How To Earn Money From Flipkart? In 2023

Hello lovable friends, welcome to our website. In today’s article, we will learn about How To Earn Money From Flipkart? Which is very interesting and useful for your answers to all the questions related to it. If you want to learn for How To Earn Money From Flipkart? while sitting at home, then definitely kindly read this article completely and focusly.

In this article we have told you step by step and completely guided you on How To Earn Money From Flipkart?. So without any more waste of time letโ€™s talk about the topic.

If you use the Flipkart service for shopping from home, then you should not only use Flipkart for shopping, but you should also Earn Money from it.

Many people think that only shopping can be done from Flipkart, because such people are not aware that There Are Many Golden Opportunities to Earn Money On Flipkart Too.

How To Earn Money From Flipkart?

How To Earn Money From Flipkart

You all know that Flipkart is used a lot for online shopping in India and from here small to big items or products whichever you need can be ordered online sitting at home.

Initially the Flipkart website was created to buy books, but in today’s time many essential things can be bought. Apart from this, this eCommerce company was started in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.

Friends, you might have seen several times making online videos on youtube and Google search engines, and how to make money online on websites on youtube or online. If you want to Earn Money Online, you need to have patience and hard work to do.

For that is the fact that we cannot make a lot of money overnight. As well as all the other activities, it needs hard work. So if you really want to learn How To Make Money From Online Flipkart, today’s article is being provided information about How To Earn Money From Flipkart. In which you can make money online if you do this smart work.

You must be aware that Flipkart is the second largest online e-commerce store in the world, from where many people keep buying some stuff online. The goods you buy from Flipkart are not sent by the Flipkart company itself, but there are some sellers associated with Flipkart who sell the goods you are selling on, and earn money from it.

So come friends, now we know How To Earn Money From Flipkart? and if you also want to know about How To Earn Money From Flipkart? then definitely read this post from beginning to end. We will give you complete information about it in this.

(How to earn money from flipkart?)

What Is Flipkart, What Is It Used For?

Flipkart is an internet private limited e-commerce company. It is an Indian e-commerce company. The flipkart was started in the year 2007 by two people whose name is Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Friends, Flipkart is India’s leading e-commerce website. Where every month millions of users order their favourite products online sitting at home.

Flipkart delivers products to consumers across India in various categories like Electronics, Mobile Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Books, Beauty and Health products, Baby products etc. So if you have not done online shopping yet, then you must give Flipkart a try.

(How to earn money from flipkart?)

Ways Of Making Money From Flipkart-

It is very easy to make money online these days, and the way to make money with Flipkart is one of them. We tell you that there are many ways to make or earn money online sitting at home, in which making money from your smartphone is also a perfect way. In this post, we are telling you 7 great ways to earn money from Flipkart, so let’s know how to earn money from flipkart.

1- Earn Money From Doing Affiliate Marketing With Flipkart-

The most popular and best way to earn money from Flipkart is Affiliate Marketing, through this you can earn from 10 percent to 30 percent commission by selling Flipkart’s products.

To do this, you must first join Flipkart’s affiliate program, which you can join by visiting Flipkart’s official website.

Then you can create affiliate links of any product you want to sell from Flipkart’s Affiliate account and by sharing that link on the platform you want to share, you can sell this product from that link and You can earn your commission, thus you can earn money from the Flipkart Affiliate Program.

You can sell this product by sharing this link which you have created from the Flipkart Affiliate in YouTube channel videos, your blog, Facebook page, WhatsApp, Twitter, this type of marketing is called Affiliate Marketing. can earn good money.

When someone buys a product through the link you created from the Flipkart Affiliate, Flipkart will add their commission to your flipkart account, after a period of time you can withdraw that commission or funds to your bank account very easily.

Whenever a buyer clicks on your affiliate link, you will get 10% to 20% commission according to the price of that product. This means that the more advertising you will do, then the more you will earn.

2- Earn Money By Becoming a Flipkart Seller-

The perfect and best way to earn money from flipkart. In this, you just first have to make a flipkart seller account in which you have to add whatever products you have on Flipkart, one by one, to sell them, so that any product you want to sell through flipkart, that product must be have added to the seller account.

