How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?

Hello friends welcome back our new article, In this article, we will tell you about How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID.

have you Forgotten Your Axis Bank’s Customer ID or You Have Just Activated Axis Bank Internet Net Banking and You Do Not Know Your Customer ID. If yes then you are reading the right article at the perfect place.

How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?

How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?

Friends, we all need a Customer ID to log into Axis internet banking. By the way, we receive a Customer ID when we activate online banking. But sometimes we forget our customer number and then we don’t know how to find it.

Friends, there is a very simple way to know the Customer IDs. We’ve told you all about it in this article.

In today’s article, we explain to you step by step in simple language How To Find Your Axis Bank’s Customer ID Online. We provide full details for Customer ID.

Apart from that, we also mentioned some other methods that you can use to easily find your Customer number. So let’s get started.

First of all, let us tell you that Axis Bank is one of the private banks in India. And this bank always brings good plans for its Customers so that their Customers can take advantage of them.

So there are many ways to know the customer ID of such an Axis Bank account, let’s take information about it.

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(How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?)

What is Axis bank Customer ID?

Axis Bank Account holder’s Customer ID is a unique number assigned by the Bank itself to each Axis Bank Account holder.

Mainly Customer ID is used by the bank to track the services being used by the bank account holder and we customers use these IDs to access the bank’s Internet banking services.

(How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?)

Things You Need To Know About Axis Bank Customer ID-

You should have a Registered Mobile Number in the bank so that you can get SMS sent by the bank.

  • You will get a Welcome Letter while opening the Account.
  • There should be a balance in the Mobile Number so that you can send SMS from it.
  • If you have the above mentioned things then you can know the Customer ID without the Internet.

(How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?)

How To Find Customer ID Using The Axis Bank Mobile App-

Follow the steps below to obtain your Customer ID using the Axis Bank mobile banking application.

Step-1 Download and install the Axis Mobile Banking app.

Step-2 Sign up and log in to the app with your set 6-digit MPIN.

Step-3 After successfully logging into the dashboard, you have to click on the accounts tab. On the next screen, click on the arrow next to your savings Account.

Step-4 On the new screen, you can see details of your recent transactions. At the top of the page, you have to click the arrow next to Savings Account again.

Step-5 You can now view your account details such as name, Account Number, account type, IFSC code, etc.

Step-6 Scroll down a bit and under Personal Information you can see your Customer ID number as well as your registered postal address and Account holder name.

(How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?)

Other Ways To Know Your Customer ID Of Axis Bank-

If you are new and you have no Idea for How To Find out Axis Bank Customer ID, then you can go through below three steps below, which is more comfortable and straight forward. Let us discuss each type without any problem.

Method-1 How to Check Axis Bank Customer ID in Bank Passbook?

1. First of all, you need to get your Axis Passbook

2. Now open the book and search for Customer ID

3. Customer can view the ID at the bottom of the Account number

4. Now you can note down the Customer ID.

Method-2 How To Find Axis Bank Customer ID Via SMS?

1. First of all, you have to ensure that the registered mobile number is active.

2. Then you have to send an SMS from target mobile in the form below.

3. Type as SMS “CUSTID” with your Axis Bank’s Account Number.

4. Once again verify the account number and send it to the given number 5676782.

5. Now the user will get an SMS from the bank in a few minutes.

Important Note: For this SMS, you have to spend your normal SMS charge from the respective operator and SMS should be sent from the registered mobile number.

Method-3 How To Find Customer ID In Axis Bank With A Welcome Letter?

Following the below step, the account holder allows to find the best solution to get the Customer ID.

1. Welcome letter sent by Axis Bank

2. Now see the Customer ID which will be the printed on the letter.

3. Then you will get to know the Customer ID from that printer page.

Method-4 How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID Through Passbook

Almost every bank provides Customers with a savings book when they open an account. It contains your personal information and bank details such as your name, IFSD code, bank branch etc.

It also contains your bank account Customer number. Your Axis Bank Customer ID will be printed on the first page of your passbook. This is the easiest and fastest way to find out your bank customer ID Number.

Method-5 Find Your Axis Bank Customer ID On Your Electronic Bank Statement Or Bank Statement.

If you have registered your Email address to receive monthly electronic statements, you can easily find your Axis Bank Customer id.

The Customer ID number can be found at the top of the statement. For your information we tell you that every bank has to keep its own statement formation.

Method-6 Obtain An Axis Bank Customer ID By Visiting A Bank Branch

Yes, you can also get your bank account Customer number by visiting a bank branch. Use your ID to visit the branch where you have an account and know your bank account number.

Method-7 Find Your Axis Bank Customer ID On The Cheque Book-

The Axis Bank Chequebook also contains their account holder’s Customer ID. You can find the Customer ID on the first page of your cheque book.

Method-8 Call Customer Service to find out your Axis Bank Customer ID

You can call the Customer service number in your city to verify your identity information, such as name, date of birth, registered mobile phone number, etc.

(How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?)

Frequently Asked Questions-

Where Is The Customer Id In The Axis Bank Welcome Letter?

The welcome letter contains a nine-digit number that is used as an identifier for the Axis Bank Customer ID to track banking activity on the account. You will be able to get it at the first page of your Welcome Letter statements.

How Do I Generate My Axis Bank Customer ID ViaSMS?

You can also get your Axis Bank Customer ID* by texting CUSTID Account Number > 56161600 from your registered mobile number.

What Is A Digital Savings Account?

A Digital Savings Account is a paperless Bank account that can be opened without paper, which can be opened by applying online. It is also called a digital savings account. This account is secure and can be opened instantly. With the help of a digital savings account, you can take advantage of many banking facilities.

What Is Required To Open An Account With Axis Bank?

All you need is your Aadhar card, PAN card and mobile number to open an online account with Axis Bank. With the help of this, you can open an account only online.

Is There A Difference Between Axis Bank Customer ID And Axis Bank Customer Number?

Both the Axis Bank Customer ID and Customer Number are the same. It is a unique identification number provided to each consumer.

How To Get An Axis Bank Mini Statement?

To know about the mini statement of accounts call this number on 1800 419 6969. After the call, your bank will send you a mini statement via SMS on your registered mobile number.

How Much Is The Minimum Balance Required Amount To Open An Account In Axis Bank?

According to the new rule, the minimum balance in Axis Bank should be Rs 12000. This rule is applicable to the account holder of metro cities.

How To Open An Account In Axis Bank?

To open a metro location account, Customers currently have to pay 15000 rupees. Earlier, Rs 10000 was required to open this account.

(How To Get Axis Bank Customer ID?)


Hi readers by following the above method statements, then the account holder can find out their Customer ID of Axis Bank in a simple and easy way.

In case of any doubts, you can go through the above article, which gives a hand to the Customer to get the best solution to trace Customer ID in a risk free manner.

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