What is Jio Fiber? | What is jio Fiber service ID?

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about what is Jio Fiber? and What is jio Fiber service ID? yes now we will give you complete information about What is Jio Fiber? and how is it used and why is it used and what are the benefits of using Jio Fiber. if you want to know then read this article at the and.

Jio Fiber is such revolutionary product. After much success, Jio came out with a hotspot device named jio Fiber.

Jio Reliance! Was named jio gh Fiber After that name was changed to jio Fiber now its known as jio Fiber The reason for making Jio Fiber is to bring the internet to everywhere.

In the AGM, the company’s chairman Mukesh Amani had told that 3 years ago Jio Fiber was stored in 500,000 homes in 1600 cities of the country and the company’s target is to reach 02 million. Jio Fiber has changed the world of broadband.

Speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 GB can be provided to the customer. Along with this TV setup box is also given and land lord connection can also connect Jio Fiber to the set top box and not only traditional channels on TV but also Amazon Netflix JioCinema like are also available on it.

What is Jio Fiber? | What is jio Fiber service ID?

What is Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber Broadband Services In this you are provided high speed internet In this you will get many times higher speed than your mobile phone In this you will be provided high speed internet up to 1GB per second in this, you are also given the features of free HD voice calling HD Calls Anytime Anywhere across India!

In jio Fiber you have also been given the feature of TV video calling You can do unlimited HD video calling on TV in which a lot of data ends.

You will be given the option of TV Plus, in which you can watch many TV shows netflix amazon web series in jio Fiber, you have been given an option of home networking, with the help of which you can easily share your documents from one device to other devices or laptops

if you like to play games, then in Jio Fiber have been given the option of gaming absolutely free.

What is jio Fiber service ID?

Jio Fiber service id is the identity of the connection, because of this, if there is any problem in the connection, then everything can be done by complaining about it.” If you don’t know what is jio Fiber id and password how to create it ?then now we will tell you Step by step how to create jio Fiber id and password read it below.

  • First of all you have to download My Jio app in your phone, after that I have to open it.
  • After that click on >menu and tap on> profile and other option
  • After that click on edit profile and tap on> email Now here you have to enter your email id.
  • After that click on the OTP!
  • After that you have to open Gmail application. Here you will get an genarate OTP. You have to copy it and then go my jio aap and enter it.
  • To get the password, the Jio Cinema app has to be opened
  • Go to the menu and click on Sign in.
  • Here you have a option sing in using jio number tap on it.
  • Click on forgot password again enter your email id Click on continue
  • Enter your jio number and tap on generate OTP
  • After that an OTP will come on your phone, you have to enter it.
  • After that you will get an option to enter your email id below that You have to click on Set Password.
  • After that you have to set your password >confirm password tap on> Singh up
  • After that a link will be sent to you on the registered email ID, on which you have to click on it to verify the ID within 24 hours.
  • You have to verify the ID by going to the Gmail ID and clicking on the link.

Now your id has been created.

Where To Find Jio Fiber Service Id

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Now we are going to tell you about How to find Jio Fibre Service Id.

When Jio Fiber is installed in your home or office then only you are provided with Jio Fibre Service Id, you can know it either through My Jio app or inserting the SIM into any 4G handsets which will be received in your message mail, whose starting number will start with “2998” and it is in total 12 digits
Customer ID for Jio will be your 10 digit mobile number. For jio-fi device.

What is jio Fiber set top box?

Basically it works like your broad band router which you can connect to the device without any wires So you get internet access so jio Fiber set top box is also like that, just you can easily plug and play it. It’s just a small router. Its own SIM is inserted inside it.

Which you have to recharge and once its battery is charged, then you can run it for 6 hours without any problem.

With this you can easily connect 10 devices and enjoy fast internet speed.” Without any problem sometimes its differ its depends on the area and depending on your internet plan.

If you want to use and set up Jio Fiber setup box, then read the complete below.

Now we are going to tell you how to do setup. Here we are telling you the easiest way to setup it, with the help of which you can easily setup it and use jio Fiber set top box.

So let’s get started

How To Use Jio Fiber Set Top Box

how to use jio fiber set top
  • First of all, you have to insert a sim of jio in jio Fiber set top box to activate.
  • and put this SIM in the set top box if it is not activated, then you can do it later.
  • after that open the rear part of it After opening it, put the battery in it and then close it again And after that put it on charging.
  • After that the SSDI ID on the side where your SIM is located Jio Wi-Fi user ID or password will be written on the side of the SIM tray.
  • you have to note it down After that, when it is done charging.
  • main power button on top of it, you have to press and hold it.
  • You are holding that button until the power logo pops up and the lights blinking.
  • when that light turns on, then release that button.
  • After that, whatever you want to connect your phone laptop, you can enter the password you have noted It will access your internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

What is the price of jio Fiber?

INR plan price 699 100mbps

What is the speed of jio Fiber?

Ultra high speed internet up 1gbps


In this article, we have tried to give you complete information About What is jio Fiber? And what is Jio Fiber service id? and what is the benefit of using it? Also we will explain What is jio Fiber set top box? And How to use the setup box? Hope it will be useful for you so then share it with others also.


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