What Is VPN ?, What Is A VPN ?

Hello friends, today we will talk about What Is VPN ?, and how does VPN work. I have tried to explain you in this article in very easy language, read the whole article carefully.

VPN means Virtual Private Network, but What Is VPN? Why use a VPN? What are the benefits of VPN? And how is VPN used?. This question will also come in your mind and today we will know in easy language What Is VPN? .

so let’s start.

What Is VPN ?

What Is VPN

VPN is a virtual private network. In a slightly simpler language, a VPN is a network that you need neither a wired network nor a SIM card to use, a VPN can be used with the help of applications and software.

In Android and iOS smartphones, you can use VPNs with the help of apps, there are many such apps for VPNs in the App Store for iOS in the Play Store for Android.

To use a VPN in your computer system you will need to install software and also get many extension for Chrome/Forfox Browser. And many such VPN websites providing VPN software / extensions are available on the Internet.

VPN Means Virtual Private Network, it maintains your privacy and makes your network more secure, and to some extent also prevents your network from being hacked.

Reasons To Use A VPN

Let me explain you in a little more detail. If you are doing any important activity using free wifi internet at a hotel or restaurant or railway station, such as money transaction, or you are doing an important data transfer, and such free wifi network Are not secure. In such situations you can use a good VPN.

Because when you use a VPN, your network and your location change, and the network you are connected to becomes more secure than ever. That is, when you are connected to a VPN, the provider you are using free wifi cannot track you nor view your activity.

There are many large companies and news agencies that often use VPNs. Because these people send important documents and private files through the server, if a hacker tries to hack their server they will not be able to. Because vpn makes their network secure and the hacker cannot access their server

What Is VPN
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So now you know that a company or a news agency uses a VPN for this purpose. But for these purposes, good and expensive VPNs are used, not for free, because free VPNs cannot keep your data secure and sometimes free vpn are dangerous.

In today’s time, everyone wants to use VPN and the reason is that they can access the blocked websites which are banned or blocked in their country.

Another reason for using a VPN is that users’ privacy remains strong. There are many people who use VPNs only because their network provider does not know the activity they are doing on the Internet, such as which website they visited, and what content they were watching, and How much time was spent on which server.

By using VPN, all these activities cannot be seen by the network provider because your location and network completely changed in the eyes of the service network provider whose Internet connection you are using.

How Does VPN Work ?

Now let us understand How Does VPN Work ?, How VPN strengthens your privacy and security.

What Is VPN
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Before, you should know it, the activity that you do on the Internet can be seen by your network provider and the government from your public IP address, and hackers can also track you.

And also the developers of the website you visit track you with public IP address, that is, the entire game is linked to your public IP address, which your network provider provides to you.

But when you are connected to a VPN, then your original public IP address is connected to the server of the VPN, and that VPN provides you with a separate public IP address, ie your original public IP address. One is covered by a fake IP address and that IP address can be from any country and a separate server, which becomes very difficult to track for everyone.

Once I explain to you a little more in easy language. See, when you connect to a VPN, in that VPN you get different servers, which are from different countries, You can choose the server of any of those countries. If you choose the server of which country, you get the IP address of that country.

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But your original Ip address remains only till the VPN, which country you have chosen VPN. Now the virtual private network that you get, means that you get a second Ip Address, which belongs to another country.

So with the help of that Ip Address, you can roam across the Internet by connecting to another country’s network, such as riding in another car.

Now no one can track you, because you are riding in someone else’s car, if someone tries to track you, they will do it with your car’s number plate, and your car is standing at one place. , But the truth is that you are moving around in another car. The car here is the Ip Address.

If you watch different types of content on the Internet till 4 hours and visit different websites, then your network provider cannot seeing this activity, because in the eyes of that network provider you are in the same place from 4 hours.

So in this way you can protect your network and data and also strengthen your privacy. But what can be its loss? You should also know this.

Is Free VPN Safe To Use ?

If you use free VPN, then it will not provide you very good facilities, but many free VPNs are fraud and using those free VPNs means that your data is not secure. And many free VPNs are made just for smartphones, that only the user can unblock the block website.

Those free VPNs mostly take many permissions of your smartphone and many free VPNs collect your private data, such as your network activity, device activity, is another bad thing if connecting to those free VPNs and doing something on the Internet So these free VPNs also keep that activity on their servers, and make money by selling those data, because they are free VPNs. But not all free VPNs are like this, some free VPNs are also good, but they do not provide much convenience and good security.

Why Do People Use VPN?

Everyone uses VPN for their different different work.

If you have a question in mind, why do people use VPNs? So for your information, let me tell you that everyone uses VPN for their different different work.

Many people use VPNs to keep their data more secure, and many people use VPNs to maintain their privacy, and many people use VPNs so that no hacker can hack their network .

If you use Paid VPN, then it gives you good facilities and security and also gives good privacy. So always use Paid VPN only. No Free VPN.

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