Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode?

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Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode


The launch of Jio Giga Fiber was announced by Mukesh Ambani Reliance Jio during its 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the year of 2019. After which its trial was going on nationwide in a way as a welcome offer and it was launched on 5 September 2019.

But now it has been launched officially in 2020 as well as some special cheap plans have also been launched for this and to woo the customers, a 30-day free trial is also being given by the company.

If you are Reliance Jio’s What is Jio Fiber? If you do not know the price of Reliance Jio Fibernet Broadband plans and how to register, then today in this article we are going to tell you everything.

Reliance Jio is going to complete 4 years and the success that the company has achieved in these 4 years is a big deal for any company. If we talk about the success of Reliance Jio in the telecom industry, then you will be shocked to know that Reliance Jio has achieved its position No.2 in the world and No.1 in India, beating the giants like Airtel.

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( Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode )

What Is Jio Fiber?

Jio Fiber is a Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) broadband service launched by Reliance Jio. Under which the user will get high speed internet data as well as free voice calling, TV, and DTH and video calling facility. Also, on taking some selected plans, the customer will also get a free subscription to the popular OTT Platform.

Not only this, along with the Jio Fibernet broadband service, customers will also be given free 4K set top box and free landline connection by the company. Through this, customers will also be able to take facilities like TV, DTH and video calling and there will also be an option to connect 40 devices on one connection. The speed of 100 Mbps to 1000 Gbps is being given by Reliance Jio in the Jio Giga Fiber.

The cheapest monthly plan of Jio Fiber has starts from the priced at Rs. 399 by Reliance Jio, while its most expensive monthly plan is priced at Rs. 8499. Jio fiber also provides the free voice calling will be available with all plans.

( Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode )

Some Special And Best Features Of Jio Fiber-

Here are the most exclusive and the best features of the Jio fiber, these all are few features are written below with their specifications.

1- Jio TV Plus:

Jio has now decided to make every TV Smart and make it India’s first integrated platform with the help of Jio Fiber. In which TV shows, movies and videos can be watched at one place with the help of many popular OTT Apps like Amazon prime video, disney plus hotstar, sonyliv, zee5 etc.

  • Here you get your favourite TV Shows, Apps Unlimited Videos.
  • Get ready to experience 4K for the first time in the country with Jio 4K Setup Box that also features voice commands on Jio Remote.
  • Never miss your TV show whenever you want to pause, rewind or start watching.
  • Continue your entertainment even if it rains heavily or the weather is bad.

2- Free Voice Calling:

  • Enjoy crystal clear voice calling anywhere in India for free.
  • Now you can have a landline stability on your smartphone with the help of the Jio Calling app.
  • Stay connected with your loved ones with international calls.

3- High Speed ​​Internet:

  • Now Mbps speed is out of date in India, get 1 Gbps speed in every corner of your home and do all your work with fast Internet speed.
  • Jio Fiber is the fastest broadband to come with 1Gbps speed.
  • Create a separate WiFi ID for the guests visiting the house.
  • Enjoy Truly Unlimited Uploading Downloading Speed.
  • Experience the best WiFi mesh in every room of your home with Jio WiFi Mesh service.

4- TV Video Calling:

  • Make video calling and video conference calls sitting at home from any TV connected to Jio Fiber.
  • Enjoy free video calling anywhere in the world from your TV.
  • Make high quality video calls with the help of a Jio TV camera device.
  • If you want, you can also do a video conference without any interruption by installing the Jio Call app on your phone.

5- Security and Surveillance:

  • Jio Safety and Surveillance has also been launched for the safety of home and family.
  • You can connect your home CCTV camera with the help of Jio Fiber and these or their footage can also be uploaded to the cloud.
  • With this you can monitor your home.

6- Gaming:

You can use the Jio Set Top Box as a Gaming Controller. Jio’s set top box supports many Games control, along with this you can also use your Smartphone as a gaming control.

And you can enjoy zero latency gaming experience with Mixed Reality based gaming experience..

( Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode )

Jio Fiber Availability Check In My Area?

To check the availability of the Jio Fiber or Jio Fiber availability checker in your area, you just need to register.

JioFiber broadband service by visiting JioFiber official website, My Jio app or other nearest Reliance. Jio Digital Store.

The process is the same, but we still list the steps you need to follow to verify, JioFiber availability of Jio Fiber near you. Please take a look.

Step- 1. Visit Jio Fiber official website or open the JioFiber in MyJio App.

Step- 2. Just enter your name and contact mobile number, and then you have to click on the Generate OTP option.

Step- 3. Verify your OTP on the registered mobile number.

Step- 4. Fill in the details of your city, region, building, apartment, password, post office, etc. to check the availability of Jio Fiber in your area.

Step- 5. After filling in all the mandatory details, then you have to click on the “Send” option.

After successfully registering with JioFiber Giga-Net, an official JioFiber representative will soon update you about Jio Fiber availability in the region. stay tuned!

(Jio Fiber Availability Check Map?)

List Of Cities, Where Is Available The Jio Fiber Service-

Optical fiber broadband administrations from Jio will be at first accessible in 9 urban areas. The administrations will be slowly extended to cover other Indian urban communities also.

