How To Activate Fastag? | What Is Fastag

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How To Activate Fastag? | What Is Fastag

How To Activate Fastag?|What Is Fastag

In India, the government charges tax for passing its vehicle on the national highway, for which toll plazas have been set up at various places. These toll plazas were earlier taxed in the form of cash, but in today’s digital era, this task has been made easy by FASTag.

Now this work has been brought online with the facility of FASTag. In this process, the Owner of a 4 wheeler has to register for FASTag, after which FASTag is issued for the vehicle by the Government and the owner has to put it on his vehicle.

If you are also the owner of a four wheeler or want to know about this technology called Fastag. So as we already told you that here you are being given complete information on the subject of Fastag, so stay here with the reading article till the end.

(How To Activate Fastag?)

What Is Fastag?

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Fastag is installed on the windscreen of the vehicle. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is installed on FASTag, with the help of which whenever our vehicle reaches the toll plaza, the sensor on the toll plaza comes in contact with FASTag and the amount of toll tax to be collected, that money is deducted from our bank accounts.

The FASTag is an absolutely perfect solution for hassle-free travels, even on the highway. FASTag is currently operational on 180 toll plazas and that too on national and state highways. At the same time, with the passage of time, many more toll plazas are being gradually included in this FASTag program.

When the amount available for tax in FASTag is exhausted, then we have to recharge it again. The validity of Fastag is up to 5 years, so you will need to get it made again as soon as Fastag is 5 years old. All this process is done online which saves us a lot of time.

(How To Activate Fastag?)

What Is The Purpose Of FASTag?

According to the needs of the times, countries have been adopting new changes and technology in different areas of the world. In the field of road transport, the FASTag system was introduced to overcome many shortcomings in the system of toll collection by traditional private contractors. In the year 2014, it was tested as a pilot project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and later implemented across the country.

There were three major objectives of implementing FASTag. The first used to increase the travel time due to the long queues of trains at toll points. This system will prove to be effective in preventing wastage of time. Its second purpose is to save the fuel wasted by the vehicles in the queue, this system is also possible.

Its third objective was to crack down on illegal recovery by private contractors. After the arrival of FASTag, the toll money is directly deposited with the National Highway Authority, which will also help in preventing the loss of crores of rupees to the exchequer.

(How To Activate Fastag?)

What Is The Validity Of FASTag?

By the way, FASTag is valid indefinitely. The same similar FASTag can be used as long as the tag can be read by a tag reader and has not been tampered with. If for some reason the cut in the FASTag is interrupted, the read quality will gradually degrade, in which case you should contact your issuer for a new label.

The validity of FASTag is for about 5 years, while you also have to recharge / top up it according to the need.

According to NHAI, the biggest benefit you get from this is that you don’t have to carry cash for toll transactions, and you also save time without wasting of the time.

For example, if a user crosses a toll plaza, then the toll amount is automatically deducted automatically. Users only need to receive SMS notifications on their registered mobile numbers. At the same time, toll transactions, low balance and any kind of updates are also received with it.

(How To Activate Fastag?)

Documents Required To Enable FASTag-

1- Car Registration Documents:-

All types of registration documents related to the vehicle you own are required to be produced by you to get the Fastag card. Your FASTag card is registered only after verification of those documents.

2- Bank Account Documents:-

A FASTag card is directly and indirectly linked with your bank Account so that all types of payments are done directly from your bank, so while applying for a fastag card, you also have to submit bank account documents.

3- Address proofs:-

For address proof also you need a photocopy of your electricity bill, telephone bill, or any proof of local address to get a FASTag card.

4- Identity cards:-

Along with all these documents, a photocopy of Aadhar card or voter ID card is also to be submitted on the basis of one ID of the car owner.

(How To Activate Fastag?)

Ways To Activate Fastag On Your Vehicle-

1- How To Activate FASTag Via Online?

This is the easiest way to enable FASTag. However, you can only use this method if you are purchasing FASTag from an online ecommerce store. Because it’s a matter of self-activation or internet activation.

So, if you purchased FASTag from an online e-commerce store and want to activate it, continue with the steps below:

Step-1 First, go to your phone’s Play Store or App Store and search for My FASTag.

Step-2 After that, install the FASTag app.

Step-3 Then select “Link New IHMCL FASTag” to your savings account.

Step-4 Then enter the code from your FASTag in the app.

Step-5 Alternatively, you can activate your FASTag by scanning its QR code.

Step-6 The app then requests information about your vehicle.

Step-7 So please enter your vehicle details.

Step-8 Then connect your FASTag app to one of your bank accounts.

Step-9 After completing these steps, your account will be activated.

2- How Does A Certified Bank Activate FASTag?

1- It is mandatory for you to have an account in any one of the list of 22 banks set by the government, only then you can get a FASTag card.

2- To get the FASTag card, the vehicle owner has to go to his bank with all the documents at the time of filling the application, in which the vehicle owner’s account is already present. 3. Bank agents may take necessary steps to link the FASTag with the applicant’s account.

3- On reaching the toll point, the amount to be paid at the toll point is automatically debited from your account.

To get it installed, you can contact almost all the toll plazas or some banks like :- SBI, HDFC and ICICI besides other banks. Apart from this, if the consumer wants, he can also buy it at places like Paytm, Amazon, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petrol Pump etc. For this, some banks are also providing an opportunity to get it issued by applying online.

Benefits Of Starting FASTag-

1- Online And Offline Wallet Recharge Facility:-

Some such facilities have been installed in this card through which you can recharge for the payment amount at the toll block both online and offline.

2- Cashback Offers:-

To attract the drivers towards FASTag card, they have also kept many cashback offers so that people get attracted towards it and get their vehicles registered under FASTag card.

3- SMS Alert Facility:-

If you have already paid the amount through your sensor card at the toll point, the same is immediately sent to your registered mobile number, giving you the full details of the amount paid in writing.

4- Strict Action For Those Who Break The Rules:-

It has been announced by the government that those car drivers who break any kind of rule with their vehicle, then they will have to pay double the toll from the tag card as a fine.

(How To Activate Fastag?)

Where Is The FASTag Placed On The Car?

This tag will have to be installed on the wind screen of the vehicles so that the toll plaza charges are automatically deducted from your prepaid account through easy radio frequency identification.

(How To Activate Fastag?)

Where To Get FASTag –

1- Selected Bank:-

A long list of about 22 banks has been issued by the government of India to get the FASTag card through which you can easily get the FASTag card.

2- POS :-

For the convenience of vehicle owners, the government has also announced that drivers can directly visit toll centres to get their FASTag card. The central government has kept the facility of point of sale for these cards, that is, such centres have been set up from where any person can easily go and buy a FASTag card.

(How To Activate Fastag?)

Frequently Asked Questions-

How To Pay Money Through Fastag?

Through online internet banking.

How Much Does FASTag Charge?

This is depends on the bank but generally nearly 200 rupees.

How Does Fastag Work?

Fastag is based on Radio Frequency Identification Technology. There is no expiry date for this tag. You can use it as long as the tag is not broken.

What Is The Validity Of FASTag?

Unlimited in some places and 5 years in

How To Do Fastag Recharge?

Online through Google Pay or Phone Pay.

(How To Activate Fastag?)


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