Best YouTube Equipment For Beginners In 2023

Best youtube equipment for beginners in 2023. Earning money online has become quite simple in today’s digital world.

Right now there are many such ways on the internet with the help of which we can easily earn online such as blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, etc. One way in them is youtube.

I have written two articles before this in which I have told how to earn money youtube? And how many way to earn money from youtube?

If you want to know about youtube in detail, then you will definitely read that article once. YouTube is a great way to earn online.

At this time many people are generating money online by working on youtube.

Have you also joined youtube creator to earn from youtube? Or if you are a beginner on youtube then this article is very important for you.

Because in today’s article I am going to share with you the list of some youtube equipment for beginners.

Whatever things I will share with you, all those things are going to be very useful while making or publishing your videos on youtube.

This article is for all beginners. With the help of this article I will share some youtube equipment with you. Which is very important for beginners.

So let’s start this article today without wasting any time.

Best youtube equipment for beginners in 2023

 youtube equipment for beginners in 2021
Youtube Equipment For Beginners

If you want to work on youtube for long term. Or if you want to earn a good amount from youtube, then you will have to invest a little.

Someone rightly said, “To get something good, you have to lose something.” For example, when we plant seeds in the field, only then we get grains.

Similarly, when we invest little by little, only then will earn. If you have money to invest a little, then you will have to invest a lot to be successful in your youtube carrier.

So let’s come to the topic of your article “youtube equipment for beginners“.


To earn on Youtube, we have to create videos. Once you think that you have made a video related from one of your education which has been published on youtube. If that video will appear blur then no student will see your video at all.

If you make facecam or shoot video then you must have a good camera.

If you want to shoot a professional and 4k video then you must have a DSLR. If you want to buy a mid-range DSRL then you can buy Canon EOS 200D II camera.

You will also get it cheap and you will get a best quality camera in the mid-range. Canon EOS 200D II prince in India is around ₹52,000.

Specification Of Canon EOS 200D II Camera

Specification Of Canon EOS 200D II Camera
  • 4k movie and time lapse support
  • It come with DIGIC 8 Processor
  • CMOS type sensor
  • Wi-Fi features will be available
  • Full HD resolution

If you can not invest ₹ 50,000 on camera, then you can simply use your ₹ 10,000-₹ 20,000 mobile for video shoot.

Now there are many such mobiles in which very good cameras are available, you can use your mobile for YouTube videos.

Microphone (MIC)

You will need a microphone while making a video. By the way, in mobile it is available in-built in any camera but the sound quality is not good in it. Even if you make a video of high quality, if it does not have sound of good quality then people will not like to watch your video.

All the big youtubers are there using mic of high quality. I am going to tell you two mics, one mic will be expensive then the other mic is cheap. If you want to buy mic in cheap price then you can buy that too.

Humble Dynamic Collar Mic For Youtube Under 500

Price – Rs. 241
Compatible For – Mobile, Laptop, PC, Camera
Connector – 3.5MM jack wire connectivity
Uses For – Youtube, Online class, Interview, Podcasting

Boya BYM1 For Youtube

Boya BYM1 For Youtube

This is one of the most favorite mic for all youtuber. Most of the youtube use this Boya BYM1 mic. If your budget is around Rs. 800 then you can go with Boya BYM1 mic.

Price – Rs. 799
Compatible For – Mobile, Laptop, PC, Camera
Connector – 3.5MM jack wire connectivity
Uses For – Youtube, Online class, Interview, Podcasting
Build Quality – Amazing built quality and sound quality is also good


The tripod comes at the next number in the list of best youtube equipment for beginners. When we shoot a video with our camera or mobile in hand, the camera moves. Due to which good video shoots are not possible.

So in such a situation, the name of tripod also comes in the list of youtube equipment. Because with the help of tripod, we fix our camera in one place, after which the camera does not move at the time of shoot. Due to which the shoot is good.

Best Tripod For Youtubers

Both these tripods are very famous. Syvo WT 3130 Tripod comes on our first number.

Syvo S-510 Pro 55 inch Tripod
Syvo S-510 Pro 55 inch Tripod

The minimum height of this tripod is 415 mm, but you can extend it up to 1365 mm. Which is very nice. You can also call it the value of product.

You can use this Syvo WT 3130 Tripod for both your mobile or camera.

Device – Camera, Smartphone, Projector
Brand – SYVO
Build Material – Aluminum
Color – Black Color
Price – Rs.899/-

Gorilla Tripod
Gorilla Tripod

Gorilla Tripod is the most commonly used tripod. Every Youtube vlogger uses this tripod. This tripod is known for its flexibility.

You can fit all smartphones and cameras on Gorilla Tripod. And can use easily.

