How To Convert Normal TV To Smart TV

Hey readers, you will be very happy to know that How To Convert Normal TV To Smart TV. Here you will know the easiest way to convert your normal TV into a smart TV.

If your normal TV turned into a smart TV then you can have more fun and some more amazing benefits just you can do with it, like Live streaming cricket match, your favourite OTT platform watching channel like Nelfix, Prime Video, Amazon, Sony Liv, Disney Plus Hotstar and many more, first class gaming and more benefits, you will be get from this system.

You can also connect your TV to the internet and the internet gives you more fun.

How To Convert Normal TV To Smart TV

How To Convert Normal TV To Smart TV

For Your Important Information,

Importantly, If you want to convert your normal TV into a smart TV or try to connect any smart android or TV boxes then your old TV must have to support the HDMI port system. If your old TV does not support the HDMI post system then you can use AV/RCA converter at this place, and the most important thing you must have Wi-Fi access to this action.

Turning Normal TV To Smart TV Ideas

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Purchase some media top box just like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire Stick or one of the Android media box, to connect your normal TV and you will get the fastest and instantly have a total smart TV.

Here are few best ways to convert  your normal TV into smart TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you are an Amazon’s Prime subscriber, then this is the best affordable streaming device. It works seamlessly with your Prime subscription, just plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and have a familiar interface linked to your Amazon account.

This is one of the cheapest option, this device provides you a major streaming service on your non-smart TV

Apple TV

This is just an HDMI device that plugs into any TV, including like regular and non-smart TVs, and turns them instantly into internet capable streaming devices.

Apple TV also supports AirPlay System that means if you have Mac, iphone or ipad then you can also use it to stream apps, and mirror your screen on your normal TV.

Google Chromecast

This is one of the best way to watch or stream movies, shows and other content from an Android or the Chrome web browser the newest Chromecast has Google TV built in. Google TV will take your non-smart TV  to the smart level, it supports all major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar,and HBO max, and you will also get a Play Store with a hundred apps you can install.

Airtel Xstream Stick

Recently the Airtel has also launched the Amazon Fire Stick and Chromecast like streaming device that work in the same way. The Airtel Xstream stick is only based on Android 8.0, you can install apps from play store for this stick, This app is pre installed on this device, The Airtel TV and now called by the name of Airtel Xstream app.


So, from the above mentioned few methods you can convert your normal TV to smart TV and you can save a lot of money. These devices are more easy to access OTT content compared to smart TV using your phone.

There are more options available make your TV smart but unfortunately these are not available in India e.g. Amazon 4k TV cube, Roku, Chromecast Ultra 4k etc.

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