How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later? – In 4 Simple Steps

Hello lovable friends, welcome to our website. In today’s article, we will learn about How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later? If do you need the flipkart pay later service then want to learn how To Enable Flipkart Pay Later., then definitely kindly read this article completely and focusly.

In this article we have told you step by step and completely guided you on How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later. So now let’s talk about the topic without any more waste of time.

How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later? Easy Steps

How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later?

In today’s time, everyone does online shopping. In such a situation, Flipkart is giving the Flipkart Pay Later service to its customers, if you do not know what is Flipkart Pay Later? And how to use Flipkart Pay Later? So know complete information about Flipkart Pay Later by reading this special article.

Flipkart Pay Later (EMI based details service) is almost 3 years old but there are many such people. Those who still do not know about Flipkart Pay Later as well as using Flipkart Pay Later, if you do not know what Flipkart Pay Later is, then read this article completely, you will get all the information from this article.

(How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later?)

What Is The Flipkart Pay Later Service?

Flipkart Pay Later is an e-commerce service of Flipkart which can be used only by Flipkart users. Using Flipkart Pay Later, you can buy goods on credit, and pay off the borrowed items anytime within a month.

  • You must have bought the same item offline many times, after that the shopkeeper would have paid the money i.e. loan after a few days. Similarly, e-commerce site Flipkart also lends you money through Flipkart Pay. And you have to pay this borrowed money within the fold limit.
  • If you use Flipkart Pay Later and don’t make the payment on time by purchasing the same. So you are charged.
  • The same can be taken on EMI of up to 70 thousand from Flipkart Pay Later. And you have to pay it within a fold limit. Such as: within 3 months, within 6 months, within 1 year.
  • When you buy the same from Flipkart, an option is shown for how long you will pay the Flipkart Pay Later EMI.
  • There are some terms and conditions of Flipkart Pay Later. You should only use the ones you should read.

(How To Activate The Flipkart Pay Later?)

How To Check Your Eligibility For Flipkart Pay Later?

You do not need to do much to check the eligibility criteria of Flipkart Pay Later, you just have to follow the simple steps given below by us and you can check your eligibility sitting at home in no time. Can you know whether you are eligible for Flipkart Pay Later or not?

Step-1 First of all, you have to open the flipkart application on your smartphone and stay on its home page.

Step-2 After doing this, you have to click on the option ‘Menu’ inside the Flipkart application and a list of slides will open in front of you.

Step-3 Now after doing this, the option of ‘My Accountwill appear in front of you and you will have to click on this option.

Step-4 If you will be eligible for Flipkart Pay Later then you will get to see this option here and not only this, you will also see the amount of limit given under the letter on Flipkart and when you get the Flipkart Pay Letter on your screen.

If you do not see the option of Flipkart, then you understand that till now you are not eligible for Flipkart Pay Later and you cannot take advantage of it.

(How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later?)

Process To Get The Flipkart Pay Later Option-

For Your Information- Flipkart Pay Later Activate happens only when the credit score of the Flipkart user is good, meaning if you keep ordering something on Flipkart every month and you have a good relationship with Flipkart, then you will also be able to activate this feature.

It is very easy to use Flipkart Pay Later and activate Flipkart pay later. If your credit score is good. So you can activate Flipkart Pay Later very easily. Here we have written below a few easy steps which will help you to get this service.

Step-1 First of all, open the Google Play Store on your mobile and update the Flipkart app to the latest version.

Step-2 On opening the app, you will get the option of Credit below and you will see the Flipkart Pay Later option in front, click on the Activate Now button below or click on the three lines on the left side of the app, the option of Flipkart Pay Later will appear next to click on the View Details option.

Step-3 Now you have to do a KYC in which first you have to enter the number of PAN card and then enter the number and captcha of Aadhar card and click on the continue button.

Note it- To verify Aadhaar, an OTP will be sent by Flipkart which will be sent to your Aadhar card link mobile number, if your Aadhar card is not linked with the mobile number then you will not be able to activate the Flipkart pay letter.

Step-4 Now you have to enter your 4 digit PIN in the Create-4 Digit box, remember it and click on the Verify button below.

Step-5 Now you have to verify by entering your bank account number.Then tick the box for terms and conditions and click on the submit button below.

Step-7 A new page for checking your eligibility will open which may take some time because Flipkart checks whether your account is eligible for this service or not.

Step-8 If your account will be eligible for Flipkart Pay Later then you will get this service written as Congratulations. In this way you will be able to activate Flipkart Pay Later.

Remember- On opening the Congratulations page, you will get a limit of Rs 2,000 to Rs 25,000 and after using these credits on time, you can get a credit limit of Rs 70,000.

(How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later?)

What Is Flipkart Pay Later EMI Procedures?

What is Flipkart Pay Later? It must have been known already, which is a very old service of Flipkart, but now a new feature of EMI has been added to this service. With the help of this, now you will be able to fill the amount to be paid in instalments.

For example – If you order any products through Flipkart Pay Later, then its money had to be paid for the next month together but now by using the Flipkart Pay Later EMI feature, you can pay for the goods slowly. You will not have to pay lump sum money.

If ordering goods worth Rs. 4,000 and taking 4 months EMI then you have to pay Rs 1,000 every month, you can take this Flipkart Pay Later EMI for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, But along with these EMIs, you will also have to pay some extra money.

(How to activate the flipkart pay later?)

How To Use The Flipkart Pay Later Service?

So we have known what is Flipkart Pay Later and its related queries, now let us know how to use any credit borrowing or pay later on Flipkart.

