How To Earn Money From CashKaro App In 2023?

Do you know about CashKaro app? What is CashKaro? How does CashKaro work? By the way, everyone likes to shop online at this time. We do small tasks of daily life online such as shopping, online food order, grocery, etc.

Online transaction has to be done while shopping online. At that time this cashkaro app is going to be very useful. If you do any online shopping or transaction with the help of cashkaro app, then you get cashback on every transaction.

Through today’s article, I am going to give you complete information about cashkaro app, what is CashKaro? How does CashKaro app work? How to earn money with CashKaro?

Now you can earn cashback on every shopping with the help of this app. With this you can also save your money by shopping.

How To Earn Money From CashKaro App In 2023?

How to earn money from CashKaro App In 2021?
CashKaro App

What is CashKaro App?

CashKaro is an Indian cashback website. You can also access CashKaro with the help of CashKaro app or CashKaro official website. CashKaro gets funding from Ratan Tata Group.

All the popular e-commerce websites on the Internet such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, AJio, Swiggy, Snapdeal, etc. Apart from this, CashKaro has contact from more than 2200 e-commerce website.

Whenever you go to cashkaro and buy something from these websites, then you get some cashback in return.

This is a trusty website. As soon as you complete Rs.250 in your CashKaro account. Then you can transfer those money to your bank account.

How To Download CashKaro App?

CashKaro app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download this app from google play store and app store. So far this app has been downloaded more than 10 million times from google play store.

If you are an android user then you open google play store in your mobile and search by typing cashkaro in search bar. After that click on install button.

If you are an iOS user, then open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and go to CashKaro page and click on get. Now you can download CashKaro by tabbing on the install button.

If you want to use cashkaro in your laptop / pc, then go to the official website of cashkaro, there you login with the help of your id and password.

How To Create Account On CashKaro?

You can create your account with the help of both website and app of CashKaro. The process of creating an account on both the platforms is exactly the same. I have told you below that “how to register in CashKaro app“.

Step 1. When you open the cashkaro app for the first time, you will first have a video show. The co-founder of Cashkaro will give you information about cashkaro in that video. After reading this article completely, you will not need to watch that video at all. You will see a login / join option in the bottom of that video, click on it.

Step 2. Now you can login by filling your Facebook, Gmail or form, choose the option in whichever way you want to login. After filling the form, click on “get otp”. Now you will be asked for referral code. If you have any referral code then fill it. If not, skip it.

Step 3. Now a 6 digit OTP will come on the number given by you. Verify the OTP. After verifying your account will be successfully created.

How Does CashKaro work?

what is cashkaro app

CashKaro is an Indian website. Which provides cashback to the users. CashKaro will give you cashback only when you shop on any website through this website.

For example, if you want to shop something from flipkart, then you open CashKaro and go to the flipkart website by choosing the flipkart option on this website.

After this, when you shop, you get cashback.

How To Earn Money From CashKaro App?

You can earn money in two ways with CashKaro. If you have a website, youtube or social media page then you can earn more money from CashKaro.

Earn Money From CashKaro From Shopping

By the way, everyone likes to shop online. If you also shop online several times a month, then you can also earn cashback from your shopping.

It’s very easy. First of all you open cashkaro. From whichever online store you want to shop, open it. Like if you want to buy something from amazon, then click on amazon.

After that you will be redirected to the website/app of amazon. Buy whatever you want to do shopping.

We get 5% to 15% cashback at CashKaro. For example, if you shop for any Rs.1000 on amazon, then you get a cashback of Rs.50 to Rs.150.

Similarly, you can promote the products on your social media, website, youtube. And we also get a lot of offers on CashKaro.

Earn Money From Cashkaro From Referral Program

Earning money by referring to CashKaro is the best option. In Refer, you have to share this app, whenever a user creates an account using your referral code, then you get 10% commission for it.

For this you go to CashKaro app and then go to refer program. And copy the link. After that share that link with your friends and on your social media.

How To Transfer Money From CashKaro To Bank Account?

When you get Rs.250 in your CashKaro account then only you can transfer money to your bank account. If you will transfer first time money from CashKaro to bank account, then first you have to link your bank account. For that you follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1. If Rs.250 has been completed in your CashKaro account, then you login to your CashKaro and click on your profile.

Step 2. After this you click on “Request account payment”. Now you will be asked bank details. Fill in the details of the account in which you want to transfer money.

Step 3. Now you will get a “get paid” option. Click on Get Paid.

Step 4. Now OTP will come on your registered mobile number, verify it. Money will come in your bank account in 5-7 working days.

Features Of CashKaro App

CashKaro has many good features. Also, we get a lot of offers on CashKaro. Let us know the features of CashKaro one by one.

  • We will get cashback as many times as we shop with CashKaro app. Also we get additional discount on CashKaro.
  • One of the best features of CashKaro is that more than 2200 e-commerce websites have tie-up on CashKaro. In which the most popular online shopping websites are Amazon, Flipkart, AJio, Myntra, Snapdeal, etc. website is include.
  • You can convert Flipkart and Amazon gift voucher into a discount on CashKaro.
  • You do not have to pay any fees for creating an account on this website. Also you can create your account in two-steps.
  • You can also use CashKaro as an affiliate. And you can also earn money by referring to CashKaro.

Some FAQs

Who is the founder of CashKaro?

CashKaro is an Indian cashback website. It was developed in 2013 And Rohan Bhargava is a founder of CashKaro.

When we withdraw money from CashKaro?

If you reached minimum payout of CashKaro, then you will be able to withdraw money from CashKaro. And the minimum payout of CashKaro is only Rs.250.

Is CashKaro a safe website?

Yes, CashKaro is a safe and genuine website. It is an Indian cashback website. On google play store it downloaded more than 10 millions.


So friends, with the help of today’s article, know what is CashKaro? How does CashKaro work? How to earn money from CashKaro? Along with this, I have given a lot more information about CashKaro.

If you also do more online shopping, then definitely use CashKaro once. If you liked this article then do share with your friends.

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