New Android Apps February 2023 – Best Apps

Hi guys, Today we are going to talk about Top New Android Apps February 2023 which will be very useful for all of you.

All these apps are brand new and the best thing is that all apps can be downloaded for free from Play Store.

New Android Apps February 2023

New Android Apps February 2023

Mark App:

Mark App: This App can be very useful for all of you. If you take a screenshot in your smartphone for some time and forget to delete it, due to which the storage of your smartphone also gets full quickly, then this app will helping you.

After downloading this app, whenever you take a screenshot, that screenshot will be automatically deleted from your phone after 1 minute, you can change the time period you want, you can change from 1 minute to 10 minutes 20 Can also do minutes or 1 hour, after that the time screenshot will be removed automatically.


Screenie App:

Screenie App: Within this app you get a lot of screen customizations, you also get a backup that you can download and easily apply that screen to your phone.

In this app, you are given a link to download the icon pack and widget. Apart from this, you also get the option of profile, backup download, so that you can easily do some such customization in the home screen of your smartphone, which are designed in this app.

In this app you get a lot of categories like Amoled, Anime, ColorFul, KLWP, Minimal, Random, Superheros, Zooper. If you like to many customization in your phone so must try it.



PutMask: With this app you can hide the face of any person in any video, like if you have made a video and there is someone in that video whose face you want to hide, then with the help of this app you can hide it Face.

A blurring effect will come on his face and it is very easy to do this, with the help of this app, just upload that video in this app and click on face tracking, then select the face you want to hide. Now this app will scan that face in the entire video and the face will be hidden automatically.


Visual Timer App:

Visual Timer App: This is a timer which is a slightly different and new timer app for the new era. Although the timer will also be in your smartphone and many such apps will also be found in the Play Store, but it is a visual timer and its interface is also quite easy.

In this you can also enable digital timer, that is, you will see both visual timer and digital timer in the screen. You can also apply only in seconds or minutes. The special feature of this app is that its interface is very easy, it is also easy to use and in this you get a lot of settings and customization.


MiniReview App:

MiniReview App: This app will be liked by those who like to play different types of games. Actually, in this app you will get to see all kinds of games which are based on the user’s rating.

In this app, users rate the game. You can also watch the gameplay and see if the game is free or a tree. And in this app, a link is given to download it from the Play Store. Games that you are not aware of will also be found in this app and before downloading, you can get complete information about that game and can also see the user experience before downloading.

Many times you spend your data and download the game from the play store, but after downloading it, you find that the game is very useless, so both your time and data become useless. But this app will not let it happen, so also try it.


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