What Is GB WhatsApp? | Is GB WhatsApp Safe?

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about what is GB WhatsApp. We will tell you the Advantage and disadvantage of the GB WhatsApp. And also talk about is GB WhatsApp safe or not.

We are going to tell you everything related to GB WhatsApp in this article, how much damage it is causing for you and what damages it can cause to your device and what are the features available in GB WhatsApp. This article will be benifical for you read it at the end.

What Is GB WhatsApp? | Is GB WhatsApp Safe?

What is GB WhatsApp

Firstly we like to tell you that in GB WhatsApp there are many features are available in GB WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp is unofficial copy type of official WhatsApp. You will not find it on play store. All the features of GB WhatsApp are add on not additional. GB WhatsApp is a devoloped copy devoloped by an Arabian developer.

In GB WhatsApp there are many benefits but its not secure. Many people download it and use it because of the greed of some features, but it is not saved at all,

This means it has many advantages as well as disadvantages. We are going to tell you about everything, what are its advantages and disadvantages. And features of GB WhatsApp and it safe to using GB WhatsApp or not.

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What Is GB WhatsApp Features?

Now we will talk about the features of GB WhatsApp if you use GB WhatsApp. You can get many features in GB WhatsApp. As if you are online then you can hide it. You will be online but no one gets to know. Are you online and you can also save auto reply in it.

If you write hello to someone and you save auto reply in GB WhatsApp, in return for hello, then that message can be sent automatically and you can also freeze your last seen in it and there are many themes are available in GB WhatsApp You can change many themes and there are many other features like this, due to which people will download GB WhatsApp.

in GB WhatsApp that you can hide typing that you do, you can hide it. It has DND mode, with the help of which when your phone internet will be turned on if you want. But still you will not appear online and will not even send or receive messages on GB WhatsApp.

All the features that you do not get in Official WhatsApp. All the features that you can get in GB WhatsApp. You can’t call it additional GB WhatsApp is a add on app and GB WhatsApp its not official app.

Is GB WhatsApp Safe?

So now we will talk about is GB WhatsApp safe or not. whether to use GB WhatsApp or not, otherwise we want to tell you that it is GB WhatsApp which is a third party app. GB WhatsApp is an updated version. It is not safe to use GB WhatsApp it can harm your device.

If you use then it is just as if you gave your bank details and password in someone else’s hand and you are telling him not to take advantage of it. It is not secure at all. Don’t keep GB WhatsApp in your phone.

GB WhatsApp claims that when you message anyone on GB WhatsApp, then no third person can read it. But when you are typing from in GB WhatsApp at that time everything is being recorded in GB WhatsApp.

Then all that your privacy gets clicked, due to which you can also harm your device and everything that your personal data can also hacked. It’s all loss. In the greed of its features, you download GB WhatsApp and use it, but it is not saved at all,

GB WhatsApp Privacy Policy?

Now we are talking about the Privacy Policy of GB WhatsApp, so we want to tell you about the privacy of GB WhatsApp. The team of GB WhatsApp Do they all say that when you send a message to someone, end to end means the one whom you send, only the one who gets the message direct.

No one can read in between. But before leaving, all those massages are being recorded in GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp might have some other damage. Thus we can say that GB WhatsApp Records everything.


All we want to say to you is that you can get a lot of features in GB WhatsApp If you want to use all those features then it is your choice.

We do not support you at all such third party app GB WhatsApp app or whatever third party you are, because it is not right to use it at all, your personal data can be leaked.

This can also cause a lot of damage to your mobile. We will not advise you at all. To you download any such application in your phone and use it it’s not secure.

(FAQ) frequently asked questions

Can GB WhatsApp Harm a Phone?

GB WhatsApp can harm your phone it can reach your personal data and its not secure to using GB WhatsApp.

Will I Continue Using GB WhatsApp?

You should not use GB WhatsApp. Even after going through all its disadvantages, it can also harm your mobile. You should stop using it.

Can Themes Change In GB WhatsApp?

There are many themes available in GB WhatsApp, which is much better than official WhatsApp. You can apply any themes there according to you.

Can I Hide Last Seen In GB WhatsApp?

After enabling the Freeze Last Seen option in GB WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen in GB WhatsApp.

Can We Delete Message For Everyone From GB WhatsApp At Any Time?

In Official WhatsApp, messages cannot be deleted for everyone after 15 minutes. But in GB WhatsApp, you can delete the message for everyone at any time.

Can We Hide Chat In GB WhatsApp?

you can hide chat in GB WhatsApp , for that you have to tap and hold on any chat you want to hide and then click on three dots. There the option of hide chat will come. And You have to created pattern and after that that chat will be hidden.


So friends, in this article we have tried to give you all kinds of information related to GB WhatsApp. Like What Is GB Whatsapp and is gb Whatsapp safe or not or what are its advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully thisarticle will be useful to you. After that you would have understood. GB WhatsApp is right to use it or not or

So if this article helpful for you, Then share it to others also.

Thank you for reading this article.

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