What Is Blogging? | How To Earn Money From Blogging in 2023?

What is blogging? How to earn money from blogging? How many way to earn money from blogging? How to do blogging? Often this question must come in your mind.

You must have heard somewhere or the other and must have seen that many people earn thousands, lakhs of rupees a month by blogging. Blogging is a website. On which we generate traffic by writing articles. And we can convert that traffic into money.

What is blogging? | How to earn money from blogging in 2023?

How to earn money from blogging in 2021?


The more traffic that will come to your website or blog, the more money you can earn. But to do blogging, it is very important for you to have hard work, dedication, focus and patience. If you miss any of these things, then you may have trouble blogging.

You will be surprised to know that the success rate in blogging is 2-3%. Meaning that out of 100 people who do blogging, only 2-3 people are successful in this blogging field. which is very less.

I am not scaring you from blogging, but I am telling the blogging truth. If you lack hard work, goal and patience in any of these things, then you will not be able to have quick success in blogging.

If you want to become a successful blogger then you have to work hard day and night. Friends, if you are thinking of starting a blog, then read this article completely.

In today’s article, I will give you complete information about blogging. Like what is blogging? How to do blogging? In how many ways can you earn money from blogging? So let’s start this article today.

Let’s Start…

What is Blogging?

Blog is derived from the word “Weblog“. Blog is like a website which we keep updating daily or continuously at a particular time. A blog is like a webpage. In which many posts (pages) have been published. This is what is called a blog.

What is Blogging?
What is Blogging?

And those who can publish daily post/content on the blog, we call it blogger. And the process of managing a blog is called blogging.

On Blog, we can share our experience, knowledge with others. To do blogging, it is very important for you to have experience in some field. Such as education, cooking, travelling, facts, technology, animals, health, etc.

Types Of Blogging

There are two types of blogging, one is personal blogging, which we can also call hobby blogging. And the second is professional blogging. Its meaning is hidden in their name itself. Let us know about them one by one.

How to earn money from blogging in 2021?
Types Of Blogging

Personal Blogging

We also know personal blogging as hobby blogging. They share content on their blog without any motive and plan. Or we can say that they do blogging only for time pass. They do not do blogging to earn money.

Professional Blogging

Professional blogging is just the opposite of personal blogging. In professional blogging, we work on our blog with a plan and publish content on it.

They use blogging as a business. In which these people want to earn money by sharing their knowledge and experience with the other people.

Its main motive is to earn money from blogging. If you do a professional blogging, then you can generate revenue from your blog in many ways such as affiliate marketing, advertising, subscriptions, sponsorship, etc.

How to become a professional blogger?

If you want to become a professional blogger then follow the tips given below.

  • Always work on unique idea. Do not copy anyone’s idea.
  • Always read others’ blogs, and learn from them.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Do not be in a hurry in any work, have some patience.
  • Work on only one niche.
  • You set a goal of yours daily, and fulfill that goal.
  • Read more books and increase your knowledge.
  • Publish the content at a regular time only.
  • Always share quality and informative things with people.

How To Make A Professional Blogger in 2023?

How to do blogging in 2023? How to make earning blog? I explained the answer to this question step-by-step by explaining it below. You can create your own professional blog by following all these steps. How to do blogging step by step guide?

Decide A Niche

We also consider it the pillar of blogging. Before creating your own blog, it is very important to decide on which niche you can work. Niche can also be understood by category. Such as education, health, animals, cooking, etc. All this is a niche.

How to decide a good niche?

Step 1. First you write 10-15 niches on one page. Choose five such niches out of them, on which you can write at least 40-50 articles.

Step 2. Now do research on those five niches and try to find how much article you can write on which niche.

Step 3. Now on whichever niche you can write the most articles, select that niche.

Choose a Platform (Blogger Vs WordPress which is better?)

If you can invest a little in the initial time, then you can create your blog on word press. If you start your blog for free.

Blogger provides us hosting for free for lifetime. Blogger is a product created by Google itself.

If we talk about Blogger Vs WordPress which is better? Then, my answer is WordPress. However, to start a blog on WordPress, we have to invest a little first. For example, web hosting has to be purchased.

WordPress is better than blogger because we get to see more features on wordpress than blogger. And on WordPress you can optimize the blog according to you.

By the way, blogger is also the best platform for blogging.

Choose a Domain And Hosting

If you choose WordPress platform then you have to take separate hosting. And if you choose the blogger platform then you get free hosting for lifetime.

After this, select a good name for your blog. And buy a top level domain {TLD}. You get subdomain for free. But for a professional blog it is necessary to have TLDs domain.

Top TLDs Domain List


This is a list of some popular TLDs (Top Level Domains). You can use these domains.

Optimize Your Blog

After setting everything up, you optimize your blog.

  • Use a good seo friendly, responsive theme.
  • Use Neat and clean theme.
  • Make sure to make these four pages about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer on your blog.
  • Create category of post.
  • Set up labels in Main Menu.
  • Submit your blog to google search console.

Write SEO Friendly Articles

The most important thing on the website is the article itself. Write an article on a low-competitive keyword by finding a good keyword.

Write the article by explaining it completely. Do not use by copying the article from any other website. Write the article in proper way.

For example, pay attention to proper heading, keyword density, do not do keyword stuffing, use white SEO.

Before publishing the article, definitely check the plagiarism and grammar error.

How to Apply For Google AdSense?

If you want to earn from your blog, then you have to monetize it with AdSense. AdSense is a product of Google itself.

When your blog gets monetized with AdSense, then ads start showing on your blog. On showing AdSense ads on your blog, Google pays you 50%-60% of it by taking money from the advertiser.

And keeps the remaining 40% of the money with himself. Google AdSense works on CPC (Cost Per Click). Meaning that the number of clicks on the ads showing on your site, you will earn so much.

Go to google adsense official website. Signi in with your gmail id and submit your website.

How many way to earn money from blogging?

There are many ways available on the internet to earn from blogging. In today’s article, I am going to give you information about “Top 5 best way to earn money from blogging“.

Google Adsense And Other Ads Monetization Platform

We have placed Monetization Platform at number one in our list because blogging was the best way to earn.

You can earn by monetizing your blog or website with google adsense or other ads network (like media.net. infolink, ezoic, etc.).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission. I have already written an article on affiliate marketing on my website. You can read that article.

Affiliate Marketing

From Affiliate Marketing, we get a good amount of per sells. If targeted traffic comes to your blog, then you can promote the product by joining the affiliate program.

Best Affiliate Platform

Amazon Affiliate
Hosting and Plugin Affiliate
blogging tools

Guest Post

If your blog is famous. And if a good traffic comes to your blog, then you can generate revenue through guest post.

In Guest, we have to give links to others’ websites on our blog or website. Which we also know by the name of backlink. In return, the owner of that website pays you money.

At this time guest posting is a very popular way to generate revenue.

Sell ​​Courses

Suppose your website is realted from education, then you should promote online premium courses to your audience.

And whenever a user purchases your product, you can earn from it.

Sponsore ads

If your blog is popular then you get sponsored ads or paid post. You can publish those posts on your website.

There is good earning from sponsored ads or posts.


There is a huge scope of blogging in the future. If you set up a blog of your own today, then it can give you a good revenue generation in the future.

In this article, I have given you complete information about blogging. I hope you liked this article “How many ways to earn money from blogging“.

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