What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?

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What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?

What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?

Friends, there are many online lending platforms on the market now. Now you will not have to go to the banks to take a loan, now you can take a loan from the comfort of your home. One of them is Dhani app which provides you with a loan sitting at home. This app is very reliable and is used by many people today. Many people are taking a loan from this because it is very easy to take a loan from it.

With this, people are meeting their needs by taking loans, starting a business, etc. Every day you will get to see its advertisements on social media or TV channels etc. Facebook, Instagram etc. This app is promoted by former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, so because of this this app has become quite trustworthy. So let us now understand in full detail about the Dhani app and how to get loans from it.

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(What is Dhani and how get loan from it?)

What Is The Dhani App?

Dhani app is a very famous app of today’s era which provides loans to people sitting at home. Dhani app was earlier known as indiabulls. Even today, many people know it by the name of India bulls Dhani app. It is very easy to take a loan from here because here you do not have to worry much about documents etc.This app gives you loans from 1 thousand to 15 lakhs. And the biggest thing is, it gives you a loan within 3 to 5 minutes.

So far, more than 50 million people have downloaded this app on the Google Play Store. Through this, you get a loan in a very short time. This company is very old and it is doing loans, finance etc. Its popularity is increasing day by day. This company was started by Shamir Gehlot. Various types of loans are provided by this company. for example:-

  • Wedding loans.
  • Travel loans.
  • Used car loans.
  • Two wheeler loans.
  • Medical loans.
  • Personal loans.
  • Home loans.

(What is Dhani and how get loan from it?)

How To Make An Account On The Dhani App?

Before taking a loan from the Dhani app, you should be well aware of all the things like how to download the Dhani app, how to create an account on it, otherwise you may face difficulties in taking loan. To Create an account on dhani app, follow the following steps:-

Step-1 First of all download and install Dhani App by going to Google Play Store.

Step-2 Once installed, open the app and enter your mobile number.

Step-3 After that make a good and strong password for yourself.

Step-4 After this OTP comes on your given number, enter it and verify the number.

Step-5 Now your mobile number has been verified and you have come to the Dhani app’s page.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)

Documents Required To Take Loan From Dhani App

If you want to know about Dhani se loan kaise le, then before that you also need to know what documents you need to have to take a loan through Dhani app. Dhani App does not ask for many documents from you to pass your loan, but you have to submit some important documents to get the loan. Let us tell you below what documents you need to submit to take a loan through Dhani App.

1- Duly filled application form along with your photograph.

2- KYC documents of the applicant.

3- PAN card details.

4- Address proof (Voter ID card, Ration card, utility bills, etc.)

5- Bank account details.

6- Other minor documents on demand.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)

What Is The Eligibility For Taking Loans From The Dhani App?

  • Those who want to take a loan through Dhani App, they have to keep in mind that they should be a domicile of India.
  • The age of the borrower should be above 18 years old.
  • The borrower also has to keep in mind that he has never taken a loan from any other place before.
  • Those who want to apply for a loan, it is very important to have their Aadhar card and PAN card.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)

How To Take Loans From Dhani App?

To take a loan from Dhani app, there are some terms and conditions of Dhani app, which you have to fulfil, some documents are required which you have to submit online and after completing all the other necessary work, you can easily get loans provided to you within 3 to 5 minutes.

To take a loan from Dhani App, you have to follow the steps given below:-

Step-1 First of all, download and install the app by the above-mentioned steps, after that verify the account with your mobile number.

Step-2 After the account is created, now you will have the interface of Dhani app open in which many lists or options for taking loan will be shown. Such as: Personal Loan, Car Loan, Travel Loan, Medical Loan, Two-wheeler Loan, etc.

Step-3 You can select the type of loan which you want. For example, if you want a personal loan, then select the personal loan option.

Step-4 After selecting, now you will now be asked to fill in your details. You fill it correctly and submit it. And then press the Next option.

Step-5 Now you will be asked for your name, address, email ID, income, PAN Number, PIN, etc. details, which you have to fill in correctly.

Step-6 Now all the details filled by you will be checked and after verification you will be informed via SMS and EMAIL ID.

Step-7 If your application is approved, then other details like bank details etc are asked from you and further process like you will get your loan money in your given bank account number. You can also get your card made online on Dhani App. It also gives you the facility to apply for the card online.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)

What Is The Dhani App Loan Interest Rate?

Whenever you take a loan from any bank, you have to pay some interest rate. All other different banks have set their own fixed interest rate for the lendings. If we talk about Dhani App, then its interest rate is very good and processing fee is also very less. To take a loan from Dhani App, you have to pay just 13.99% onwards annual interest rate. And also the processing fee has to be paid up to 3%.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)

How To Pay Back The Loan Amount From Dhani App?

When your loan is approved through Dhani App, you have to deposit the loan amount in EMI every month and EMI option is selected in the loan application form itself. On the same basis it is automatically deducted every month from your bank.

