How To Deactivate Fastag? – New Easy Method

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How To Deactivate Fastag?

How To Deactivate Fastag?

Fastag ensures easy travel at toll booths. It reduces time spent at toll booths on highways across India. It is under the Ministry of Roads and Highways (MoRTH) and has been made compulsory for all private and commercial vehicles. If you already have a FASTag, you need to pay attention to the RFID tag issued on the front of the vehicle licence plate.

These numbers are provided on behalf of the vehicle owner. Accounts can be closed when the vehicle is sold.

After the vehicle is sold, the Fastag on the licence plate is still associated with the name of the previous owner. If the number was registered on the previous owner’s account and the money came from his account, the amount will still be debited.

(How To Deactivate Fastag?)

When Do I Need To Deactivate Or Cancel FASTag?

Each Fastag is linked to a payment account. If you do not turn off Fastag during a vehicle transaction or handover, you may continue to charge new users tolls.

Additionally, each FASTag is assigned to a specific vehicle. In this case, new users will not get a new FASTag for the exact vehicle until you disable FASTag.

(How To Deactivate Fastag?)

The following is information for deactivating or closing a FASTag account:

Closing A FASTag Account:

  • Usually Fastags is the first choice for banks, Paytm and other authorised sellers.
  • The easiest way to close it is to call the Fastag hotline 1033 and submit a request to close your account.

(How To Deactivate Fastag?)

Below Is A List Of Ways To Deactivate Or Close Your FASTag Account:

Fastag Deactivate

Method 1: If you wish to deactivate through the NHAI (IHMCL), you will need to Call 1033 and send a deactivation request by selecting the correct IVR option.

Method 2: Dial 18002100104 through ICICI Bank, select the preferred language, press 2 to communicate with the relationship manager, and contact the person to close your FASTag account.

Method 3: You can inform via email of the FASTag account closure by providing all required details. These documents contain cancelled checks, account number, IFSC code, account type and reason for closing the account.

Method 4: Disable HDFC Fastag To disable HDFC Bank FASTag:

Step 1: Login to the Fastag Portal with your User ID/Wallet ID and Password.

Step 2: Select the Service Request option.

Step 3: Select the option to generate service request.

Step 4: Select Close Request as the request type to close the RIFD tag or wallet.

Method 5: Disable SBI Fastag Use the toll free number: 1800-11-0018.

Step 1: When you call this number, a support team leader will walk you through the process of deactivating FASTag.

Step 2: The support team will provide you with a detailed guide for deactivating SBI Bank FASTag, which will be completed within a few hours.

(How To Deactivate Fastag?)

Another Way To Close A FASTag Account?

The helpline number of the Government of India is 1033, by calling on which you can resolve all the complaints related to FASTag. Apart from this, you can also call the customer care number of your service provider.

How To Deactivate A FASTag Account On Paytm?

Closing your FASTag account on Paytm is easy. You only need to read the simple steps which we have mentioned below-

Step-1 First of all open the Paytm official website or mobile app.

Step-2 Make sure to log into your Paytm account with the mobile number you have registered with your FASTag account.

Step-3 Click on the Manage FASTag icon in the Travel Services section of the Paytm homepage.

Step-4 Next, in the Manage FASTag section, you will find all active FASTag accounts associated with your paytm number.

Step-5 From here, you need to select the FASTag account you want to close and click “Close FASTag“.

Step-6 Reasons for choosing to turn off FASTag.

Step-7 Proceed with your confirmation and you will see that your FASTag account will be closed/deleted/deactivated.

(How To Deactivate Fastag?)

Why Is It Important To Cancel Your FASTag?

If you have sold your vehicle and transferred its paperwork to someone else’s name, then you will have to deactivate your old FASTag immediately.

Otherwise, that person can use your FASTag and pay the amount that will be debited from your account.

Also, until you close your FASTag account, the new owner of your car is yours. Will not be able to register for a FASTag account.

(How To Deactivate Fastag?)

Frequently Asked Questions-

Will The Deposit Be Refunded When FASTag Is Disabled?

A one-time deposit of Rs 99 is required when purchasing FASTag. If you deactivate FASTag, the money will be returned to you.

Is Disabling FASTag Mandatory?

Yes, disabling FASTag is mandatory in some cases. If you sell your quad without disconnecting or closing your FASTag, the new owner will keep your FASTag and your prepaid wallet will be debited.

How Long Can You Deactivate Your FASTag Account?

You can temporarily disable the account associated with your label.
To request a temporary disablement, please contact your label provider’s customer service department.

How Can I Confirm If My FASTag Is Disabled?

You can check your FASTag deactivation status via the My Fastag app in the status area.

Is There A Helpline Number To Report Issues Related To FASTag?

Yes, MoRTH/NHAI/HMCL has also established a customer toll free number to resolve any concerns/complaints related to FASTag.
If you have a problem with your FASTag account, you can call 1033.

Can I Buy Two FASTags For My Car?

No, you cannot link two FASTag accounts to one vehicle.
You must deactivate your account to purchase another FASTag for your vehicle.
This is because you can only link one account to a specific vehicle.

What Happens If I Sell My Car With An Active FASTag Account?

If you sell a car with an active Tag account, tolls will still be deducted from the linked account.
Therefore, if you sell or transfer ownership of your car, you should deactivate the account immediately.

(How To Deactivate Fastag?)


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