What Is OTT Platform | OTT Full Form In English

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OTT Full Form In English | What Is OTT Platform

What Is OTT Platform | OTT Full Form In English

Currently, you all know this very well that internet service has totally changed people’s attitudes and made changes in their living daily lifestyles.

Maybe you know this, modern technology and internet facilities have brought changes into people’s daily lifestyles.

And that one of the most important facility of the internet and technology provides which name is OTT ( Over The Top ) platforms.

Today OTT platforms are going to get more popularity of peoples and it has changed the whole entertainment experiences of people also.

Peoples are like this OTT platform’s features and they are using it to keep enjoying streaming or watching their favourite films and web shows.

Importance of the OTT platforms?

We told you that due to the biggest popularity of OTT platforms, mostly more movies and web series are going to be released on these platforms.

Because due to OTT service you can watch any movies or web series on your smartphone while sitting at home simply.

But in India there are more people available who do not know anything about this service and also they do not have any ideas of it related to how they can use OTT platforms.

So please stay here and read the full article because here we are going to tell you everything that you can use OTT platforms to get more types of entertainment.

OTT Full Form ( OTT platforms Meaning)

Actually “Over The Top” is the full name of OTT. Let us tell you that whichever media content like movies, web series, shows, comedies, etc are available on OTT platforms, it is streamed online by the internet facility.

OTT platforms are used for Video on Demand also. You will be shocked to know this, the OTT service ( Online Video Streaming) is growing rapidly in the world day by day.

In India, OTT platform users are liking this type of service and according to sources OTT platform service will be most usable for entertainment by the people in the future.

What Is OTT Platform?

We tell you that, whichever media content you are streaming or watching OTT platforms, that it is provided to you through an application.

In India, there are too many OTT applications available which provide you to stream or watch amazing movies, web series, shows, comedies, etc in every week.

Few OTT apps got famous and became popular by providing their best amazing type of media content.

At the OTT platform the streamer has got every type of genre content that makes them satisfied.

Which OTT Platform Is Best?

As we tell you already, few OTT apps have got famous and popular by their providing amazing media content.

So now here we are telling you about a few main OTT apps names which are really good and number one in the marketplace in India.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Soni Liv
  • Alt Balaji
  • Disney Plus Hotstar

Advantages of OTT platform?

There can be more benefits of having an OTT platform service, here we are going to tell you a few benefits of having an OTT platform service.

if you haven’t tried OTT service then maybe its benefits can win your heart to try it once. So please read all the advantages of OTTs services.

  • OTT platforms always provide an original media content like films, web series, documentaries, which any other platform does not provide availability you like of these services.
  • If you want to watch your favourite films, web series then you need just a smartphone device and a subscription of any OTTs platform service.
  • You can even download your favourite shows, movies, web series, to watch or stream them later.
  • This special service provides you high quality content at the minimum cost of rupees, but generally if you setup the TV and set top box then its every month’s charges are too expensive than taking a subscription of any OTTs service.
  • OTTs platform provides you streaming or watching their media content without continually and you will not get any types of advertisement.
  • As we told you before that, OTTs services are based on the internet. So you use it into your android television to stream their media content.

Types of OTT Services?

According to people’s usage, OTT companies are divided into 3 types of services. Which can be  availed based on the people’s usage.

1. Transactional Video on Demand-

In this OTT special service, you can watch or stream any movies, TV shows, only once a time by taking rent or purchasing it.

2. Subscription Video on Demand-

In this OTT special service, you need to take a subscription to it for streaming their media content. We tell you this service provides the best and original contents to their subscribers.

3. Advertising Video on Demand-

In this OTT special service, you can have to face a few types of ads during streaming your movies or web series. Because this provides all media content absolutely free to their user. MX Player OTT platform is the best example for it.

When OTT services were launched?

According to a few sources OTT Service were born for the first time in 2008, you will be glad to know this, Reliance Entertainment had launched their first OTT service in India that name was BigFlix.

After getting success , two other OTT platforms were launched in the market that name was Ditto TV now known as (ZEE5) and Soni Liv.

Nowadays, we do not need to tell anything about the OTTs platform, there are few OTT platforms which provide only adult shows. Example- Ullu, Rabbit, Alt Balaji, and more.

OTT Platform Vs Television, What can be differences?

All things are good in their own right, so here we are going to tell you a few differences between OTTs and Traditional platforms. Please keep reading till the end.

This information will help you anywhere.

  • OTT Platform- At this platform you will get absolutely original based content.

Traditional Platform- This platform provides you ancient and imaginary based content.

  • OTT Platform- At this platform you can watch any web series or movies using the internet facility anytime and anywhere.

Traditional Platform- You need another device like DTH, DVD, TV for watching any type of content.

  • OTT Platform- You don’t need for wait to watch any programs.

Traditional Platform- Whereas this platform does not provide a type of OTTs service.

India’s most popular top rated OTT platforms.

Here are going to tell you best and top rated OTTs platforms, which features and interfaces will be like you, and we are sure that you must take a subscription of one platform among the all OTT platforms.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5, Soni Liv, Disney Plus Hotstar, Voot Select, Jio Cinema,

Eros Now, Alt Balaji, Ullu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do OTT Platforms Earn Money?

It is simple that, OTT platform needs a big deal of payment for movies and web shows. OTT platforms have made a proper payment to the director of which movie it buys.

Where can we get to watch Pushpa movies?

After the success of Pushpa movie, it is going to release on 7th of january 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. In fact you can stream or watch Pushpa movies on Amazon Prime Video OTT platform. It is available in 5 languages on Amazon Prime Video OTT platform.

Where can we watch or stream free movies or web series?

MX Player OTT platforms provide free media content like movies or web shows streaming rights to their users, but they have faced too many ads while watching or streaming movies or web shows on MX Player.

How many ott platforms are there in india?

We tell you that currently near about 40 providers of over the top (OTT) service are running in India which is the biggest thing, it is running or streaming through the internet facility.

How to stream or watch movies or web series on an OTT platform?

Every week many movies and web shows are released on the OTT platform, if you want to stream or watch any movies then you need to take a mini subscription of their fixed amount. One months Netflix subscription charges is Rs. 199, and Amazon Prime Video one months charges is 129+.

Are there available any kinds of OTTs?

Yes, OTTs provide their 3 types of service which should let you know about it.

1. Transactional Video on Demand
2. Subscription Video on Demand
3. Advertising Video on Demand


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