How To Use Signal App 2021: How To Transfer WhatsApp Chat To Signal

Hello Friends, today we will know about How To Use Signal App 2021 on Android and iPhone. First, let’s discuss key features of Signal App

How To Use Signal App 2021

What is Signal ?

Signal is a secure messenger for private calls and messages on Android and iPhone which provies strong encryption and secure data transfer, but it is a not only Signal Private Messenger, it is a protocol.  

You can also Create groups and you can chat with many friends and share media files and attachments with strong and secure privacy. Signal never has access to your connections, and it never copy any of your data. 

Why Signal App is becoming famous? 

Signal App is getting famous because many people criticised how WhatsApp changed its privacy policy, forcing everyone to agree that their data would be transferred to Facebook.  

Recently famous Tesla company owner Elon Musk tweeted to use Signal app which became popular after the Whatsapp privacy issues. 

Key Features of Signal App

  • Signal uses an advanced encryption protocol to ensure the privacy of your communications. 
  • Signal uses only your phone number and contact list.. 
  • Security is achieved not only due to encryption of messages, but also due to the fact that Signal does not gain access to the transmitted data, as well asgroup details such as pictures or group icon. 
  • Signal doesnot allow other user to see your profile picture unless you allow. 
  •  Messages in Signal are sent to the user instantly. 
  • Signal has an option “Note to Self” in which you can make a note to yourself. 
  • In comparison to WhatsApp, the only drawback of Signal is that it does not have “Stories” features( Also called Whatsapp Status). 

How To Download Signal App  

Now, let’s discuss how to download and register Signal if you haven’t downloaded it yet. You don’t have to make any efforts or pay money to install the Signal messenger – just a few simple steps are enough! 

You can download the messenger Signal from the Google Play Store or ios Store. It’s totally free.   

These are the steps:

  • Open Play Store/ iOS store and search Signal then click install. 
  • After this process of installation , click on Open option and then select  the Continue button in the app. 
  • Your phone will demand for the permission to grant access to contacts and permission to send applications – in which you have to click the Allow option. 
  • Enter your phone number and wait for the verification code in the SMS message; 
  • After you get the verification code in your phone, enter the code into the given box and Click “Next” option , then your account will be registered on Signal
  • After that, enter your first name(mandatory) and last name(optional). Also if u want, You can upload your profile picture. 
  • App will ask you set 4-digit pin for security. Now you are ready to go! 

How to Use Signal App ? 

Let’s talk about How to use the Signal App. Here are some recommendations to use this app-  

  • After opening the application, Chat section will appear. 
  • On the bottom right of the page, there is a blue circle with a pencil icon. Click on it. This will allow you to write a new message to the user from the contact list or create a new group. 
  • If you click on the camera icon, you can click photo/video and send it to your friend. 
  • If you want to settings, click on profile photo(top left corner) in which you can change theme colours. 
  • In the linked devices section, you can open Signal Web on computer as similar to WhatsApp. 
  • To use “Disappearing messages” Feature, open a chat, find the menu section( top right corner). Click on “Disappearing messages” option, now set the timer to how long the message will be deleted. 
How To Use Signal App 2021

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chat To Signal?

  • Start Signal app, open the menu and select new group. 
  • To set up a group in Signal, you need to select at least one contact, so select and then tap the button with an arrow (at the very bottom of the screen); 
  • Fill up thre group name and then select ” Create “.Then after creating a new group, open the menu (3 dots option), and select Group settings and on the next screen – ” Link to the group will appear. 
  • Press on the ” Link to group “ option and below tap the “ Share “ button and in the menu that opens, click ” Copy “. 

After that, you have to convince your friends and relatives to download Signal app through link and join the group chats. 

That’s All !  If you have any confusion or question so feel comment below.

I hope you like this article. 

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