Step-1. Select any product which you want to buy from Flipkart and order by clicking on the BUY NOW option (like you often shop on Flipkart).

Step-2 Earlier, to pay for any order, phone pe, net banking, credit/debit card, cash on delivery had to be selected but to order pay later service i.e. credit goods, you will get one more option that will appear on Flipkart pe later.

Step-3 Select the Pay Later option and click on Continue, now the order will be completed successfully, the money for this order will have to be paid between 1st to 5th of the next month.

(How to activate the flipkart pay later?)

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Flipkart Pay Later?

Although this new payment service of Flipkart will open many new opportunities for most of the people, but while using this method, some things should be taken care of, such as,

  • The feature of Flipkart is not a wallet. That is, here you cannot deposit extra money in advance.
  • If your amount is too high, then you will be given a message through Flipkart and will be told here to pay the outstanding amount to take further facility from Flipkart.
  • This facility of Flipkart is available in this App, Mobile, but it is not available in Desktop yet. But soon it is going to be available in this also.
  • You can never make partial repayment to clear your payment.

(How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later?)

Advantages Of The Flipkart Pay Pater-

1- If you have to order any urgent goods like mobile, clothes but do not have money, still you can order the money on credit through pay letter, whose money can be paid in the next month.

2- Now the Flipkart Pay Later EMI feature has also arrived, with the help of which you can order any item there and pay the money slowly in instalments next month.

3- Apart from the Flipkart App, Flipkart Pay Later can also be used on Myntra, and 2Gud website.

4- If you are worried about how you will get the products on online order, then this service can prove to be very helpful for you, all you have to do is order any goods through Flipkart Pay Later and you can see how the goods are when the order reaches home. If you do not like it, you can return the goods again and the pay letter money will come back to your account.

(How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later?)

Disadvantages Of The Flipkart Pay Later-

By the way, there is no loss of the flipkart pay letter, only on ordering goods of 1000 rupees, only 10 rupees have to be paid extra, that too next month this rule is new for flipkart, whereas before the Flipkart pay letter any product was absolutely free to order.

One major disadvantage is that when using Flipkart Pay Later EMI, we may have to pay an interest of up to 22%, while paying EMI bill by credit card only has to pay interest of 10 to 15%.


(How to activate the flipkart pay later?)

Pay Flipkart Pay Later EMI-

Starting of the next month, Flipkart will send notifications and emails when you shop through Flipkart Pay Later, so that you can understand that it’s time to pay the Flipkart letter bill.

  • First of all you have to go to the My Account section of Flipkart. In the option of Flipkart My Account, you have to first go to Flipkart pay later.
  • After going to the option of Flipkart Pay Later, you can first see the amount of bill in the statement. Right in front of it you will see the option of Bill pay.
  • By clicking on the option of bill pay, you can go to the bill payment option, after that you have to make the payment.
  • You can make the repayment of Flipkart Pay Later through NetBanking, UPI or Card.

(How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later?)

Flipkart Pay Later Few Penalty-

If you shop through Flipkart pay later and do not pay it on the exact time, then you will have to pay the Flipkart Pay Later penalty charge. You will have to pay Extra Charge for that.

For Example- If you have used the credit of Rs 1000 to Rs 2000, then you will be penalised with Rs 170 and if you have spent Rs 2001 to Rs 4000 then you will have to pay Rs 299 as penalty. And if you have spent the credit above four thousand and have not been able to pay it on time, then you will have to pay an extra charge of Rs 409 for that

You will be penalised by Flipkart for late payment as mentioned above on any outstanding amount by the 5th of the month. Further delay in payment may result in deactivation of your Flipkart Pay Later and EMI account.

(How To Enable Flipkart Pay Later?)

Frequently Asked Questions-

What Is The Shopping Limit Provided To The User Under Flipkart Pay Later?

At present, this limit has been increased for all the users of Flipkart Pay Later and you can check this limit by going to your Flipkart Pay Later option.

Can We Buy Any Item Online Through Flipkart Pay Later And pay It Later?

Yes, absolutely you can buy any item in an online book and read it later through the Flipkart Pay Later feature.

Who Gets The Flipkart Pay Later Option?

Not all people get the service of Flipkart Pay Later, only a few selected customers can take advantage of this facility.
It is given to the customer who is a valuable customer for Flipkart, who often keeps on purchasing goods from Flipkart. Or by looking at your monthly order history, Flipkart offers flipkart pay later option.

What Will Happen If Flipkart Pay Later Does Not Fill The Loan?

If you do not fill the Flipkart Pay Later loan, it may happen that your Pay Later service may be closed and your Flipkart account may be closed and legal action may also be taken against you. You can avail this facility by paying EMI on time to avoid any kind of legal action.

Is There Any Payment To Be Made To Avail Flipkart Pay Later?

No, purchases made using Flipkart Pay Later do not require payment.

Can The Order Be Cancelled With Flipkart Pay Later?

Yes, the order can be cancelled with Pay Later and your Instant Refund is transferred to your account instantly.

Which Documents Are Needed For Getting Flipkart Pay Later Service?

To take an online shopping loan from the Flipkart app, you must have the following documents which are as follows.
1. Aadhar Card.
2. Pan Card.
3. Active Bank Account.
4. UPI ID.


So our lovable readers we hope that today’s post has been helpful and knowledgeable for you, in which we have told you about the information related to the Flipkart Pay Later Loan. such as how to apply for a Flipkart Pay Later loan, what documents will be required, what are the eligibility for this and whether it gives loan safely or does not give answers to all these questions.

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