How To Delete Search History In Play Store

Hi Friends, Do you want to know how to delete Search History in Play Store?, If yes? So read this article completely. We have told you in this article How To Delete Search History In Play Store.

Today who didn’t know about the play store. It is one of the most important product of Google services. 

How To Delete Search History In Play Store

How To Delete Search History In Play Store

Play Store provides us with more types of android applications like Photo or Video Editing Apps, Gaming Apps, Payments Apps and here all types of apps are available that you can download from here according to your need. 

On the Play Store all types of Apps are fully secured and safe, which means there are no any harmful things to download any apps. 

If you want to download any app from Play Store just click into the Search bar and type that App name which you wish to download in your mobile. 

After Searched the app names, that app name will be saved in the search history. Many people think that no one can read their private things and minds, so you need to delete your search history. 

More people do not know this facts, they can delete their search history. So please continue reading this article. We will try to tell everything about how to delete Play Store history. 

How To Delete Search History In Play Store Step By Step

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If you want to delete Play Store history, then we will tell you this is very very simple and easy too. 

Please follow the given below steps to delete your Play Store history from your mobile.

Step 1-  First, take your mobile and open the Play Store application on your device.

Step 2- Here you will see the Three lines which will be available to you in the above left side corner. 

Step 3- After clicking on the three lines, there are more options will be available, and then you need to click on the Settings options among all options.

Step 4- After going to the Settings options you will see three more options. So you need to click on the Clear local search history from those three options.

All done now you have cleared your mobile play store’s search history.

So you can delete your play store history using this method with very easily.


How to check Google’s searched history?

Just open the chrome browser and click on the Three Dot Icon, here you get an option named History, click on history option and now you will see your all past searched elements.

How to delete Youtube searched History?

You need to open your YouTube App on your mobile and click on the profile picture and  click on the Settings then again click on the History and Privacy option. 

After clicking this you will see more options then click on the Clear search history, and confirm your decision. You can also delete your all watched history.

How many Apps are available on the Play Store?

Not sure but overall 2.9 million apps are available on the Play Store. Here you find some paid apps and some free of cost to use.

When Play Store Service has launched?

It was launched on 22nd October 2008.


Hello readers, we hope you understood  and liked all the above informations.

We have tried to give you every little thing related to this facts. 

If you read it from start to end then we promised you must be able to do all processors with very easily.

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