Top 20 Features Of WhatsApp Launched In 2023, WhatsApp Features 2023

Friends, today we are going to talk about Top 20 Features Of WhatsApp Launched In 2023. and WhatsApp Features 2023.

WhatsApp received many big updates and WhatsApp has also added amazing new features.

Top 20 Features Of WhatsApp Launched In 2023

Whatsapp top 20 features 2020

So today I will tell about Top 20 Big WhatsApp Features which were launched in 2023.

Many of these features are very popular and many features are hidden. And some WhatsApp features 2023 will be come.

1 Disappearing Messages Feature

WhatsApp has launched another big bang feature in 2023 called WhatsApp Disappearing Messages. With the help of this feature, you can put a timer on the sent message, after which the message will be automatically deleted along with your WhatsApp.

All you have to do is open that chat. You want to turn on WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature, then go to that chat’s profile. After that you will see WhatsApp Disappearing Messages here, click on it and turn it on. After you turn on, both the messages you send and the messages received will be deleted automatically after 7 days.

What is WhatsApp Disppearing Message

2 Wallpaper Preview

Previously, when you applied wallpaper to any chat or group, you did not get a preview before applying the wallpaper. But in the 2023 update, the wallpaper preview feature has been added.

Now you can put wallpaper in any group or any chat, see preview before applying wallpaper.

3 Notification Ring

Until a few days ago, the notification tone and voice call / video call ring for receiving messages in WhatsApp were the same and not much. But in 2023 it was also updated and some new ringtones were added, and message received also ringtone was added.

But the special thing is that now when you receive the message, many tones will automatically play different tones on different messages. In this way, a different different ring will ring on the WhatsApp incoming call.

4 WhatsApp Use Less data For Calls

WhatsApp previously had a feature called Low Data Use. At the bottom of the data and storage was a section called Call Settings, which had a low data usage feature, if you checked the box, that is, if you ticked the box, your data use less in WhatsApp calling.

But at the end of 2023, WhatsApp changed this feature to a new update, now you get this feature up in the new layout of Data And Storage and replaced the Low Data Storage feature with Use Less data For Calls. That work is the same, only the name has been changed.

Top 20 Features Of WhatsApp Launched In 2023

5 Link Multiple Device Feature

Now you can use WhatsApp in desktop with the help of WhatsApp web feature, or you can use it in mobile with the help of thirt party app.

But with the upcoming Feature Link Multiple Device feature of 2023, you can run WhatsApp on different devices at the same time. For this, the all device has to be connected with the help of Link Multiple Device feature. And you will be given the option to logout. and this feature Currently under development, it may be launched soon in December 2023 or 2023 January.

6 WhatsApp Green Dark Theme Desktop

WhatsApp has also provided a lot of useful features with new updates for Android and iOS in 2023. But at the same time it has brought some updates for WhatsApp Desktop, one of which is Dark Theme,

but this dark theme is not like Android and iOS, it is slightly different from them. This little green type WhatsApp has named it green dark theme For Desktop. It has also started getting desktop users.

7 Calls for WhatsApp Desktop

Day by day, the number of Wahstapp calls is increasing and seeing this, WhatsApp is launching the calling feature for the desktop version. And it is named calls for WhatsApp Desktop. Some people have started getting this feature. And in early 2023, everyone will start meeting, Expected.

Top 20 Features Of WhtasApp Launched In 2020, WhatsApp Features 2021

Now you can make Voice call / Video call to anyone on WhatsApp Desktop Version. You can make calls both on Android and iOS from WhatsApp desktop.

8 WhatsApp Room Feature

Due to Covid-19, all companies had to launch the Video Call Conferencing App. during that time Facebook launched the Messanger Room feature on Facebook Messanger. But a few days later this feature was added to WhatsApp and Instagram under the name of Room.

The WhatsApp Room is the Messanger Room and is the same thing. The advantage of this is, if you want to make office meeting or online class, you can invite people by creating a room from Facebook Messanger or Instagram or WhatsApp.

There is no need of any kind of Id to join Room, just click on the Invitation link and enter your name and join Room for Group Video Call. And 50 people can join together in it.

9 WhatsApp QR Code

WahstApp launched QR Code feature in 2023. You will see this feature in your profile near your name and Dp. With the help of this QR Code, you can have a direct chat without sharing the number.

Actually, when someone asks for your WhatsApp number, then you can take his mobile and open Whatsapp and scan this QR Code and connect it to his WhatsApp. Or if you have a shop or website, then you can print out this QR Code of your WhatsApp, put it on the shop or put it on the website, which can be scanned and anyone can contact you on WhatsApp.

