How To Search Job From Linkedin? In 2023

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How To Search Job From Linkedin?

How To Search Job From Linkedin?

You can create an account on LinkedIn app like Facebook and Instagram. In the profile of Linkedin, education, past work experience, whatever you are studying or working in the present time has to be mentioned.

A Linkedin profile is designed like a resume. In this, you can create your own connections list as well as show recommendations.

There are many benefits of LinkedIn, it is used by businessmen to promote their business. Most of the people are using LinkedIn. Remember one thing that whenever you are creating a LinkedIn profile, keep the information in it like professionally.

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for job searching right now. Everyone is using it, in this post, today you will learn how to use LinkedIn effectively to get more interviews and job offers.

(How to search job from linkedin?)

What is linkedin?

Generally Linkedin is a social media platform used mostly by chillers. Just like facebook we communicate quite personal communication with friends and related associations, people on the same linkedin connect to people in career & business domain, and strengthen their network.

You’ll find employees in addition to almost all the big companies’ ex, MDs, director, or the managers. By the way in fb we send friend requests to someone, here also you have the option to send the connection request. You can either follow anyone on your connection without getting added.

You stay updated with the feed of whoever you are following. You will also be able to talk to each other by the chatting feature. Here you have also got different features that fall on a social media platform.

(How to search job from linkedin?)

How To Get A Job From Linkedin?

If you want to find a job on LinkedIn, then you have to do these three things.

  • Set up a great LinkedIn Profile.
  • Use LinkedIn as a Networking Tool to Get Interviews and Make Connections.
  • Use LinkedIn to apply directly to employers.

How to effectively use LinkedIn to get a job, the steps below will show you how to do it all procedures.

Tip#1- Upload the Best Profile Photo of You.

Your headshot is one of the first things people see, so if you want to use LinkedIn to get a job, make sure your profile photo is making the right impression. Choose a photo that is clear, professional and friendly.

Tip#2- Write the Best Headline.

Next, you’ll need a LinkedIn title. It’s essential to use LinkedIn to get a job because everyone sees your title – when you apply for a job, when they see you in search results, etc.This is very important if you want to look different.

Tip#3- Mention all your skills.

Make sure you’re using all the skill slots that LinkedIn allows. That’s a big part of using LinkedIn to find jobs, as it will help you see more.

For example, if a recruiter searches for “Sales Man” and you have listed “Salesman” as a skill, it will show your profile in their results.

Tip#4- Add the recommendations.

We’re almost done setting up your LinkedIn profile for job searching effectively. The next step is to ask one or two colleagues to write an endorsement for you.

Even a recommendation or two will help your profile stand out from all the competition when you are trying to use LinkedIn to get a job.

Tip#5- Take the profit of ‘Easy Apply’.

You can also apply for jobs directly on LinkedIn through their “Easy Apply” feature. Search for job titles or keywords, narrow down by location and other search filters, and then start applying.

If a job offers “Easy Apply”, you can submit your details and attach your resume in just a few clicks without leaving LinkedIn. This is ideal as it saves you a lot of time and you don’t even need a cover letter.

How To Search Job From Linkedin? In 2022

Linkedin helps you find jobs according to your qualifications. To search for jobs, you have to first go to the homepage on linkedin and go to the “Search Box” and search by entering your qualifications or skills.

You have many ways to search for jobs in the Linkedin App. Here we have told you few ways which will help you in search for jobs in linkedin –

1- Click on the jobs icon which you see below.

2- You have to enter keywords in the search bar for a job at the top.

3- After that enter the location where you want to work.

4- After previous actions then you have to click on the search option.

5- Many results will be visible in front of you. Click on any one of these.

6- After this you will see 2 options I-Save and II- Easy Apply then you have to click on the Easy Apply option.

7- After that, submit the information for the job.

Other Ways To Search A Job From Linkedin.

1- After designing the profile completely, you will automatically get the job notification.

2- Follow people, so that the posts related to their jobs can come to you and you can apply for the job by visiting their job page directly.

Note- You should see more and more job posts. But you have to make such a profile, which looks great. Remember one thing, mention only what you have studied and skills.

(How to search job from linkedin?)

Few Special Features Of Linkedin?

Above we tried to tell you what is LinkedIn, how it works and its brief history, but if you want to know about the features of LinkedIn, then for this we have covered the main features of LinkedIn. The detailed special features of linkedin are written below.

1- Home Section-

In this section you get to see different types of posts like photos, videos, posts etc. If you follow a company, person or organisation on LinkedIn, then all posts related to them will appear on your home page.

You can like, dislike, share and comment on these posts like other social media platforms.

2- Messaging Services-

Through this feature you can talk directly to the people you are connected with on LinkedIn. This is exactly like the Messenger feature of Facebook. You can talk to the people related to you here through messages.

3- Searching System-

You will see this feature at the top of the LinkedIn home page. With the help of this feature, you can search about any company’s organisation, organisation, group etc.

4- Article Service-

In LinkedIn, you can write and post articles related to your research, discover, entertainment, news etc. To write an article in LinkedIn, you have to click on Write Article as you can see below. Through Write Article, you can share your professional updates with people.

