Best Telegram Features 2023 – Telegram Features Vs WhatsApp Features

Hello everyone! As we know that Telegramis one of WhatsApp‘s closest competitors and offers the best and most common features you might need in a messaging app.

 And we can only dream of some of these features of WhatsApp

Best Telegram Features 2023

Best Telegram Features 2021

Let’s discuss what are the basic features and drawbacks of Telegram incomparison with Whatsapp. 

Telegram Chat Privacy and Security 

Chat security is a strong point for Whatsapp as it has enabled end-to-end encryption. 

In terms of security in Telegram, regular conversations on Telegram are not end-to-end encrypted like Signal, but users can turn on the secret chat feature if they do not want to be saved messages. 

Last Seen 

WhatsApp allows you to enable or disable the display of an indicator of your last seen.  

But the Telegram developers have gone further and expanded the customization options so that now you can set specific people to whom this data should not be shown and who can see it. 

To do this, open the settings “ Settings ” → “ Privacy and Security ” → “ Last Seen ” and there use the “ Add Exceptions ” block to configure exceptions. 

Best Telegram Features 2023

Password Protection 

Telegram protect chats with a pin code. In the “ Settings ” open “ Privacy and Security ” and select “ Passcode Lock ”. 

You can also set a timer there, after which chats will be automatically blocked. By default, there is a time of 1 hour.  

If your device has a fingerprint reader, you can also use it to sign in instead of entering a pin code. 

Telegram Chat Without Sharing Mobile Number

Another important Telegram feature for better privacy protection is that in Telegram our phone numbers are not shared with anyone and you can even chat from your phone without need a SIM card. 

In Telegram, users self-register with phone number and username can also be anonymous.

Internal Telegram Cloud  

While WhatsApp allows you to send only images, videos and pdfs up to 16MB in size, Telegram allows users to transfer PDFs, Word files, spreadsheets, Photoshop files, and any other file type. 

What’s even nicer than Telegram is that you can also share large files, up to 1.5 GB , with friends or even in groups. 

You can also use Telegram as an unlimited cloud storage

Best Telegram Features 2023

The main feature of Telegram is the privacy and secrecy of communication. You can create a secret chat in the messenger. It cannot be tracked. 

It has a self-destruct feature that allows you deleting a chat by timer and prohibiting sending messages or files. 

Telegram Secret chat

And in this opposite side person cannot forward your messages and media, Another good thing in this is that the conversations and shared data in Secret Chat are not stored on the server.

If the opposite person want to take a screenshot of your chat, then he will not be able to take it, because the screenshots are blocked in Secret Chat.

Telegram Editing messages 

 In Telegram, if you made typing mistakes. 

The good news is that you can edit it easily by clicking on the message you want to edit.  

After clicking, select the “Edit” and correct the mistake.

Telegram Group of 10,000 people 

In Whatsapp, you can create a group chat with up to 256 people. 

In Telegram the group can reach 10,000 members. 

In both chats, it is possible to mute the notifications of groups that receive them only in case you have been tagged by someone. 

Telegram Unlimited channel 

In Telegram, you can create channels to send messages to more people. These channel help us in making money, downloading movies, promoting products or other stuffs. 

Telegram bot 

In Telegram you can chat with bots, which is a virtual contact that automatically answers a certain type of question. 

For example, you can search for BOT for weather forecast, to find Youtube video directly from Telegram, to search for images, stickers, gifs, and more. 

A BOT can also be added to a group so all participants can refer to it. 

How To Move Whatsapp Chat To Telegram  

If you are moving from Whatsapp to Telegram, here is an easy way to Whatsapp chats or groups to Telegram

  • Step 1: After downloading and registering on Telegram and Create a new group in Telegram. You will need a Telegram user to set up the group. 
  • Step 2: Now, go and click “Add Member “option and then Select the option Invite to Group via link. 
  • Step 3: Copy or share the link in your whatsapp groups or with whatsapp contacts. 
  • Step 4: Ask them to download telegram and join the chat. 

*Note:- Your older chats will not be transferred on Telegram.  


We do not say urgently delete WhatsApp and switch to Telegram. We just think it’s important to tell you what Telegram has to offer.  And It’s upto you to decide.  

That’s All !    

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