If you have a store or showroom, then you can connect any product sold in that store or showroom to Flipkart and sell through Flipkart, so that your products can be sold online as well. You can earn a lot of money from this.

Suru2 Even if you have got a store or panopticon, you’ll retail it to you on flipkart and connect with offline furthermore as on-line customers. flipkart can solely take some commission from you for promoting your product and also the remainder of the merchandise worth is going to be given to you.

3. Earn Money By Delivering Flipkart Products-

All types of e-commerce websites (like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, myntra) have their own delivery boy in each city to deliver their orders so that delivery boy works for deliver all the orders in the town and villages from home to home.

For this, flipkart runs its own delivery system named flipkart transport service. Apart from this, to deliver orders in every city, flipkart keeps an agreement with the company that delivers different types of orders so that that company can deliver the orders of flipkart to the customer.

Flipkart wants to ship products to every region. For this, it is always looking for agents who can place orders in their areas.

If you also want to take over the franchise of flipkart fulfilling orders in your city, you can take over its franchise by visiting the official flipkart website and make money on flipkart by fulfilling orders in your city.

4. Earn Money By Doing Job In Flipkart-

A good way to earn money from flipkart is also that you can earn money by doing job in flipkart, for this you have to keep in mind that when flipkart removes jobs and how can I join that job then I would have told you this I know which jobs you can earn money by doing flipkart.

If you want to work in Flipkart by staying at home and want to earn money, then the best job for you would be that of the flipkart delivery boy because flipkart keeps its delivery boys in almost all cities of India to deliver the product to its customers. Whose job is to deliver all the products sent by Flipkart to the customers of their city, for this, flipkart pays the delivery boy, so if you also want to do this job, then easily the job of Flipkart delivery boy.

To keep its products, flipkart maintains its own warehouse in the big city of each state, in that warehouse all the products delivered in that city are kept and also for the packaging of those products and where and when to deliver them. Flipkart keeps some people in their warehouse, if you also want to do this job, then you can go to the big city near you and find out whether you can get that job there or not, in this way you can do product packaging in flipkart. and get management job

If you have studied computer science and you have knowledge of coding in program or you are doing engineering from any good institute then you can easily get job in flipkart, for this you have to know when flipkart removes this job If you get this job, then you can earn a lot of money in it, in which you can get a good package.

5- Earn Money By Doing Flipkart Data Entry Works-

If there is data entry work in any type of small or big company, then data entry work is also done in a big company like Flipkart, so for this, flipkart hires some data entry people if you also need data entry. If it is useful, then you can also do data entry work in Flipkart’s company.

All products carry the name of the buyer or the person to whom the product was delivered as a gift. For this work, flipkart hires data entry export people. If you have this ability, then you can do data entry work for flipkart according to the language of your region and earn good money.

Flipkart provides employment to lakhs of people. With the ways to earn money from flipkart we have discussed above, you can choose your favourite way and join millions of Amazon employees also.

The special thing is that you can do all the work of flipkart by staying anywhere in the world. And we told you this is the best option for people who want to work from home.

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6- Earn Money From Flipkart With The Help Of Its Supercoins-

Supercoins are used a lot in flipkart and there is a Daily Quiz competition, in which you win super coins and many people take advantage of super coins to shop on flipkart and save a lot of money. As long as you have 10 Supercoins, you can also transfer the earned Super Coins directly to your bank account here.

So you can withdraw that super coins directly to your bank account and many people also take flipkart plus membership with the help of supercoins and we already told you how much money you can earn from flipkart plus. So If you have decided an idea for how to make money on Flipkart, then you can earn a great income with the help of supercoin and plus membership.

7- Earn Money From Flipkart By Refer And Earn Program-

When it comes to Flipkart, it is not recommended at all in people’s eyes, but it is a great way to make money from Flipkart. Because here you have to work the least to make money.

As you must have come to know by listening to the name of the Refer and Earn program, here you have to share the Flipkart app links to your friends and family and the more people you share the apps of Flipkart with, the more money you can earn from Flipkart.