The maximum height of this tripod is 13 inches. In which there is a 10-inch Gorilla Tripod stand and a 3-inch camera holder.

Price – Rs.324 /-
Brand – KXXO
Product Name – Gorilla Tripod
Weight – 240 grams
Material – ABS plastic and nano grip Rubber

Room Background Wallpaper

If you make or make a video on youtuber without showing face, then you skip these steps. Because this youtube equipment is for those who make face cam videos on their youtube channel.

When you make a video with face, it is obvious that your background show will be there. If good paint and design is made on your background then it is fine. Otherwise you can use 3-D background wallpaper.

Best Background Wallpaper For Youtube

I have selected 2 best background wallpaper for you. If you do not like their color or design, then you can choose another wallpaper with this specification.

If you want to use different background in each of your video then you can use green screen.

Decals Design ‘Modern Town Silhouettes’ Wall Sticker

This is a simple design. But it’s quite cool to look at. You can use this background wallpaper for your youtube video.

Material Type – PVC Vinyl
Dimensions – 220 cm x 36 (Covering background area)
Price – Rs. 154 /- per piece
Color – Black

Winter Tree Design Room Wallpaper

In our next list comes Winter Tree Design room wallpaper. This is a 3D wallpaper. Although it is a sticker, but after applying it seems that this design has actually been made on the wall.

  • Usage – You can apply this wallpaper on the wall of any room of the house.
  • You can also apply Winter Tree Design wallpaper on the wall itself. And yes you do not need any extra glue to apply this sticker on the wall.
  • In this you get 2 rolls. The area of ​​one roll is 24 sq. feet.
  • Price – Rs.840 /-

Ring Light

Once I asked a photo how much light is needed to shoot a video? So his reply came that light plays an important role while shooting the video.

If we shoot the video in sufficient amount of light, then it increases the quality of our video and our video starts looking more attractive.

So you must have gone by the time how important is the light. Ring light is best for Youtube video creator. Because of that you get to see very good shine.

Best Ring Light For Youtube Under 1000

KOMCNC Ring light With Tripod Stand
  • 7 feet stand also comes with this ring light. You don’t need to buy another stand separately. If you already have a stand then you can use this ring light with that stand.
  • You can use this ring light in reels, youtube, selfie, portrait photography.
  • You get bright adjustable light in it.
  • For this, you can supply power with the help of USB cable.
  • Price – Rs.995/-
Digitek Ring Light For Youtube
  • This ring light comes of 12 inches. 3 colors (While, Warm yellow and Warm White) are available in this ring light.
  • In this ring light also power supply can be done from USB.
  • The build quality of this light is very good. This is the best ring light for youtube.
  • Price – Rs. 1549/-
OCTOVA PRO Quadlux Mark II Softbox Light
OCTOVA PRO Quadlux Mark II Softbox Light
Image Source :

If you can increase your budget a little bit, then you will prefer this light. OCTOVA PRO Quadlux Mark II Light is one of the most powerfull light. In this you get a complete kit related to light.

  • You will get 2 OCTOVA PRO Quadlux Mark II Light in it and it also comes with 2 tripod stands.
  • 8 Super bright 20 Watt bulbs are also available.
  • Comes with 2 large softbox of 50cm.
  • Flurocent bulb has been used in this light setup. Which saves up to 80% of your electricity bill.
  • This light has a life of 20,000 hours. However it goes on more than that.
  • The head of its up light can be rotated up to 210 degrees.
  • Price – Rs. 12,499

Video Editing Software

After shooting the video, now it is the turn of video editing. By the way, there is a lot of software available on the internet. With the help of which you can edit your video professionally.

Best Video Editing Software For Mobile

If you want to do video editing from mobile then kinemaster is the best app for that. Either you can use the power director app. We get a lot of features in Kinemaster.

If you use power director then watermark is less visible in it.

You will find many videos on youtube, with the help of which you can download kinemaster app without watermark.

Best Video Editing Software For Laptop/PC

If you know a little bit about video editing, then you must have known about filmora software. Filmora is one of the most used software for video editing in PC.

Filmora has many features that are not available in all video editing software.

Filmora is a paid software. Which you can also use for free. If you buy the paid version of Filmora, then you can use many more features.

  • Professional Editing
  • Green Screen features
  • Available amazing transition
  • Another extra features like filters, overlay and transition also available


In today’s article, I have shared you about the best youtube equipment list. If you want to make your career on youtube then you will need these youtube tools.

These are some basic youtube tools that you must have.

So how did you like this article “best youtube equipment”, tell us by commenting. To read such tips and trick, informative articles, you subscribe to our blog.

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