How To Download Snapchat Stories

Every internet user, mostly using Snapchat Stories to put WhatsApp status. If you search How to Download Snapchat Stories. Then you will find out in this post.

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How To Download Snapchat Stories

How to Download Snapchat Stories

There are few Methods for Download Snapchat Stories.

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Snapchat doesn’t give you any direct tool to save someone Snapchat story. But if you want to Download other Stories, use the below mentioned methods.

you can Download third-party apps on your phone, for Android we listed some available apps on thirt party websites you can search on google and install, which helped you to download others Snapchat Stories.

Download Snapchat StoriesSnapSaver App

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install SnapSaver, if you need to Download a Snapchat Stories. It helps you to Download other Snapchat Stories.

How to use SnapSaver

  1. Download Snapsaver from Play Store.
  2. Install SnapSaver and open the app.
  3. Tap on the video recorder.
  4. Open your Snapchat and play Story which you want to download.
  5. Once the Story will be finished, close the SnapSaver by icon from notification bar.

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Download Snapchat StoriesSnapbox App

Snapbox is the best way of Downloading others Snapchat Stories on Android. Now this app is banned on Play Store. But if you try so download this app from other thirt party website websites.

Following this Steps:

  • Download and install Snapbox
  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Open Snapchat and login credentials.
  • Trace the story you want to download and click to Save.

You can also choose to download Snapchat Stories for save automatically into the apps settings. Turn on this, you just open and save stories and they saved to your camera roll.

Download Snapchat Stories With SnapCrack App

SnapCrack is the best to download others Snapchat Stories on your mobile. The app is for Android and iOS both devices.

Follow the steps:

  • Download SnapCrack and install.
  • Log in the app and use Snapchat credentials.
  • It will get the required data from Snapchat. Its interface is similar to Snapchat.
  • You will get recent stories or photos by your Friends. Tap Save to save them to your phone’s memory.

Note– Snapchat does not recommend to use these apps regarding security, so apply these apps carefully.

Disclaimer we are not supported third party apps please be aware for this types of applications.

If you need to download Snapchat Stories in your gallery. then you should first set your save location. If you don’t know how to set save location so don’t worry we will teach you.

If you want your Snapchat automatically Saved your photos and videos in camera roll.

Then follow the few steps.

  1. Open your Snapchat and click on your (profile pic) bitmoji.
How to Download Snapchat Stories
  • Now tap on the settings button, and go into my account.
How to Download Snapchat Stories
  • Click on memories, Find the save button and Tap on it to modify this settings.
How to Download Snapchat Stories
  • Memories Option by default selected. You can change this Into memories and camera roll From the save button.
How to Download Snapchat Stories

5. After select memories & camera roll. Your photos, video’s, and story will be saved in your memory as well as in your gallery.

Now we will learn about how to download Snapchat Stories

You want to download your Snapchat stories?

then follow this steps:

Open the Snapchat and go to my stories page by Swipe left or tap to Stories button icon at the right side.

Tap to the Download icon next to my story.

• Then pop up window will appear on the screen.

Click on the yes button to Download your story.

Now your entire stories will be Download your selected location.

3.How to Download Snapchat stories of others

Open Snapchat and tap to my Stories button, at the right side.

•Now click on your friend’s name, who’s story you want to see.

•Now play the story you want to Download. their story play only one time.

•Now take the Screenshot of the story.

The screenshot saved in your gallery. but videos will not be full download as photos. Snapchat send the notification to user when anyone take a screenshot of their story. so the user will know, if you try to captured screenshot of their story.

How to Download Snapchat Stories in iOS

•If you are an iPhone user than your solution is very simple. you can Download Snapchat Stories without using third party app.

•You just go to the settings and click on the control centre now open customise controls.

•After this, in the phone control center you’ll be able to manage quick shortcuts.

•Now check out the Screen recording in the list of shortcuts.

After you found screen recording Shortcut, just tap on the plus Button.

•now you can see the screen recorder option will appear on your control panel.

•And its all done. Open your Snapchat and swipe up your screen to turn on control Center.

•Then tap on recording button to start your screen recording.

•Now start watching any story whatever you wantto Download

•And when it’s done, stop the recording by open control Center again.

Now Your stories Download in your camera roll.

If you are a Android user, then you need to download screen recording app on play store like ( Screen recorder – XRecorder and AZ Screen Recorder).

Download this app and allow the all permissions. then start recording and use it to the save Snapchat  Stories Download without knowing them.


In this post, we have told you different methods of how to download Snapchat Stories and snapchat Stories Download on Android or snapchat Stories Download in IOS.

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