People have started using the Flipkart app since Flipkart created a referral and earning program and their downloads on play store have increased a lot because people can’t recommend Flipkart using the website and today many people earn a decent amount by referring to others income. But what is the best way to use the referral system on the Flipkart? So don’t worry, we have told you the complete procedure on how to earn money by referring your friends to Flipkart.

First, you need to go to the Google Play Store and download the Flipkart app. You will then need to sign up for a new account or enter your old account’s email address and password.

  • After that you will have to go to the button of the profile and click on the button of the refer and earn, there you will get your referral code, after copying which you can share with your friends and other family members.
  • The more people who will create a new account on flipkart by entering your refer code, then you will get more Gift Vouchers from flipkart and you can also get various discounts offered here.

(How to earn money from flipkart?)

How To Create A Seller Account On Flipkart Or How To Become A Seller On Flipkart?

To sell your products on Flipkart, you need to create your seller account on flipkart. If you really want to create a seller account on flipkart, then you have to follow the steps given below focusly.

Step-1 First of all you have to visit There you have to register with your phone number.

Step-2 On registering, a form will open against you then you have to enter all important details carefully. In case of a mistake, your form will be rejected soonly.

Step-3 After filling the details, you will have to upload some important documents. Such as- GSTIN / TIN number, Pan Card, KYC documents, bank details, TAN or CIN number based on business registration, business information etc.

Step-4 After completing step 3, you have to tick the column of T&C and click on Register. After which you just have to wait for the approval.

Step-5 After the seller account is approved, you have to login by opening the seller. site with the given login id and password. After logging in, you must select your product category. Then you need to upload product details and photos clearly.

Step-6 Make sure to upload at least 3 photos of each product. After the quality test and approval, make sure to enter the price of the product and how much stock you have with it.

Step-7 While the all these procedures are done, you have to click on continue. After that you can see all your products on flipkart.

(How to earn money from flipkart?)

Tips To Become A Flipkart Seller-

  • First of all you have to add those products which are your best product, add the best product of your shop to the flipkart Seller that your product will see more and with the help of those products you will get good ratings.
  • Take the best photos of your products and add them to your product photo sessions so you can get more orders from them.
  • The better your product, the better rating you will get from it, then you will find that more of your products will be sold.
  • Always pack the product at the exact time. So that the delivery is on really exact time.
  • Be sure and never forget to write the main keywords of your products in its title and descriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions- (FAQs)

How To Earn Money From Flipkart?

There are ways to earn money from flipkart, such as affiliate marketing, flipkart seller, data entry, flipkart plus, you can earn more than lakhs rupees per month by doing a job in flipkart. But first you need to see how you plan to make money on Flipkart.
Do you want to earn money from flipkart by doing a job or you want to do your own business, you can also earn an income by taking the courier franchise of flipkart.

How Does Flipkart Work?

Flipkart is an e-commerce site where millions of people buy products and many type of salaries you can find here. For those who want to sell their products to others, Flipkart is like a website between sellers and buyers. With the help of buyers and sellers buying and selling products, Flipkart’s company earns more than Rs 1.5 lakh per day.

Which Is The Best App To Earn Money Online?

There are many great earning apps that can help you earn hundreds of thousands of rupees. But first you have to choose a best platform at where you want to make money.
As Amazon and Flipkart are the best apps for doing affiliate marketing and as far as Flipkart is concerned, here you can earn more than lakhs of rupees a month by becoming an affiliate marketing or Flipkart affiliate.

How To Earn Money From Google?

Google is a very big company all over the world and it has many ways to earn money from Google, such as YouTube, Google Adsense, etc. You can also earn money from Google by becoming a Flipkart Affiliate and earn a good profit by selling Flipkart products to people on your YouTube channel.

How To Earn 1 Lakh In A Single Day?

Affiliate marketing can help you earn more than a rupee in a day, and Flipkart can help you do this job. Because Flipkart company earns more than Rs 1.5 crore per day, here you can earn thousands of lakhs per day through affiliate marketing programe.
But we told you doing this work is not easy at all and after becoming an Affiliate for Flipkart, you will have to work very hard to earn lakhs of rupees a day.

(How to earn money from flipkart?)


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