What is GB whatsapp? How to download GB whatsapp?

Many people are curious about the GB WhatsApp app. Because the GB WhatsApp app is the apk version of the original WhatsApp. We can also call it the mode version.

People mostly use GB whatsapp because in this apk you get to see more features than normal whatsapp. In this, you get to see a lot of advance features.

So let’s not waste time in today’s article “how to download GB whatsapp“.

What is GB Whats App? How To Download GB WhatsApp?

What is GB whatsapp? How to download GB whatsapp?

If you also want to get complete information about GB whatsapp, then you will read this article completely. In this article I will give you what is GB whatsapp? How to download GB whatsapp? How to create account on GB whatsapp? I will give you complete information.

If you want to download GB whatsapp from google play store then you will not be able to. To download GB whatsapp, you will have to use a third party website. In this article today, I have told you the whole step-by-step about it.

What is GB whatsapp?

GB whatsapp is a messaging app just like normal whatsapp. In which you can give others text, video, documents, photo, etc. can send. But in this you get to see much more advanced features than normal whatsapp.

Like the same GB whatsapp, FM whatsapp is also whatsapp’s mod. In my previous article I have told about FM whatsapp in full detail. In GB whatsapp, you get to see advance features even more than FM whatsapp.

This app is the mode version of the original whatsapp. Which Mr.Omar developed this app.

How to Download GB whatsapp?


This is an illegal app. So this app is not available on google play store and app store. You can`t download it from google play store.

I warn you in advance that this is a mode apk. Therefore, the data of your mobile can be damaged. So download this GB whatsapp apk at your own risk.

If you still want to download this app. So download from a trusty third party website only. Follow the steps below to download GB whatsapp carefully.

Step 1. To download GB whatsapp, you open any web browser in your device and search GB whatsapp apk download on google.

Step 2. After this you have to visit the androidapksfree website on the first or second number.

Step 3. After this, click on the option of download apk. Now I will ask for your permission. Now click on “ok” option.

After this process your GB whatasapp apk will be downloaded successfully.

How to install GB whatsapp in smartphone?

The process of installing is easiest. But some people do not have any apk file installed in mobile. This happens because the setting remains off in their mobile.

If there is no external apk file installed in your mobile, then you go to your mobile setting, and then click on the security option and enable unknown sources.

To install GB whatsapp, click on the downloaded apk file and click on install. After this GB app will be installed.

What is the features of GB whatsapp?

Broadcast: – We can add up to 250 contacts in a broadcast in the normal whatsapp app. And you can add up to 500 contacts in FM whatsapp. And while the same we can add up to 600 contacts in a broadcast in GB whatsapp.

Hide Blue Tick : – Although this feature you can see in normal whatsapp that we can hide blue tick.

Change Color Theme: – In this app you get to see a lot of themes. Which you can download and apply. And we only get to see the white theme in the original whatsapp.

Lock: – I liked this features very much. You do not need an external app to lock it. You get to see the features of in-build lock in it.

Send Images: – You can send 30 images at a time with the help of this app.

Edit Image Before Sending: – Before you send any image to anyone, you can edit the images.

And with this, you get to see many more advance setting.

Benefit Of GB Whatsapp

If we talk about the benefits of GB apk then it has many benefits. Let us know some of their important benefits one by one.

● The first benefit of our list is that we can customize this app as we like, theme, color, notification, messages, etc. of this app.

● In this app you get to see lock features, with the help of which you can keep the incoming secret chats safe and secure.

● You can write a status of only 139 words in a normal app, whereas in this GB whatsapp, you can enter a status of up to 250 words. Which is very nice

● In this, you can share 90 images at a time.

● You can easily share large size images, files, documents in it.

Disadvantage Of GB Whatsapp

It is not that GB is the only advantage of Whatsapp. It also has some major disadvantages. Let us also know about them.

● It does not follow the policy of you play and app store, so it is banned on the play store. You can download it only from the third party app. Therefore it is not a safe application.

● This app is not safe. So with the help of this app our smartphone can attack virus, malware.

Some FAQs

GB whatsapp is safe?

GB whatsapp is a mod application of the original whatsapp. This is an illegal app. It can spread virus in your device. GB whatsapp is not a safe application.

Who is the founder of GB whatsapp?

Mr.Omar is the founder of GB Whatsapp

How to exit GB whatsapp?

Firstly you need to clear your all data of GB apk file, and after that uninstall it.


In this article, I have shared the complete information about GB whatsapp. This app is not available on the googe play store. So to download it, you have to take help of third party website. This app is not safe, it can also harm your data.

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