Top 20 Features Of WhatsApp Launched In 2023

10 WhatsApp Custom Wallpapers

First you used to put wallpaper in one chat or group in WhatsApp, then that wallpaper used to be in all chats and all groups.

This feature was rolled out in the late 2023 WhatsApp customized wallpaper. Now in the same way, if you apply wallpaper to any chat or group, you will see more options than before for this chat and all chat in dark theme / light theme. This means that now you can put different wallpapers in different groups in different chats of your choice.

11 WhatsApp New Storage Management

Earlier, in WhatsApp, the section of Data and Storage was very simple and information was not available in many details, like which file has surrounded most of the space in the phone.

But in 2023, the WhatsApp Data And Storage section has been changed and a section of Manage Storage has also been given in it, now you can know in more details how big files are in your WahstApp which are taking up space in your phone. And you can delete them.

12 WhatsApp Payment Feature

WhatsApp had been working on this feature for a very long time since around 2019 and had also launched this feature in some Beta Version, but due to some security reasons, WhatsApp Payment did not get green signal in India and many countries.

But in 2023, this feature started getting green signal in other countries and started rolling out WhatsApp Payment Feature. But even then it was a bit difficult in India, the NPCI i.e. National Payments Corporation of India delayed the approval of WhatsApp Payment Feature.

And finally in November 2023, WhatsApp Payment Feature started to roll out in India too. Now you can easily make payments through UPI on WhatsApp too.

13 Group Video Call Limit Increase

With the beginning of 2023, Covid-19 created a furore in the whole world as well as in India, after which the number of Work from Home increased and video conference meetings started and also started study on video calls, so group video calls Demand increased.

After that, many companies started launching video call conference apps and the group vodo call limit in the existing video calling app started increasing. In view of this, WhatsApp also increased the limit of group video calls from 4 to 8 In 2023, now 8 members can be added to WhatsApp group video calls.

14 WhatsApp Animated Stickers

The feature of stickers in WhatsApp was launched a long time ago in 2019, after which the user’s fun in WhatsApp chat increased. But there was a shortage that there was no animated sticker.

But WhatsApp has also started adding animated stickers in WhatsApp with new updates in 2023.

Top 20 Features Of WhatsApp Launched In 2023

15 WhatsApp Dark Wallpapers

Recently WhatsApp has added some Dark Wallpaper for Dark Theme as well as changed the layout of WhatsApp Wallpapers. Now you will see 4 categories of wallpapers in the layout of WhatsApp Wallpaper Bright, Dark, Solid Colors, and My Photos. And new wallpapers have also been added as before.

16 WhatsApp Mute Any Chat

This feature is called Mute Notification in WhatsApp, which was already present. When you mute any chat or group with the help of this feature, only the option of 8 Hours and 1 Week was available.

But recently, this feature got a new update, after which the option of Always started appearing in this feature. Now you can mute any chat or group for 8 Hours or 1 Week or Always.

17 WhatsApp Status Hide Always

Previously, when your friends put the status in WhatsApp, you were mute their status, after which the status of that friend would be hidden, but when that friend applied new status, then that status was start appearing automatically.

But in 2023, WhatsApp updated this feature, after which you hide the WhatsApp status of anyone, till then you do not unmute the person’s WhatsApp status. As long as it remains hidden.

18 WhatsApp Advance Search

With the help of WhatsApp advanced search feature, you can easily find messages or photos, videos, audio, GIFs, links, and documents made in any chat, by date or by category.

WhatsApp advanced search feature, you will see a search icon at the top in the home page of WhatsApp, on which categories will be shown as soon as you click.

19 Many Time Forawrded Messages

In 2023, fake messgae was being very forwarded, in such a way, WhatsApp launched Many Time Forwarded Messages Feature.

When a message is forwarded many times, a double arrow appears on that message, it is a bit old, but a search icon appears near’s that message, clicking on this icon, you can search that message on Google direct. And it can be known whether this message is fake or genuine. Soon this feature will also appear in many time forwarded images.

20 WhatsApp Dark Theme

The biggest update of 2023 in WhatsApp was Dark Theme, which was long awaited. After the launch of WhatsApp Dark Theme, a lot of changes were made to it, which many people are unaware of, such as Android had Dark Theme, Light Theme, and Battery Saver.

After turning on the battery saver mode, the dark theme applied automatically when your smartphone’s battery was down. But a few days later in 2023, the battery saver feature was removed.

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