Following is the rundown of urban communities where Jio Giga fiber administrations will be accessible.

Cities names are-










( Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode )

How To Get The Jio Fiber Service?

For this, you have to go to the official site of Jio and register for a JioFiber connection. Here you have to enter the your basic details like your address and contact mobile number.

After registering with the OTP received on the mobile, the Jio employee will come to your address to verify the given information and you will get the connection once there is service in your area.

The plans of this service are available starting from Rs 699 to Rs 8,499. You can take any monthly plan according to the need.

( Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode )

What Are The Plans For The Jio Fiber Connection?

Jio fiber launched the total 5 types of recharge plans of their Jio fiber service, here we are going to tell you about all plans details.

So if you want to take the subscription of Jio fiber then kindly try to know the plans of Jio fiber before you subscribe to it.

1- Bronze Plan (Monthly Plan: Rs 699)

In the plan, users will get unlimited data (100GB + 50GB extra) for 30 days with a speed of 100 Mbps. Its annual plan is available for Rs 8,388.

Buyers will also get Bluetooth speaker, Jio Home Gateway and 4K set-top box as part of the welcome offer on taking the annual plan.

2- Silver Plan (Monthly Plan: Rs 849)

In the Silver plan, users are getting unlimited Data (200GB + 200GB extra) for 30 days with a speed of 100 Mbps.

Its annual plan will be available for Rs 10,188 and on taking the annual plan, 12W Bluetooth speaker, Jio Home Gateway and 4K set-top box will be available in the welcome offer.

3- Gold Plan (Monthly Plan: Rs 1299)

Jio will get unlimited (500 GB + 250 GB extra) data for 30 days with a speed of 250 Mbps in this plan and its annual plan is available for Rs 31,176.

With this plan, a 24-inch HD TV, Jio Home Gateway and 4K set-top box will be available under the welcome offer.

4- Diamond Plan (Monthly Plan: Rs 2499)

In the Diamond plan, unlimited (1250 GB + 250 GB extra) data will be available for 30 days with a speed of 500 Mbps. At the same time, its annual plan is Rs 29,988.

The welcome offer with the Diamond Annual Plan will include a 24-inch HD TV, Jio Home Gateway and 4K set-top box.

5- Platinum Plan (Monthly Plan: Rs 3999)

In the Platinum plan, you will get unlimited (2500 GB) data with 1 Gbps speed and you will get its annual plan for Rs 47,988. A 32-inch HD TV, Jio Home Gateway and 4K set-top box will also be available under the welcome offer.

6- Titanium Plan (Monthly Plan: Rs 8499)

The Titanium plan will get unlimited (5000 GB) data with 1 Gbps speed. This is the most expensive plan among all plans for Jio fiber connection.

This annual plan comes with Rs 101,988. The welcome offer will also include a 43-inch 4K TV, Jio Home Gateway and 4K set-top box with the annual plan.

(Reliance Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode )

Be Beware Of Online Scammers While Book Jio Fiber

One significant highlight note is that supporters might confront con artists hoping to trick them out of cash clients for help.

In a tweet made by volunteers who are working for online security, a phishing trick as an email is being flowed which asks buyers for their ledger’s subtleties.

Emphatically, we would recommend potential and continuous clients of the assistance be cautious assuming that you go over something very similar.

Assuming you have additionally been persuaded that Jio Fiber is good to go to the broadband space, here are the top things which you pay for the broadband help.

( Jio Fiber Availability Check Pincode )

Frequently Asked Questions-

What Is Found In Jio Fiber?

You get internet data inside Jio Fiber, as well as the facilities of some OTT Platforms.

How To Get A Jio Fiber Connection?

You can call Jio’s toll free number on “1800-896-9999” to get a Jio Fiber connection and its related solutions.

What Is The Jio Fiber Customer Care Number?

If you have any question or any complaint with the jio fiber connection then you can call Jio’s toll free customer care number “1800-896-9999”.

Is Amazon Prime Free On Jio Fiber?

Jio Fiber customers can avail 1 year Amazon Prime membership (worth 999/-) at no extra cost on certain plans. After 1 Year, customers have to recharge with annual Amazon Prime membership at the current market price (currently Rs.999/-).

Check Jio Fiber Service Availability In Your Area?

If you want to check whether the Jio Fiber service is available in your area or not, you can visit the official website of the company (, enter your name and other details. After completing the registration, the site will show you whether the service is available in your local area.

What is Gigabit Fiber Jio?

JioFiber gives you super-fast internet up to 1Gbps and access to Jio and other premium OTT applications. Apart from that, JioFiber users can also access the TV for TV calling, Jio security, home networking and many other features. To learn more about plans and offers, visit Jio Broadband Plans.

Is Jio Fiber Come With 5G?

During the virtual event, Ambani said that Jio has started testing its 5G solution in India and successfully demonstrated speeds in excess of 1Gbps. Reliance also announced that the Jio Fiber has been installed in 3 million active households since launch, adding 2 million last year.

(Reliance Jio Fiber Availability Check?)


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