You do not have to go anywhere to get back the India Bull Dhani application loan. In the registration form of this application, you are asked for bank details and a digital signature is done, which is automatically deducted every month’s instalment from your account.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)

Benefits Of Dhani Application-

If you download this application, then it has many different benefits for you, about which we are telling you all these benefits you can have in this app.

  • Due to this app being only 9 MB, it gets downloaded to your smartphone very soon.
  • In this application, you get many different types of loans like home loan, personal loan, business loan etc.
  • Here you get many types of personal loans such as Travel, Two-Wheeler, Education, Marriage, Car Loan etc. You will get it all.
  • In this application, in a few minutes you can apply for a loan by creating your account and within a few minutes the loan amount comes into your account.
  • You do not need any kind of document to take a loan from this app, you can apply for it with the help of a PAN card or Aadhar card only.

You get all these benefits in this company, and maybe any other company or bank gives you so many features, due to which it dhani is used by many more people.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)

How To Make Money Using The Dhani Application?

There are many ways of making money from Dhani App, with the help of which you can earn 300 to 400 rupees daily; That too very easily and sitting at home.

You can earn by using the Dhani App doing any work according to your mind, so let us tell you about how to make money with Dhani App.

1- Earn money by playing games-

You get to watch and play many games on the Dhani App. If you also like to play games, then you can earn money through Dhani App by playing a few games easily.

You can also earn a lot of money by playing games according to your interest on the Dhani App. They can also do this while sitting in their home.

2- Earn money by money transferring-

You can also earn money by transferring money on Dhani App. Let’s say, if you transfer money to someone’s bank account, do you get anything in return, maybe not! But the Dhani App definitely gives you some cashback for every money transfer.

If you do not get a lot of money for each money transfer, but you are definitely given 10 rupees for each money transfer.

3- Earn money by referring system-

In Dhani App, you also get a tremendous option of Refer and Earn, with the help of which you can earn a lot of money on every referral very easily.

You get this feature in the Profile section of Dhani App, from where you can share Dhani App with your friends and family.

If they download the Dhani App from your sent link and open their Dhani Account in it, then the Dhani App gives big amount of money to both you and that person.

4- Earn money from using the Dhani Wallet-

After redeeming all the money you earn from Dhani App, you get that money in your Dhani app wallet and at the same time you can also add money to Dhani App Wallet.

If you do any Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Shopping, Food Order, Ticket Booking, Flight Ticket Booking from Dhani App’s Wallet, then Dhani App gives you Cashback instead.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)

Frequently Asked Questions-

How To Take A Loan From Dhani Card?

You can get a free cashback card, free health card through the Dhani App. These cards can be applied through the Dhani app, for this free health card and free cashback card cell loan can be taken by filling your personal details.

How Does The Dhani App Work?

Dhani App is a loan provider app. It is well designed for specially lending. This app allows people to get loans only through Aadhar card.

How Long Does It Take To Approve A Loan From Dhani App?

It can take from 24 hours to 72 hours for loan approval from Dhani App.

What Is The Dhani OneFreedom Card?

Dhani One Freedom Card is a facility provided by Dhani App. Usually this card works like a credit card. It can be used digitally through the Dhani App or you can order it physically at home. You can use this card to fulfil your needs.

Can We Take A Loan From The Offline Dhani App?

Yes, you can apply for a loan from Dhani App offline, for which you have to visit your nearest Dhani Store, apart from this, you can also apply for a loan from Dhani’s merchant, but the loan amount will be received in your specified bank account.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Dhani App?

The biggest disadvantage of Dhani App is that even when you do not need the money, it still charges Rs 199 as subscription, apart from this it also charges many other charges. It charges a lot of money when the loan is overdue.

What Is The Name Of The Owner Of Dhani App?

The name of the owner of Dhani app is Sameer Gehlot and he is the chairman and founder of this company. Apart from this, Sameer Gehlot is also the founder of Indiabulls Company.

How To Get A Loan From Aadhaar With The Dhani App?

Loans are mainly available from Dhani App through Aadhar card and PAN card and only two documents are mandatory for personal loan. Other documents may be required for maximum loan.

Is The Dhani App Registered With RBI?

Yes, Dhani App is registered with rbi, this app is a part of Indiabulls, the popular lending company of India.

What Will Happen If Dhani App Does Not Fill The Loan?

If you do not pay this loan, then your credit score may deteriorate and you will not be able to take advantage of any online platform in future.
Apart from this, this loan company makes you a fraud.
And which money you have taken, in that account, charges you a lot of money, which you cannot even use that account in future.

Disclaimer for you- In this article, we have provided the information to you on the basis of an internet source. We will not be responsible if this information becomes old or the terms of this app change in future. So whenever you need to apply for a loan, kindly take it as your own risk. We are not responsible for this, it is your own choice.

(What Is Dhani And How Get Loan From It?)


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