What Is Clubhouse App? | How To Download Clubhouse On Android Or iPhone In 2023?

What is Clubhouse App? How to Download Clubhouse App? How does the Clubhouse app do? What do you see in the clubhouse app?

If you have Social Media’s crazy then you must definitely be heard in this app. At this time this clubhouse app is quite discussed. That’s because the owner of Tesla Company just because Elon Musk had tweeted in the app bar. So this app is still in discussion.

How To Download Clubhouse On Android Or iPhone in 2023

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Just some time ago Elon Musk had told that SIGNAL app had more secure than whatsApp. And later tweet it is also a secure messaging app. After this the app began to install all the people.

This app is not a new app. This is a year old application. This last year was launch in April 2020. The first this app was only available only for iOS Device. At the moment, early 20 May 2023 was published on Google Play Store for Android Platform.

What Is Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse App is a Voice Chatting App. Which we are also known by the name of Podcast. This app was only launched to April 2020 a year ago. But it was not popular at that time.

download clubhouse app
Clubhouse App

This is a Social Media Application. You can send people Text Message, Video, Audio, File on Social Platform (such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, ETC.).

But it does not get all the features you see in the Clubhouse app. On the Clubhouse app you can only chat voice. You can send a second to Audio and listen to Audio.

Features of Clubhouse App

  • The way we follow people on the Instagram Twitter, exactly the same type we can also follow people on the clubhouse app.
  • In this app also get the features of the invite, with the help of which someone can make the Family account on this.
  • In this clubhouse app you can make Voice Meeting with each other by create Room.
  • If you are someone of Room then you can make anyone in that room. You can be join in any room with the help of Request.

For this it will just accept you request. As soon as the Request Accept you will become a member of that room.

  • Can listen to the things of large business on the clubhouse app. For this, you must be the member of that ROOM.
  • To make Room, you meet Open, Social, closed three option.

How To Download Clubhouse App on Android?

First it was not available for the app Android. But 20 May has been officially downloaded to Android Platform. In just one week it has download more than 14 Lakh from Google Play Store.

And its rating on Google Play Store is 4.4 Star. So you must have knew it from rating that this app is how genuine and trusty.

Clubhouse App You can download from Google Play Store in your Android Smartphone. For this, search the clubhouse on the Play Store. After this you can download the CLUBHOUSE APP.

How To Download Clubhouse App on iPhone?

Open the App Store to download the clubhouse app into the iPhone. And search the “Clubhouse App” in search bar. After this, download the first number application.

How To Use Clubhouse App?

It is very easy to download Clubhouse app. You can not even make it account in this app by downloading it.

Because to create Account in this app, you have a very important invitation link to the Active Member of a clubhouse app.

If you have an active member of the Club-House app then you can only invite 2 people from Account. One people will not be able to invite more two people.

During a meeting, CEO of the Clubhouse App said that we will increase to number of invitation in the coming time.

How To Change Username On Clubhouse?

This is very easy way to change username on clubhouse. But before change username on clubhouse remember that you can only one time change username on clubhouse. So check carefully your username before updating.

Step 1. Open clubhouse app on your mobile.

Step 2. And click on your profile. Now click on username.

Step 3. Now your will be able to change username on clubhouse app. After changing username click on update option.

By following these steps you can change username of clubhouse account.

How To Delete Clubhouse Account Permanently?

Step 1. First of all login to the clubhouse app for the account you want to download.

Step 2. After this you click on your profile.

Step 3. Now you click on the setting gear on the right side corner.

Step 4. After this you will see the option of account, click on that option.

Step 5. At the bottom you will get a Deactivate account option. Click on Deactivate Account.

Some FAQs

Who is owner of Clubhouse App?

The owner of the Clubhouse App is Rohan Seth and Paul Devison. It was launch in April 2020.

Is clubhouse app SAFE?

So far, have we learned that what is the clubhouse app? How does the Clubhouse app work? How to Download Clubhouse App? Now everyone wants to know that is the clubhouse app SAFE? Somewhere Clubhouse App is not leak to your Data?

Friends This is the Clubhouse app is a Safe and Secure App. It can use anybody. Just like whatsapp has to get to see End End Encrypted Features. In this your message can only see the same you and what you are sending. No other third person can see your message.

How is Clubhouse App Different from Other Apps?

In this app you can only send Audio Message. Apart from Audio Message you can not share a text, video, documents.

Why does not everyone can use this app?

This app can use the same people. Any active member of the clubhouse app will invite him. No one of the invitation can use this app.

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