still be a problem. I rarely use the included headphones, so better buy better ones.

Are redmi and Mi smartphones the same?

Xiaomi rebranded its high-end product line from “Xiaomi” to “Xiaomi” and the brand will now have two different sub-brands: Xiaomi and Redmi. Xiaomi rebranded its high-end product line from “Xiaomi” to “Xiaomi” and the brand will now have two different sub-brands: Xiaomi and Redmi.

Why do my headphones keep disconnecting?

Your wireless headphones may be powered by long-life rechargeable batteries. When the headset battery is low, it may not maintain a stable connection and therefore keeps disconnecting. Charge the headset for at least 15 minutes and try connecting to the device again.


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