Which Is More Secure WhatsApp Vs Signal 2023: WhatsApp Vs Signal Vs Telegram 2023

Hello friends, today we will talk about Which Is More Secure WhatsApp Vs Signal 2021 And Telegram in respect with security and privacy purpose through this article. 

Which Is More Secure WhatsApp Vs Signal Vs Telegram 2021 

Which Is More Secure WhatsApp Vs Signal 2021

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world with 2 billion users in 180 countries.

Whereas Signal has now 10-20 million monthly active users and Telegram has 400 million users.  

What is new in WhatsApp’s privacy policy? 

Whatapp’s new privacy policy has become a hot topic for the netizens. 

Whatsapp service’s disclaimer states: “As part of the Facebook group of companies, WhatsApp receives information from them and shares data with them . 

Why users are now switching to the privacy-focused app “Signal” ?  

The Signal messenger is free to use, it provides strong data encryption.Signal also has a desktop app, so you can use it on your computer , not just your smartphone just like Whatsapp

Every chat conversation is encrypted, only the user and the receiver can read it. Messages cannot be hacked. Signal uses open source encryption , so experts can always test it themselves and find bugs. This makes the application even more reliable. 

In this app people will have an option to delete their messages by scheduling a time period. This guarantees your privacy even if someone else gains access to your smartphone.

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Which Is More Secure Whatsapp Vs Signal Vs Telegram?

Whatsapp Vs Signal Vs Telegram Security Camparison

First of all, I would like to start with security first, as this is the most controversial and controversial topic among the messaging services. So let’s start with WhatsApp’s security model first in this battle against both Signal and Telegram 

WhatsApp –  

WhatsApp now offers a built-in app blocker, which is great. Next, you also have the option to enable 2FA on WhatsApp, which is again commendable.  

Signal –  

On the other side, Signal is by far the best when it comes to protecting user privacy and is far ahead of both WhatsApp and Telegram. As mentioned above, Signal uses an open source, open source signaling protocol for transmission. And just like WhatsApp, E2E encryption covers all communications in Signal

Telegram –  

Telegram also provides end-to-end messaging service which is not enabled by default. It works only when you use the “Secret Chat” option then the messages will be sent through end-to-end encryption.  

Moreover, Telegram groups do not support E2E encryption as the secret chat is only for individual users. Also, if you are using the Telegram desktop client on Windows or Linux, you will not be able to use Secret Chat.  

The best thing about Telegram is that it provides built-in password lock and two-step verification. 

Whatsapp Vs Signal Vs Telegram Features Camparison

Whatsapp –  

In terms of features, WhatsApp is pretty good and offers all the features you need. You can securely chat with individuals, create groups (up to 256 members), or broadcast your messages to multiple contacts at once. In addition to audio calls, WhatsApp now also offers video calls for up to 8 people, which is really cool. 

In addition, WhatsApp offers a special feature i.e. WhatsApp status (also called “Stories”) 

Signal – 

 Since Signal is primarily a privacy-focused messaging service, it lacks some consumer-friendly features.  

You have secure messaging, voice and video calls, and all communications are fully encrypted. Also, you can create groups, but you cannot send messages to multiple contacts at the same time. Please note that Signal does not currently support group video / audio calls. 

In addition, Signal allows you to send voice calls to your servers so that your identity remains hidden from your contacts. This feature is somewhat similar to the VPN feature, but Signal has a built-in option to hide your IP address. 

Signal does not have animated emoji . 

Telegram –  

Telegram offers an option of self-destructing timer where you can fix a time period and send messages. When the time expires, the message will be automatically deleted from both ends. 

 In addition, It also has a unique feature in which you can edit sent messages that are not usually found in other messaging applications. 

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WhatsApp Vs Signal Vs Telegram: Opinion 

When we went through all the points, it became clear that Signal is a highly reliable messaging service that is much better than WhatsApp.  

WhatsApp is also not far away, as it supports end-to-end encryption and also provides some great consumer-oriented features. But because of new privacy policy, it shows Signal will get high boost in messengers and it will be downloaded more than before. 

Telegram is not the best in terms of security, but it does offer you additional encrypted messaging and you should be aware of the many features it offers. 

To summarize, in the end you must make the final decision balancing your privacy and feature needs. 

Is Signal Better Than WhatsApp?

Yes, the signal is more secure than whatsapp, because Signal uses an open source E2E encryption, open source signaling protocol for transmission.

And Signal privacy policy is also better than whatsapp, Signal does not store any type of data of users on its server.

Signal has a many privacy protection features than WhatsApp, which is very useful for users’ privacy.

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