5 Best Unknown Android Apps 2023 – Illegal Apps

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you 5 Unknown Android Apps which are old but old is gold, similarly it is also gold and is very useful.

So let’s know which applications are in today’s list that are going to make your everyday life very easy.

5 Best Unknown Android Apps 2023

Screen Lock -TimePassword App

Screen Lock -TimePassword App:

With the help of this app, you can change the normal screen lock of your smartphone and apply different types of advanced and smart locks.

Here Security Type is found where you can make Current Time your password, such as PIN + Current Time, PIN + Hour, PIN + Minute, PIN Omly, PIN + Day, thus you can create a password.

This app will be more useful for those who have children at home or those who keep changing the password of their smartphone again and again, after installing this app, you will not need to change the password yourself because this app is automatic Time To Time , Day To Day will continue to change.

And in this app you also get Vault where you can keep your private photos and videos hidden.


Narrator`s Voice App:

Narrator`s Voice App

This app will be very useful for those who want to convert from text to voice and voice to text. The special feature of this app is that here you can convert text from any image and from PDF, Doc File (txt).

And you can listen to those voices and you can send that voice to anyone else. Apart from this, there is also a lot of language available here and you can also select it according to your own because there are a lot of voice effects and voice models available here, and this app works online/offline.


Fake GBS App:

First of all, I will say that I do not know what is the purpose of making this app, but I will definitely say that this app is very useful. With the help of this app you can change your GPS location, that is, you can show a fake location to anyone.

Fake GBS App

All you need to do is to set up this app, go to the >settings, of the phone then >developer option, and click on Select mock location app, then select Fake GBS App.

Now after that you can pin any location of the whole world and people will see the same location that you have pinned. Even if you share live location to someone, the fake location will still be visible.


WardenCam App:

This app is also very useful, with the help of this app you can make any of your phone a CCTV camera.

WardenCam App

For this you will need two mobiles, install WardenCam App in both, enable Camera Mode in one mobile and Viewer Mode in other mobile, and login with same email id in both mobiles.

After that you go to any corner of the world. And keep your camera mode mobile in a place where it is not visible in your office or bedroom. After that you can control your camera from your other phone and can also do recording.

And Motion Detection also gets the feature, if anyone comes out from the front of the camera, then their video will be sent to you immediately. Apart from this, the option of Cloud is also available, Google Drive and Dropbox will continue to have automatic recording cloud.


Anti Theft App:

In this one application you get many features and tools with the help of which you can keep your phone safe from outside people. As the name itself suggests, Anti Theft App. Pocket mode, and charger mode tools are available in this application.

Anti Theft App

By enabling Pocket Mode, if you go out somewhere, and a person tries to remove the mobile from your pocket, a loud alarm will sound, and the alarm will remain until you enter the secret PIN.

In this way the charging mode tool is available, as soon as you put the phone on charging and enable this feature, after that if someone removes your phone from charging behind you then a loud alarm will sound, which will be turned off A secret PIN is required.

In the same way, many features are found, such as when someone behind you tries to open the pattern of your smartphone, the alarm will still ring and will take a picture of that person and send it to your mail.


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