5- Post the multimedias-

With the help of this feature, you can post a photo, video, poll or even a story on LinkedIn. Its method is exactly like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here you can also put a limit on your post. Meaning you can set here which people you want to show your post and which people do not want to see.

(How to search job from linkedin?)

How To Make An Account On Linkedin?

As we know, LinkedIn is a Social Network Platform or a Professional Networking Platform. Now we will know about how to create a linkedin account.You will learn how to make a LinkedIn account by following these easy steps.

Step-1 First of all open your any browser and open the LinkedIn’s official website:

Step-2 Click on Join Now and select Email id and Password. And click on Agree & Join. You can also sign up with your Google gmail account.

Step-3 Now enter your name and complete all your verification steps. Then select the country and city or the district.

Step-4 If you are a student then you click on the student. Most Recent Job Title – That is, if you are an Executive, Agent, Manager, Intern, or any post. You can select by typing here.

Step-5 After filling all these details a verification code will come on your email ID. Then you have to enter the code here for verification purposes.

Step-6 After entering it, you will be asked some basic questions like you are currently doing job search, searching for a connection etc.

Step-7 Now upload a professional photo of yourself. Your photo should be professional. That is, you are wearing formal clothes. And try to look at the way passport style photos are taken.

Step-8 Now you have to select the country here and enter your mobile number. After all these steps are over, you can leave some steps for now. Now create your LinkedIn Profile link.

Step-9 To create a LinkedIn Profile Link, open your profile. You can fill all your details by clicking on Edit public profile & link. From here you must add your name in your profile link.

Your account is now ready to be created and you customise it now. This will make your LinkedIn account useful to you and other professionals to join you.

(How to search job from linkedin?)

Advantages Of Having A Linkedin Account.

1. Professional Impression-

If an employer needs to know about you then your linkedin profile is checked. So make a linkedin profile as your nice impression. Example – you do it. Send your resumes to a company, they love your resumes and check your linkedin profile if they want to know more about you, to know more about your professional and educational background.

2. Online Image-

A Linkedin profile is built online to build your professional image that shows how you are foreign, which you follow, which group members are, between you and the hiring manager.

Whether there are common connections. A Linkedin profile creates your identity for your potential employer.

3. Networking-

Linkedin, a social media networking site on which you create an account, leading all companies and being able to connect to the sessions. And connections can cause you too much extension for your career.

4. Reliability-

Linkedin gives you a tool that you can request to other users for recommendations (linkedin user) and post recommendations for them as well. The recommendations of your past recommendations or recommendations of decisions enlarge your online decisions (reliability). When any recommendations are seen on your linkedin profile, it is likely to have a positive effect.

5. Online Groups and Discussions-

On LinkedIn, you can use your skills and industry to join groups and discussions. Joining such groups and disks increases your professional experiences and opens doors of opportunities.

6- Built a Brand-

Often we use Facebook and Twitter to promote anything. But LinkedIn can also help you a lot in brand building. With the help of LinkedIn, many other companies can get to know your brand.

(How to search job from linkedin?)

Disadvantages Of Having A Linkedin Account.

Right now we have learned about the advantages of using LinkedIn, do you know that there are also some disadvantages with the use of this social media, then you can see below.

1- It is a time taking process. If you want to build your professional network here, then it takes a lot of time for that.

2- If you want to use its advanced version, then you have to pay for it.

3- It can take you a long time to learn how to run LinkedIn properly.

4-This platform constantly changes its algorithms. If you want to work on it continuously, then you have to keep changing it accordingly.

5- Because your personal information is recorded on this platform. Therefore, there is a risk of leaking your personal information from here.

(How to search job from linkedin?)

Frequently Asked Questions-

What Is A LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn premium is a feature by which you can pay some money per month to use such features which are not available to common users.
Such as: viewing 0profile visitors, being able to direct message anyone, doing online courses, and more.

Who Developed LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was co-founded by Reid Hoffman, the former executive vice president of business and corporate development at PayPal.
Launched in May 2003, the site now has more than 300 million members from 200 countries representing 170 industries.

What Is The Use Of LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn Marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to generate leads, increase brand awareness, increase website traffic, and connect with professionals.
In today’s time, LinkedIn marketing is being used by almost all marketers and they are also making a professional connection with it.

What Is The LinkedIn Service?

LinkedIn is not a word but a name of a social media networking platform. It is a professional networking platform which was launched on 5 May 2003.

What Are The Main Features Of LinkedIn?

This is located on the left side of your homepage. Click on your profile avatar and it will reveal your name, photo, skills, education, location, occupation and more. My Network: This displays your professional network, a list of professionals you are connected to on LinkedIn.

How To Make Money With LinkedIn?

With the LinkedIn, you can earn money by personal branding, by growing your business, by posting videos, by posting an article and by selling your service.

What Is A LinkedIn Profile Link?

This is a link to your LinkedIn account, which you can share and when someone clicks on that link, your LinkedIn profile is visible to them.


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