How To Change Google Pay Name?

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How To Change Google Pay Name?

How To Change Google Pay Name

Google Pay name change friends, who does not use Google Pay in today’s time, so all of you know how to send money from one account to another with Google Pay and go for fast payment and google pay is a Google’s product.

That’s why it is believed a lot, friends, when we create an account for google pay and login by entering our mobile number and our gmail id, then the username of our google pay account remains the same as that of our gmail id.

How to change if we want to change the user name or name of your Google pay account. In this post today, we’ll tell you how to change your Google pay account name.

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How To Change Google Pay Name? (In 2022)

Friends, there are plenty of ways to change google pay name, but today I’m going to show you the easiest way in this post, which will allow you to easily change your account username or name in Google pay within a few seconds, and you won’t need to enter any type of password.

What happens to friends when we change the account username in the Google Pay using the another way, then you’ll need to verify your phone number with the password of your gmail id.

What happens is that sometimes we don’t have an otp on our mobile number, and in many cases, we have to forget the password of our gmail and for this reason you have to change the password of your gmail id.

So that all procedures are processed long enough, and it is easy to change the username of your Google Pay account. Let’s know how to change the name of the account in Google Pay.

(How To Change Google Pay Name?)

What Is Google Pay?

Google Tez app which is now known as Google Pay currently is an app that works on UPI payments. Can help you shop online or do other kinds of things. Google Pay (Tez) is malfunctioning from another function. Anything available in the app.

This is the first such app in India. Here, the publishing functionality is also provided with the UPI service. Google Pay app is a hybrid online payment app that combines all the features of Paytm wallet app with other payment methods like Flipkart mobile.You will also have the opportunity to make money on Google by adding more and more people.. How you can also get an option through this app.

(How To Change Google Pay Name?)

Notice these things before changing your name in Google Pay.

Before changing the account username on your Google you must keep a few things in mind. One important thing is that your date of birth must be right.

And which mobile number connected your gmail id you must have mobile number is activated. Also you must know your gmail id password many times it is very necessary for this going to be very necessary such these.

Guys this is the way We are going to tell inside it. If you have any mobile company phone then all. In practice, you don’t need to change anything else.

(How To Change Google Pay Name?)

Direct Way To Change Name In Google Pay App

Friends, we need to change the name in our Google Pay App for some reason, like we send payment to someone through Google Pay app and after sending payment through Google Pay app, to whomever the payment goes.

If you get a wrong name or you do not want that name, then you can change the name inside Google Pay app, to change the name, then staying here we are telling you about changing your name in Google pay app with very simple and easy steps.

Step-1 First of all, open the Gmail app on your mobile phone.

Step-2 After opening the Gmail app, open that email ID inside Gmail, which Gmail ID is associated with your Google Pay app, on which Gmail ID receives payment information through Google Pay app, so that you are logged into Google Pay App.

Step-3 After the Gmail ID login, click on the profile icon of the Gmail ID, click on the profile icon, a popup will appear in front of you now click on “Manage Your Google Account”.

Step-4 After doing “Manage Your Google Account, many functions related to it will open in which you will see the option “Personal Info”, then click on it.

Step-5 After clicking “Personal Info”, you will see the “Name” option below, in which you will have the name that Google Pay app has entered, if you want to change it, then you click on it.

Step-6 After clicking on the name, two options will appear in front of you, first First Name and Second Last Name, you enter your First Name in First Name and Last Name in Last Name and then click on the “Save” function given.

Step-7 Clicking on theSaveits function will automatically change your name inside the Google Pay application.

Now you have to logout of Google Pay App and login after logging out, only after login you will get the name change in your Google Pay app account.The name change will be found in the account of Google Pay App.

Please Note – After logging out of Google Pay App, the bank gets unverified inside Google Pay app, so if you login after logging out, then add all the banks inside Google Pay app must be verified to add again.

(How To Change Google Pay Name?)

Indirect Way To Change Name In Google Pay App

This is another way to change your name in google pay app, this way can be some different and you may have to lose your few data on google pay through this way. So now let’s know about this procedure to change the name in google pay app.

Step-1 First of all, you have to delete your old Google Pay app and download the new Google Pay App. If you do not want to delete Google Pay, then you have to clear its data through the app info.

Step-2 After that you have to create a new Google Gmail account. Remember, you have to create a Gmail account of the same name that you want to keep on Google Pay.

Step-3 For this, you can create a new Gmail account by going to Google and opening the Gmail website or you can create a new Gmail account from the Gmail app present in your phone. For this, open the Gmail app and then click on the profile icon.

Step-4 Then you have to click on Add Another Account option to create your new Gmail account.

Step-5 After creating an account on Google, then you have to open the Google Pay app on your smartphone again.

Step-6 Then enter your mobile number, after that you have to select your Google account under Choose Your Account. You have to select the same Google account that you want to name on Google Pay app.

Step-7 Then the OTP will come, it will be verified automatically and the page of secure google pay will open, then you have to keep your Google pay lock there.

Step-8 By doing this, your name will be changed on Google Pay. Then add your Google Pay Bank Account again, then create your Google UPI Id and change your UPI Pin to Google Pay, then your Google Pay account will be activated properly like before.

How Can I Create A UPI Pin Without Using Any Debit Card?

Generate UPI Pin without ATM Card like this.

  • You have to open the Digital Payment Apps app, after that you have to come to the home page.
  • Here you have to click on the link Account option.
  • You will have to enter the complete details of your bank here.
  • Now you have to do Aadhar OTP verification which will generate your PIN without an ATM card.

(How To Change Google Pay Name?)

Frequently Asked Questions-

How Much Money Can I Send From Google At Once?

You can send up to Rs 1 lakh in a day using the Google Pay. According to NPCI rules and regulation maximum 10 UPI transactions you can be done in a single day. You cannot request money from others more than Rs 2000 in one day through this app. In addition to Google Pay’s own remittance limits, and also there are some bank limits.

What Is The Customer Care Number On Google?

Calling Google Pay India customer care number for any information or complaint. Google pay customer care centre can be called on this toll free number: 1800-419-0157.

How To Change Usernames On Google Pay?

You have to select the same Google account that you want to name on Google Pay. Then the OTP will come, verify it and the page of secure google pay will open, keep your Google pay lock there. By doing this, your name will be changed on Google Pay.

Why is the money not going to Google pay?

Check that both have internet connection. Remember that the amount should be in the account you sent the money from. Your payment account details should not be out of date. If your are facing a problem of sending money with a mobile number then you can also try to send money that person through their Google pay’s QR code.

How To Add A Mobile Number In A Bank Account Online?

First of all, go to your bank’s ATM machine, after that you have to apply the ATM card, after that you have to click on the option of registration, after that you have to enter the ATM PIN, now you have to click on Mobile Number Registration, after that the button in front of new registration then you have to click on it, after all you will have to insert your active mobile number again.

How To Increase The UPI Limit?

If you have more than one bank account then your daily transaction limit increases. Linking all bank accounts with the same mobile number does not make any difference. For example, if you have 4 bank accounts, then you can send money 40 times a day for every bank account 10 transactions.

(How To Change Google Pay Name?)


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